Delivering a CQUIN Project How to Make it Work Jane Bradshaw

Jane Bradshaw
Lead Nurse Specialist in Neurology
Steering Group Member P-CNS
Delivering a CQUIN Project
How to Make it Work
Commissioning for Quality and Innovation
National Framework set up in 2009
Develop areas for Quality Improvement
Payment by Results on Agreed Indicators
Encourage New Innovative Services
Use New Technology
Sound Financial management
Home Work
• What do you want to achieve?
Long and Short Term Goals
Any Quick Wins
• How long will it take?
Can it be started now or is there a set up time
• Who needs to be involved?
GP’s, Community Staff, Acute Trust ? Partnerships?
• Do we need more staff?
– Are the Agreed Indicators Achievable with current
Staff ?
Can WE really deliver this ?
– Are the Indicators reflective of the goals
Do WE have the knowledge and resources ?
– Do we need more learning first
What do the patients need/Want?
– Ask them if you don’t know – Patients Voice Very Important
Why are we doing this ?
– Who or what are the Drivers ?
What is the true cost ?
– Is the Financial Impact realistic and sustainable
Can we meet the targets on time ?
– If not then NO PAYMENT
To the Patients
What are you giving them that they didn’t have or need?
Better Outcomes
To the Organisation ( i.e. NHS Trust)
Adding Value to the Service
To the CCG
Giving them Good Value for Money
Wider community
Raises profile and confidence in the Health Service they get
To the Providers (Those delivering the Service)
– Sense of achievement
– Better understanding of the Commissioning Process
• Realistic
Don’t over commit to things you know you cant achieve
• Measurable
Collectable Data, Case Studies, Patient Feedback
• Transparent
Clear project Plan based on the Indicators
Be Methodical and document everything you do
• Honest
If you cant achieve Say so
• Partnership
Work Together not in silos