How to Respond to an RFp woRKsHop Tuesday, October 8 1-5 pm

Hosted by CRRC
How to Respond to an RFP WORKSHOP
Tuesday, October 8
1-5 pm
How to Respond to an RFP
Topics Include:
• Finding Them
• RFP Considerations
• First Steps
• Audience Participation
Case Study
• Getting Started
• Interactive Model
• What Can Go Wrong
• Win Them
Paul Tibma, CPA/Partner
Freeman & Williams, LLP, CPAs
Mike Murray, CFO
Napa Recycling & Waste Services, LLC
Kent Kenney, CFO/Partner
Livermore Sanitation, Inc.
Alan Mitchell, Treasurer
Garaventa Enterprises
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Workshop Hosted by:
Join host Mike Murray
for wine tasting
at the end
of the workshop.
Hosted by CRRC
How to Respond to an RFP WORKSHOP
Tuesday, October 8
1-5 pm
The fee to attend this workshop and lunch is $25 for the first attendee from any Industry or Associate
Member company. Additional attendees from a registered company (including family members) are halfprice ($12.50 each). Next Generation Alumni Members are invited to attend free of charge.
Workshop Location:
Garden City Sanitation, 1080 Walsh Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95050
Suggested Lodging:
La Quinta Inn San Jose Airport, 2585 Seaboard Ave., San Jose, CA 95131
two ways to register:
Register online at From the Home Page, select the Calendar tab, then
select General Membership, and locate the RSVP link for the How to Respond to an RFP
Workshop. Fill out the RSVP form and follow instructions for submittal. A map to Garden
City Sanitation can also be found on the General Membership Calendar.
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