How to install UB315-E BD?

How to install UB315-E BD?
Ans:Please check the hardware connection:
1. Please check the RCA Audio output port is fine. Please try to connect the Multimedia player (your
VHS) to TV to test the sound whether is normal to heard.
2. Please connect another Multimedia player(CD player、MP3、iPod…) to your PC Audio input jack via
the 3.5mm cable to test whether the sound can be heard form speaker.
3. Connect the Multimedia player to UB315-E BD Via the Audio-in RCA jack(Red and White RCA cable)
and the PC Audio input port(Line in /Microphone) to UB315-E BD via the 3.5mm cable audio cable.
4. Click “Control Panel”, and choose “Sound” for setting
Click “Playback” = = => click “Speakers” = = => click “Properties” for Setting
Click “Levels”, and check if “Line Volume” is in <Turn On> mode. If the setting is ‘’0’’the audio out
put can not be heard , please adjust it to valid numbers
5. Please check the Audio setting of Application. (Power Producer or Power Director).
Audio device: Please set the setting by the connection. (Sound card)
6. Please install another PC to test whether the PC operation system problem.
The operation system could install someone Multimedia program to affect the Application working
process. (as the K-Lite program).
Please try to restore the operation system to more clearly and reinstall Application again to fix this kind
7. Maybe this is hardware problem; please send the product back to do RMA service to check/fix the
About the RMA service, it must be handled by the local branches of international company to send back
to Main Headquarter.
Please contact the original purchased dealer or local branches of international company to handle it.