A proposal of national significance – Corporation’s Notice of Requirement

MARCH 2011
A proposal of national significance –
How to have your say on Queenstown Airport
Corporation’s Notice of Requirement
Queenstown Airport Corporation lodged a proposal with the
an apron for the loading or unloading of cargo, refuelling,
Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to alter a designation
parking or maintenance of Code C aircraft (small to medium-
relating to the Queenstown Airport.
sized passenger aircraft)
Queenstown Airport Corporation is an approved requiring authority
(under section 167 of the Resource Management Act 1991) and
has given notice of a requirement for an alteration to Designation
hangars for Code C aircraft
the formation of car parking areas
2 (Aerodrome Purposes Designation) of the Queenstown Lakes
access roads and internal roads
District Plan.
any associated infrastructure, earthworks or landscaping
The alteration seeks to extend the designation over land to the
ancillary activities.
south of the main Queenstown Airport runway. This land area to be
designated is approximately 19.1 hectares as shown on the map on
the back page of this factsheet.
What has Queenstown Airport
Corporation given notice of?
Queenstown Airport Corporation lodged the proposal with the
EPA on 23 December 2010. The EPA then made a recommendation
to the Minister for the Environment (the Minister) about how the
Notice of Requirement could be considered and decided.
After considering the recommendation, the Minister decided
to direct that the matter be referred to and decided by the
Environment Court. The role of the Environment Court is to hear and
The proposed extension of the existing Aerodrome Purposes
decide on the Notice of Requirement.
Designation is intended to provide for an expansion of airport
operations including:
buildings and activities for airport-related purposes
an apron for the loading or unloading of cargo, refuelling,
parking or maintenance of corporate jets, general aviation and
Why has the Minister directed
the proposal to the Environment
The Minister determined that this is a proposal of national
helicopter hangars
significance because it is consistent with the following relevant
helicopter Final Approach and Take-off areas (FATO)
factors of national significance under s142 (3) of the RMA:
helicopter Touch-down and Lift-off area (TALO)
(c) affects or is likely to affect a structure, feature, place, or area of
a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) terminal
general aviation hangars
national significance
Queenstown is a world renowned tourist destination and expansion
of the airport is likely to affect Queenstown, which is considered to
be a place or area of national significance.
MARCH 2011
Effects will likely relate to the impacts of increased air traffic
generated by the facilities provided by the altered designation
including noise, landscape impacts and air and ground traffic
impacts in addition to the economic impact on the area from
increased passenger numbers and aerodrome service delivery.
Effects are likely in respect of the use of Queenstown as a
destination in itself and as a gateway to the Otago and Southland
regions, including Fiordland.
What are the implications of
the Minister’s direction of the
proposal to the Environment
This Direction does not indicate that the Minister either approves
or opposes the proposal; only that it is considered to be of national
(i) affects or is likely to affect more than 1 region or district
significance. The Proposal will be judged on its merits in accordance
Tourism is a key contributor to the country’s GDP and the economic
with the provisions of the RMA. The Environment Court – not the
effects associated with tourists utilising the Queenstown Airport
Minister – will make the decision.
are likely to extend beyond Queenstown and into the wider Otago
region and further afield into Southland and specifically Fiordland.
Queenstown Airport is an international airport and now qualifies
as a Specified Airport Company under the Airport Authorities Act
1966 (a Specified Airport is an airport company that, in its last
accounting period, received revenue that exceeded $10 million, or
such other amount of revenue that the Governor-General may from
Environment Court
As the Minister has directed that this matter be referred to the
Environment Court for consideration and decision, the applicant is
required to file a notice of motion with the Court and a supporting
affidavit to commence the Court proceedings. This is served on
time to time prescribe for the purposes of this definition by Order in
the local authority and everyone who makes a submission. The EPA
Council). Only Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown
must then provide the Court with material relevant to the matter
Airports have such status.
that it has gathered. The Court will determine its own procedure
Queenstown Airport is currently the fastest growing airport
in Australasia and is pivotal to the economic growth of the
Queenstown Lakes District and the Otago and Southland Regions.
It is the most significant revenue generating airport outside the
three main metropolitan airports in New Zealand.
The Queenstown Airport is a strategic transport link, both regionally
and nationally for both international and domestic travellers. It is the
and has all its usual powers in hearing and deciding this application.
Unlike a board of inquiry process, a timeframe for deciding the
matter does not apply. A decision by the Environment Court can
only be appealed on points of law to the High Court.
How can I have a say in
this process?
first destination of some international tourists in New Zealand and
impacts the experience of those tourists and their overall perception
Any person can make a submission on this application by
of this country as a tourist destination.
