How to Meditate on an Airplane

How to Meditate on an Airplane
By Ryn Gargulinski
An airplane can be the perfect place for meditation. After all, you
are already soaring to higher heights.
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Air travel can be long, boring and tedious unless you use the time while trapped in a tin flying
machine for something constructive–like meditation. If you meditate on an airplane you will arrive
at your destination more rejuvenated than stressed. Monks meditate for hours, if not days, so it
doesn’t matter if your flight hops to a nearby township or spans the ocean. You've got time.
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
Things You’ll Need:
Preferably a window seat
Begin before take off. Sit comfortably in your plane seat, as much as that is possible in the
cramped quarters. Place your feet firmly on the floor, keep your back straight and head erect.
Close your eyes.
Start to deeply inhale and exhale, making each breath slower than the last and releasing all
tension from the top of your head to your toes.
Incorporate the annoying oxygen mask demonstration into your meditation. Your eyes are closed
but your ears may not be. As you pick up the words of the flight attendant, imagine that oxygen
filling your lungs and refreshing your brain.
Focus on the take off. As the plane leaves the ground, imagine your soul, too, is beginning to
soar. Picture your soul shimmying with the sun.
Keep breathing and concentrating on dancing with the sun. Once you reach 35,000 feet, you
should be well on your way to a peaceful meditation throughout the flight.
Use airplane distractions to your benefit. Make any on board announcement, too-loud movie,
person jostling you to use the john or someone trying to ask if you wish to buy an overpriced, bad
meal part of your meditation. They are the evil forces of consciousness trying to blast you out of
bliss and make you spend money on fattening food. Do not let them.
Bring yourself down with the plane upon landing. Imagine your soul slowly descending from
space to land safely and serenely at your destination. Keep that feeling with you the entire time
you're there.