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This is an example of how to define and delegate all the responsibilities for a fundraising auction.
Thanks to Katy Barman for sharing this.
Chair people: (names here)
Set date, time and location of auction
Book location and insurance rider. Have school PTO president/treasurer sign the
Reserve the auctioneer/MC
Review past auctions
Work with PTO treasurer to establish policy for budget and handling of funds.
Establish financial goal
Establish a theme
Prepare timeline
Draft an agenda for night of auction with Decoration committee.
10. Recruit committee chairs
11. Conduct meetings with chairs, train and motivate chairs
12. Conduct a post event evaluation meeting
13. Work with Live and Silent, Database chairs on packaging
14. Get bid paddles from auctioneer (bidder numbers)
15. Write weekly auction update and any communications as needed.
Auctioneers: (name here)
Spotters: (names here)
Recruit three volunteers the night of the auction to do spotting and running. One person will
write down the oral auction bidders number and the amount that the item sold for.
Procurement for Live Auction (name here)
1. Work with the auctioneer and MC about live auction event lineup
2. Procure live auction items.
3. Work with Chair, Database and Silent Auction Chairs to choose items and determine order for
4. Work with PowerPoint presentation slide show; supply visuals if needed
5. Work with MC and auctioneer about live auction lineup
6. Oversee set up and distribution of live items.
7. Return any donor display items to donor
Silent Auction Procurement/Coordinator: (name here)
1. Solicit silent auction items starting with last year’s donors.
2. Either have the donor enter the item into the computer or enter it for them.
3. Work with the party board people to determine where the boards will go at the event.
4. Coordinate the decoration and layout of the silent auction.
5. Determine the number and time of closings
6. Coordinate the closing of the silent auction tables
7. Provide a pen for each bidder form
8. Gather bidder forms and deliver to checkout
9. Gather any donor display items for return to donors
10. Move the party sign ups into the tent for further sign ups.
11. Make sure the party sign up sheets are given to the check out people while people eat their
Database: (name here)
1. Generate address labels for letter to previous donors
2. Generate reports on previous donors
3. Enter all donation information into database
4. Send periodic reports to Procurement Coordinators
5. Work with Chair, procurement and Silent/Live Auction coordinators on packaging and
categorizing items.
6. Input bidder input from ticket sales
7. Generate all paperwork for auction event
8. Reserve/arrange for computer equipment/printer
9. Help with post-auction “sales cleanup” (making sure payments are correct, any leftover
items are picked up by bidder, any mix-ups are handled)
10.Generate and send post-event auction thank you letter.
Decorations/Event Coordinators: (names here)
1. Decorations and table centerpieces
2. Facilities sound system
3. Arrange for screen and projectors for slide/video presentations
4. Coordinate event layout
5. Work with event set up people to determine how many volunteers they need for set up
and clean up.
Band: (name here)
Sponsorship: (names here)
Find sponsors for events, both cash and in kind
1. Identify parents in school for possible sponsors
2. Coordinate any displays for the auction night
3. VIP coordination night of auction
Publicity: (name here)
This committee will produce a logo and posters and artwork for email blasts to be sent out
Marketing (name here)
This committee will work with Publicity to craft emails advertising the auction to send out. They
will use school email lists of parents to promote ticket sales. They’ll get the posters printed up
and hang them up at the school.
Table coordinator (name here)
This person/s will assign everyone a seat for the night of the auction. When people sign up
online, they indicate who they’d like to sit next to. This person will track these responses and
assign tables based on this information. This is a very last minute job, so whoever does this
needs to be available to coordinate this during the last few days before the auction.
Desserts (name here)
This committee will be in charge of procuring desserts to auction off. They will need volunteers
to ask parents to make desserts and bring them to the auction the night of the event. They can
also solicit desserts from restaurants or businesses.
1. Responsible for delivery and solicitation of desserts
2. Responsible to getting descriptions and bid sheets of each dessert to the Silent Auction
Coordinator (or inputting them into the database themselves)
3. Responsible for getting all platters/bowls and serving pieces back to the donors.
Event Check in and checkout Coordinator: (name here)
1. Reserve/arrange for computer equipment, software, printers, extension cords, etc.
2. Arrange for credit card machines
3. Set up equipment the day of the auction
4. Train people to run the computers the night of the event
5. Coordinate and manage the database entry during the auction including any changes that
need to be made before bidding begins (adding or changing packages), entering walk in
bidder numbers and entering winning bidder information.
6. Day after event- reconcile sales, update data base with any changes, fix errors discovered
during checkout, send the credit card information through
7. Provide all the financial information to the PTO treasurer. Make sure any cash or checks are
given to the PTO treasurer.
Raise the paddle display:
(name here)
Party Boards: (name here)
This committee will solicit previous party givers and ask other people to host parties similar or
with new themes such as
 Mom’s margarita party, Girl’s night out, Cigars and Scotch men’s night, etc.
 Need two or three volunteers to organize these parties and work with the decorations
committee to make sign up sheets. The party sign ups will start in the silent auction area
and then be moved to the tent area in case people miss them in the silent.
Event Set up/ Clean up Coordinator: (name here)
1. Help arrange transportation for donated items to the auction site the day of the event.
2. Oversee volunteers for event set up. (Check with decorating committee)
3. Oversee volunteers for event cleanup
4. Load any items not purchased and displays into vehicles and return them to the Event Check
in/Check out Coordinator
Event Will Call Coordinator: (name here)
1. Sets up room for will call after closings
2. Trains will call volunteers night of auction
3. Gives buyers their paid for items
Drawing Coordinator“Golden ticket”: (name here)
1. Make up a sheet highlighting all of the oral auction items to promote this drawing
2. Recruit at least 5 people to sell tickets the night of the event.
3. Put all tickets in a special bowl and bring into the oral auction for the drawing. This will be
our first oral auction item.
Instant Wine Cellar: (name here)
1. Procure 30 bottles of wine for an “instant wine cellar”
2. Set the wine cellar up on the day of the event.
3. Set the pricing for the drawing.