How to Increase Sales in a Slow Economy

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Quarterly Newsletter:
How to Increase Sales in a Slow Economy
NFive announced today a Summer 2009 Professional Promotion for Cardfive dealers, offering significant savings on
any purchase or upgrade to CardFive Vision Professional.
The promotion begins July 15th and runs through September 30th, 2009.
Save up to $400 off the original list price. And the savings don’t stop there! Dealers, contact DigiOn24 for an
even greater discount off of Nfive already-reduced summer
promotion prices. CardFive Vision Professional is the recently improved and enhanced version of the CardFive
Professional card-making software. The cost savings also
extend to RLL upgrades. For departments currently using
Classic, Lite XL or Premier, upgrades are available for a
fraction of the cost during the Summer 2009 Professional
Promotion. With an easy-to-use dashboard, spooled printing, and the newly added imager (a tool for image capturing, editing, and improving), CardFive Vision Professional
is unmatched for its quality and user-friendly tools. And
now, with the addition of NPS (the network print server),
multiple workstations are able to print and encode with one
software system.
July 2009—Sept 2009
Upgrade to CardFive Vision Professional—promo through 9/30/09
Trade-in and Trade-up!
Users can send in their CardFive
LBR-150 reader with smart card
license and get up to $630 applied
toward the new and improved
CardFive Vision. CardFive Vision
comes with a 1-year warranty and
a full year of FREE technical support offered by DigiOn24.
They’ve spent the money. They’ve got the card or label printer. Now they want to add RF
smart contactless ID card security.
So, now what? We’ve got an easy and cost-effective solution for your customers. There’s
no need to go out and buy a whole new system; our Mifare, iCLASS field-upgradeable RF
Encoders allow for In-Line encoding with the system they already have. Bundle D24 encoders with Cardfive Professional software and your customers are up and running in no time!
Easy installation in Evolis, Eltron/Zebra, Nisca, Datacard card printers...
While you are visiting a client making a sale, seize the opportunity to get incremental sales with the RL6 Ribbon
Shredding System. Introduce your client to the value of
witnessing the destruction of the used ID card printer ribbons and the ease of installation. An easy and natural way
to increase your revenue!
The DigiOn24 RL6 Ribbon Shredding System uses the
company’s own shredder to securely destroy used printed
ID card printer ribbons safely in their own facility. This
keeps the costs low and makes it easy to use.
Interested in our line of Secure Cabinets?
Combine Access Control with Inventory Management
Our high quality cabinets use smart card technology to secure and track the contents within. With three
levels of security and access tracking with date and time stamping, you will never worry about your
valuable assets again.
Ideal for Government, Medical Facilities, Forensic Labs, Universities, and Armed Forces
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