ImmiAccount – How to Login to ImmiAccount Introduction

ImmiAccount – How to Login to ImmiAccount
Once you have created an ImmiAccount, you can use it to apply for a visa and/or citizenship by descent, make
changes to your application, track your application’s progress, and make a payment.
This guide explains the steps for logging into your ImmiAccount.
You must have an ImmiAccount in order to login. If you have not created an ImmiAccount, refer to the
ImmiAccount – How to Create an ImmiAccount Quick Reference Guide.
Login to ImmiAccount
Navigate to the Department’s website
The Home page displays.
Click the Online Services tab
The Online Services page displays.
From the Navigation Bar, click ImmiAccount
The ImmiAccount page displays.
Click Login to ImmiAccount
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The Login page displays.
All fields marked with an asterisk
Enter your Username
Enter your Password
Click Login
Click Cancel
* are mandatory.
if you wish to cease logging into ImmiAccount.
The Login successful page displays.
Click Continue
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The My applications summary page displays.
You have successfully logged into your ImmiAccount.
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