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your practical
guide to the law
Are you looking for up-to-date
legal information in language you
can understand?
The Queensland Law Handbook
is an indispensable plain-English
guide to the main areas of law you
are likely to encounter. It outlines
rights and responsibilities in a
range of legal areas and advises
where to go for more assistance.
Each of the 37 chapters explains
key legal concepts and provides
details of Queensland and
Commonwealth legislation and
major cases. It also contains a
comprehensive list of relevant
organisations and their contact
ISBN: 978-0-9587090-9-5
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Queensland Law Handbook 11th edition
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Published by Caxton Legal Centre Inc.
This new, 11th edition has been
expanded to include significant
changes and new sections on
neighbourhood law, victims of crime,
right to information, employment
law and laws impacting on children.
Why not take advantage of this
comprehensive Law Handbook
and our esteemed group of legal
writers who are willing to share their
extensive knowledge of legislation,
case law and practical considerations
for taking legal action.
All funds from the sale of The
Queensland Law Handbook go
directly to Caxton Legal Centre
Inc. and help provide free legal
advice services to the community,
particularly to those who are
disadvantaged in their access to the
unlocking the law
The Queensland
‘The stories that emerged in the
immediate aftermath of these
natural disasters [the devastating
floods and the cyclone Yasi] provide
a stark reminder that a significant
proportion of the Queensland
population is vulnerable, not just to
the forces of nature but to the legal,
financial and institutional forces
which are brought into operation at
such times.
11th edition
This, the latest edition, continues the
fine tradition of providing accurate
and timely information across a vast
range of legal areas in language
which is easily accessible to nonlawyers, with each of the chapters
written by a practitioner with
specialist expertise in the field.’
Mark Thomas, Queensland Law Handbook
11th Edition Foreword