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Let State not wait
until disaster strikes
If the recent report by the United
Nations on climate change is anything to go by, then we need to step
up efforts to avert the impending disaster that might have serious consequences.
According to the report, global
warming will have severe effects on
health , economic growth, and food
and water sources.
Alreadywe face challenges in provision of better health care services.
Some Kenyans rely on relief food
from the Government which is not
sufficient while we there are continued clashes over pasture and water
sources in Northern Kenya.
One then wonders what will happen when the grave effects of global
warming start.
"It is sad that while other countries
have put in place measures to deal
with global warming, Kenya has not
made any progressive steps.
If our leaders have our interests at
heart, then this is the time to act rather than engage in cheap politics
mean t for their benefit.
{Am lsi Paul, Maseno University}
We should take
charge, stop littering
The one habit I dislike from many
Kenyans, especially those shuttling
between the rural areas and the capital, isdisposing litter through the window of a moving vehicle.
Beit used airtime cards,foodwrappers or polythene bags and the most
annoying one-used diapers.
Such uncouth habit has led a litterfilled highway. Yet these are the same
people who crucify our leadership of
failure, praising Sweden and Norw yfor having the cleanest streets on the
• globe.
We have to realise that the key to
positive change in our nation lies in
our hands.
{Joe Oduor, Ngata-Nakuru}
Kamau must re-think
night travel ban
Many will dread a return of Jubilee administration to power come
2017for fear of havingTransport Cabinet Secretary Michael Kamau continu e handling the docket.
I feel the night travel ban is inconsiderate especially for those of us who
live far from Nairobi.
I support the move to contain the
runaway road carnage but this will
have an adverse effect on plans to
move towards a 24-hour economy.
Kamau has continually argued
that it brings sanity to our roads, yet
. fatal accidents have continued to
happen, of course with slight decrease simply- because of reduced
trips by PSV operators.
{Role wanjlruKlarle, Nairobi}
Thu rsday, April 17, 2014 / The Standard
State needs to educate public
on how to stop corruption
I believe that one of the reasons
we face challenges in fighting corruption is the fact that we have not
defined what corruption is.
Is it wrong to bribe a police officer so that you do not have to pay a
fine in court?
If you were to ask for an honest
answer to this question, most Kenyans would say 'no' because it's a
more convenient choice. The option of spending a night in prison
with a likelihood of paying a hefty
fine is very intolerable.
If it is a legal fact that it's wrong
to bribe a police officer, that fact is
lost somewhere.Weneed a way (the
Internet, maybe) to educate the
masses on legal matters including
what the police can or cannot do in
a partic ular situation.
We need to define corruption
and educate the peop le on what to
do to fight corruption because,
honestly, I do not believe our leaders are going .to do it for us. We
could educate people on how the
Ombudsmans office works. We
could educate Kenyans about legal
penalties for petty crimes. I believe
Fresh registration alone
cannot stop terrorism
The recently announced
Government plan tocarry out
fresh registration ofcitizens is
a positive step towards curbing
terrorism, but it isnot the sale
answer tothemenace.
Frequently. there have been
anegatioos ofKenyan youths
~ing radicalised in Mombasa
and in Nairobi and therefore if
this isthecase. then some of
theattacks may beexecuted by
petty crime is where police corruption is thriving.
For instance, I was recently arrested at the Nairobi Railway Station Police Station, for not quickly
following the instructions of what
looked like a railways employee
who was apparently a plain-clothes
police officer.
During the incident the officer
on duty and every other officer I
talked to did not want to hear anything other than: 'I have some money'.
I would guess a huge number of
the people arrested at the station
are intimida ted for money. One intimidation tactic I've seen is misinformation on fines or penalties one
will have to pay in court. Again,
what option would you take:
Sh2,000 upfron t or Sh30,000 at the
Petty crimes have been commercialised.It's not considered corruption anymore; it's actually defined as cutting through the
bureaucratic tape or discounted
Kenyan citizens-rum terrorists.
In addition. thefight against
terrorism should spread beyond
thehands ofsecurity apparatus.
Religious leaders, parents and
even human rights organisations
within thesuspected areas of
radicalisation should bebrought
on board.
We ought tonote that the
inHux offoreigners with nolegal
documents isa manifestation
ofa lapse ofefficacy in our immigration department.