Queenstown Airport Corporation. The closing date for submissions
is 5:00pm, Friday 8 April 2011. Please see the ‘How to fill in the
submission form’ section for information on what to include in
your submission. The EPA will refer the submissions to the
Environment Court.
Where can I view the Proposal?
After considering the recommendation, the
Minister decided to direct that the matter be
A copy of the Notice of Requirement and accompanying
referred to and decided by the Environment
information can be found on Queenstown Airport Corporation’s
Court. The role of the Environment Court is to
website: www.queenstownairport.co.nz/images/uploads/lot6.pdf.
hear and decide on the Notice of Requirement.
They can also be viewed at the following locations during normal
office hours:
MARCH 2011
Environmental Protection Authority
Head Office,
Environment House, 23 Kate Sheppard Place, Wellington
Ministry for the Environment
Auckland Office,
Level 6, Tower Centre, 45 Queen Street, Auckland
Local authority
Queenstown Lakes District Council:
Queenstown Office – 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown
Wanaka Office – 47 Ardmore Street, Wanaka
Local Library
Queenstown Library – 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown
Making a submission
How can I get a submission form?
How long is the submission period?
The submission period is 20 working days, which is the standard
submission period under the RMA. Your submission must be
received by the EPA no later than 5.00pm, Friday 8 April 2011 at:
Environmental Protection Authority
Queenstown Airport Corporation’s Proposal
PO Box 10720
The Terrace
Wellington 6143
Or email: [email protected]
Or fax:
04 439 7700
Please mark in the subject line: ‘Queenstown Airport Corporation’.
You must also send a copy of your submission to the applicant,
Queenstown Airport Corporation, whose address for service is:
Queenstown Airport Corporation
C/o Mitchell Partnerships
Attn: Alison Noble
PO Box 489
Please download a submission form from the EPA’s website:
Dunedin 9054
www.epa.govt.nz/applications/queenstown-airport or use the EPA
Or email: [email protected]
contact details provided below to request one.
Public meeting
What happens now?
A public meeting to discuss the Environment Court process, and
what it means to be a submitter in that process, will be held at the
A public notice giving details of the Minister’s Direction for
Queenstown Events Centre, Joe O’Connell Drive, Frankton, from
the Queenstown Aerodrome Extension will appear in national
7.00pm to 9.00pm on Thursday, 17 March 2011.
newspapers on Saturday 12 March 2011 and in The Mirror on
For more details on this meeting or if you have any questions about
Wednesday 16 March 2011.
making a submission please contact the EPA on 0800 722 667 or by
email at [email protected]
5.00pm, Friday 8 April 2011 (20 working days after the first
How to fill in the submission form
Your submission form must be in writing, signed and dated (no
signature is required for an electronic submission), and it must
date of public notification).
your name and address, including a phone number, fax
The EPA receives all the submissions and then forwards them
to the Environment Court.
include the following information:
Submissions must be received by the EPA no later than
When the Minister refers an application to the Environment
number and email address (if applicable)
Court, Environment Court process will be followed.
details of the whole or part of the Notice of Requirement that
For further information on this process please refer to the
you are making your submission on
Environment Court’s website at www.justice.govt.nz/courts/
whether you support, support in part, oppose, oppose in part,
or are neutral to all or part of the Notice of Requirement
People who have made a submission to the EPA on an
the reasons for your views
application referred to the Environment Court have the right
the decision you wish the Environment Court to make, including
to be heard at these proceedings.
the general nature of any conditions or changes sought
whether or not you wish to be heard at a hearing in respect of
your submission.
What is the role of the
Queenstown Lakes District
Council in the process?
What is the role of the EPA?
The EPA notifies the Minister’s Direction and provides service and
support to the Environment Court. The EPA must serve a copy of the
public notice on each owner and occupier of any land to which the
The Queenstown Lakes District Council will prepare a report on
matter relates and each owner or occupier of any land adjoining any
key planning issues relative to the proposal under s149G(3) of
land to which the matter relates. Under s149G, the EPA must provide
the RMA for the Environment Court. The Council can also make a
the Environment Court with:
submission and attend the hearing as a submitter.
If the Environment Court confirms the Notice of Requirement,
the Queenstown Lakes District Council would perform the local
authority’s role in relation to the Designation.
Published in March 2011 by the Environmental Protection Authority
PO Box 10720, The Terrace, Wellington 6143
Publication number: EPA 21
the matter that has been the subject of the direction
all information received relating to the matter
any submissions received on the matter.