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How to pay
your bills
And how we can help
City West Water
How to pay your bill
City West Water offers a wide range of payment options designed to save you time and make
it easier for you to pay your bill.
Direct Debit
BPAY™ View
Pay your bill without lifting a finger! It’s as
simple as nominating a bank, credit union
or building society cheque, savings or credit
card* account and payment will automatically
be transferred to City West Water on the due
date of your bill. Or, you can pay your
accounts by direct debit in regular weekly,
fortnightly or monthly instalments. If you
don’t have enough money in your account
to cover the payment, simply call at least 48
hours prior to the debit date for an extension
on the payment time. Call us on 131 691 for
an application form.
BPAY View allows you to pay and view your
bills online.
Centrepay is a free, direct bill paying service
offered to Centrelink customers that allows
them to have regular, automatic deductions
taken from their Centrelink payments to pay
their City West Water bill. To sign up for
Centrepay, call us on 131 691 to arrange
for the payment amount to be transferred
fortnightly from your Centrelink payment
to your City West Water account.
Detach the bottom portion of your bill
and post it with your cheque or money
order made payable to City West Water,
to PO Box 262, Richmond VIC 3121.
Pay your bill via your bank or financial
institutions’ internet or phone system.
Use Biller Code 8789 and refer to your
bill for your reference number. If you would
like more information visit
Registering for BPAY View is as easy as can B.
1. Provided your financial institution offers
BPAY (see, log onto your
internet banking website with your
City West Water paper bill handy.
2. Click on ‘View Bills’ or the ‘BPAY View’ tab.
3. Select ‘Add Biller’ or ‘New Biller’ and enter
the biller code 8789.
4. Follow the prompts to register. Please
ensure that you enter your customer
name exactly as it appears on the
printed statement.
Once you have completed the registration
process you will receive a notification on
your internet banking website, on the status
of your registration, within two days. If you
need further assistance please contact your
financial institution. Or, if you would like more
information, visit
To pay your bills using Postbillpay on
the internet go to
Payment can be made by credit card*
or from your savings/cheque account.
In person
You can pay your bill at any Australia Post
retail outlet. Present your bill and pay by
cash, cheque or EFTPOS (where available).
Visit and pay
your account using your credit card*
quickly and simply over the internet.
You can make credit card* payments
over the phone by calling us on 131 971,
24 hours a day, seven days a week.
*Conditions apply to credit card payments. Visa and Mastercard are accepted. Please contact City West Water on 131 691 for more information.
**Conditions apply – minimum payment is $10.00 per fortnight. Please contact City West Water for more information.
How to pay
your bills
And how we can help
City West Water
How we can help you
City West Water offers a number of payment arrangements and assistance programs which
provide flexible ways for you to pay your bill – with no additional fees or charges.
EasyWay instalment payment options
your bill must then be paid by the due date
One-off financial assistance
If you are a residential customer and
stated. If you pay more through your Flexi
After an assessment of your financial
having difficulty paying your City West
Payment Plan than the amount on your bill,
needs by the Concessions Unit of the
Water bill, EasyWay options offer you
the credit remaining will be allocated to
Department of Human Services, you may
the choice of paying by easy regular
your next City West Water bill.
be entitled to one-off Government funded
instalments. The amount of your EasyWay
instalment payments is calculated by
dividing the total amount of your City West
Water bills for one year (based on your
previous year’s bills) into smaller weekly,
Time extension
An extension of time to pay your bill may
Relief Grants scheme.
be arranged at the discretion of City West
Financial counselling
Water, for some or all of the amount owed.
City West Water can refer you to a no-cost
fortnightly, or monthly payments. Use your
Re-directed bills
EasyWay card to make a quick payment
You may be allowed to re-direct your bill
in person at Australia Post, pay over the
to another person for payment, if that
phone or internet, or use BPAY™. Or, you
person agrees in writing and City West
can arrange to pay the instalments by
Water also consents.
direct debit.
Rebates and concessions
Flexi Payment Plan
If you hold a Pensioner Concession Card or
With a Flexi Payment Plan card you can
a Gold Card (War Widows or TPI) you may
make payments in advance, as often as
be entitled to concessions on your water
you like. This helps you to smooth out your
and sewerage charges for the property that
payments to suit your individual needs. The
you reside in. If you hold a current Health
amount you pay is credited to your account
Care Card or Gold Card, you may be
and you will receive your bills in the usual
entitled to concessions on your water
way. The balance owing when you receive
usage and sewage disposal charges.
City West Water
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financial assistance through the Utility
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independent financial counsellor.
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