When theGovernment is
Corruptio n is somewhat part of
our culture now. It's indoctrinated
at the lowest levels of society. Do
not be surprised when it manifests
in billion dollar deals,
{Luka Kamau, via'email}
It is surprising' yet unfortunate
that though
r leaders acknowl- .
edge corruption in high offices,
they have not demonstrated an iota
of credible intent to deal with it.
Having served in the previous
governmerus in various ministries,
the President ai}d his deputy are
not new to the realities of corruption in government.
It is therefore unthinkable that
they did not have plans in place to
deal with corruption before they
took over leadership.
Unlike otherpromises given to
the voters the promise to deal with
corruption demands less finances
but a stronger will power and decisive mind.
{Walter L1sutsa. Nyer!}
going to registerits citizens,
there should bea precaution
that even criminals arelikely to
The fight against terror
should startwith tightening security in our borders, our intel·
Iigence service should reinforce
this initiative as we close the
Queue with proper community
Consequently, toregister
people afresh will use taxpayers'
money, only for ustolater realise thatinsecurity isstill biting.
{Japheth lIgila, Maseno}
No reason tofiout political parties law
The idea to draft policies to
streamline political parties was
The idea, mooted in the Ninth
Parliament had the sale motive of
transforming political parties into
political institutions for prosperity
and dura bility as opposed to the
then mushrooming habit of briefcase parties.
It was the establishment of a
law that would govern political
part ies, make them accountable
and nurture honesty among the
players in the political sphere. The
enactment of the Political Parties
Act and subseq uent amendments
How to write
to the same in the evening of the
Tenth Parliament was purely to
bring sanity in the running of political parties .
However, the old habit of not
sticking to the principles and tenets of the political parties rema ins
the biggest headache.
For instance, in the UK, members of the Conservative Party remain loyal to the ideologies of their
party. You will never find a 'Tories
member hobnobbing in the affairs
of the Labour Party. One can only
do so by officially quitting their
party in writing.
In Kenya,the idea of the Acthas
been ignored and politicians elected go against the rules of the game
as stipulated in the law.It is wrong
to ignore what is laws governing
the existence of political parties
hence attempting to kill democracy knowingly or unknowingly.The
Act is clear on any person belonging to a political party while at the
same time promoting ideologies of
a different political party.
The law must be respected by
all and sundry, whether big or
After saving Sh6llJC!l:l_for uyears,
he now owns 391111Se5:
Surely. how can 792,000 buy 39buses?
792.000 can't buy a Probox. Those
are the "hard working" Kenyans who
steal thencome braggingabout their
achievements. ose Ngare
Itjust means thevalue ofmoney was
higher back then.llo11amud AIIageeye
Finally, Airtel makes ano 1deal:
Good for my preferredservice provider.
GlItz IIoretInah
Have you been wondering why
you taIl't find adecenthouse In
It's sounfair that they only target rich
people. Angelo Eva
Heshan de Sliva: From an alcoholic
to abillionaire at 25:
This young man isbrilliant. Ihave had a
chance tohear himspeak one on one and
answer Questions andexplainhis story. It
adds up. John Duma
Keep itup. I'm very happy for you and
young people should learn fromyou
that hardwork pays.Work more hours,
go tobed tired, save moreand invest
intensively. Most ofthose who do not
want towork hard normally say that life
istoo short they must enjoy every bit of
it. Tomorrowthey will bethepoorest and
you wi llbe enjoying. Natome
Well, there areno miracles here for those
who expected toget a clue on how to
become a billionaire.This is not the usual
alcoholic who seeps the kumi kumithat
risks turning him blind the next minute.
He was born into a rich family and all he
needed was tostop destroying himself
with his money and make good use ofit.
As simpleasthat. Kfpunpung'lt
Kwale man who was totestify
against hisson-in-lawin terror trial
kil led:
What happened tothe witness protection
unit? Where arethey using theShlOO
million they got? Aprime witness ofa
serious crime like terrorism was killed in
his house and had no protection. Does
theGovernment now expect more people
tovolunteer information? John williams
Ifyou fail toprotect key witnesses in
a weightylike terrorism,would we
not say that police are part and parcel
ofterrorists? Now, this man linked to
AI·Shaabab will beacquitted for lack
ofevidence and will continue with his
activities. NyakwaI1ldarl
Follow US!
{Philip Etale, via ematt}
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