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Disclaimer and Legal Notices.
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with a description of any performance. Any and all forward looking
statements here or on any of my sales material are intended to express
my opinion.
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The very first thing you need to do is register with
NAIRABET even if you have an account before.
To register, follow the exact
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Just as you can see above, the first box where I used
RED arrow to illustrate is the personal information
section. Fill the information accordingly using your
own personal details.
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Page 4
The second box where I used Green arrow to illustrate
is your address details. Input your home address or
office address or school address.
The third box where I used pink arrow to illustrate is
the login details. You are expected to choose a
username (it can be your name or nickname) that you
will be using to log into your nairabet account. Choose
the password you would like to use as well. Type the
password once in the first box and type it again in the
second box; “confirm password” box.
The fourth box is where you are expected to fill your
phone number and email address. Yes! I illustrated this
with the Blue arrow. Ensure you input a genuine phone
number and email address.
The next box where I illustrated with the Wine arrow,
just tick all the boxes there. And the fill “from a
friend” at the place for where you heard about
In the last section where I illustrated with the white
arrow, confirm that you are over 18years old and click
on Sign up.
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Page 5
This is exactly what you will see after you have Sign
up. Just click on “ok” as seen above. Once you click on
it, you will be taken to the homepage of
Hurry now to your email box. The email address you
submitted to nairabet. They have sent a link to you to
follow to confirm your email address and finish your
registration. Go to your email and you will see a mail
from nairabetbet exactly as below.
When you go into your email, you will see a mail from
“support nairabet” like the one highlighted in red
above. Click on the mail and you will see the link in
the mail to click and confirm your nairabet account.
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Page 6
Once that is done, you have a nairabet account. You can
now log into your account. How?
Go to
Right on the nairabet home page, follow my arrows above
to login to your nairabet account. The Red arrow
indicate where to put your USERNAME. The blue arrow
indicates where to input your PASSWORD and the White
arrow indicates where to click to login.
Once done rightly, you will be login and by the right
hand side at the top of the page, you will see your
Once you’ve successfully created a nairabet account,
the next thing to do is fund your nairabet account with
money. How do I mean funding with money? You want to
add money to your nairabet account so that you can
start betting
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Page 7
Truly, nairabet permits you to add any amount of money
to your nairabet account. You can add as little as N500
to your nairabet account but I will never recommend
Simple. To make good money on nairabet, you must invest
good money. Take for example, when I won N24,300 few
days ago, I actually bet with N6,000 and the odd was
just 4.05. If I had placed N10,000 on that bet, I would
have won N40,500 or so.
You see… if another person has placed just N500 on that
same bet, he would have won just N2000.
Do you understand my point now? Whatever is worth doing
is worth doing well. I would rather strive to make
N40,000 with N10,000 that make N2000 with N500.
It’s important that you place bets with good amount of
money and not little amount of money so that when you
win, you will win big.
My advice is that you fund your nairabet account with
N10,000 and above. For those who do not have up to that
amount, well, you can fund your account with any amount
you have but, you should know that you wouldn’t make as
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Page 8
much money as those who fund their account with good
How To Fund Nairabet Account
Once you are login to your nairabet account, at the top
of the page, look towards the left hand side. You will
Follow my Red arrow above to click on deposits. Once
clicked, you will see…
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Page 9
You will see 3 options to deposit money into your
nairabet account. I always recommend the first option
“pay to agent”.
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Page 10
Click on “pay to agent”. You will have a list of the
agents accredited by nairabet. They cut across
different states of the Country.
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Page 11
If there is no agent within your state, never worry.
Just pick on any of the agents. Copy out his phone
number and call him. Tell him that you want to fund
your nairabet account.
You may be required to pay the amount of money you wish
to fund to your nairabet account to the agent’s account
(never be scared of paying to their account. Nairabet
is a trustworthy bookmaker and any listed agent on
their website is creditable)
When you have made payment into the agent’s account,
ring him to tell him about your payment and send your
nairabet “USERNAME” to the agent. He will add the exact
amount you paid to him directly to your nairabet
(In case you pay to any agent and he fails to credit
your nairabet account after several contacts, kindly
report the issue to the nairabet support. They will
immediately ensure that you are credited)
Once your account has been credited…
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Page 12
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Page 13
Look to the top right hand corner of your nairabet
account, the exact amount funded will be displayed.
Simple Strategy To Win On Nairabet
The simple strategy I use is to go straight off to
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Page 14
When I get to this website, I will see a list of the
league table of different leagues across Europe. By
default, I will see that of England.
If you follow the red arrow above, you can click and it
will show list of other Leagues. I love dealing with
the following leagues:
German Bundesliga
English Premier League
French Ligue 1
Italian Serie A
Portuguese Premier Liga
Spanish La liga
Dutch Eredivise
This is exactly what I do. Every week, I check on this
website to see the top 5 teams in each league. I will
write out the top 5 teams in all leagues.
I target 7 leagues. That means I will write out 35
different teams. 5 teams per league. In 7 leagues, it
means I will have 35 teams.
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Page 15
How To Place Bets
On nairabet, there are different types of bets. There
Single bet
3 fold and,
We shall be focusing on Accumulators. That’s where the
bulk of the money is in football betting.
We shall be accumulating 4 teams and more together.
To choose matches to bet on, when you log into your
nairabet account, you will notice these icons at the
Follow my red arrow to pick on the date of matches you
want to bet on.
Take for example, by
league matches to be
follow the red arrow
23rd, November, 2013.
23rd of November, 2013, there are
played across Europe. You can
above and you will be able to pick
Then click “show”.
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Page 16
Following the blue arrow, pick on 1x2. That’s the kind
of bet I specialize on and which can always bring in
cool money for us. It means we want to predict that the
match will be won by Team one, Team two or the match
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Page 17
Once these indicators have been put in place, the
website will load the matches available for that date
and we can start to place our bets. It will list them
all base on different leagues.
Once we have all the matches, we just have to cross
check with our 35 teams and see the ones that have
matches to play that day.
Once we see those that have matches to play, we have to
ensure that none of them is playing each other. If any,
we will have to forget about them and focus on others.
In our list, we would be able to have at list 10 of
them having match to play on a chosen match day.
Divide the teams on our list playing in a match day
into a group of 4 each. Take for example, on November
23rd, 2013. Among the top 5 of each league, the
following have matches…
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Page 18
Arsenal FC Chelsea FC Liverpool FC
FC Barcelona
Real Madrid
Atletico Madrid
SSC Napoli
AC Milan
Borussia Dortmund
FC Bayern München
Paris Saint Germain
PSV Eindhoven
Ajax Amsterdam
Benfica Lissabon
FC Porto
I can decide to divide them into group of 4 each. I
will ensure that in each group of 4, I have one
representative from each league. For example, I will
FC Porto
Ajax Amsterdam
Borussia Dortmund
Real Madrid
Benfica Lissabon
PSV Eindhoven
SSC Napoli
FC Barcelona
Paris Saint Germain
FC Bayern München
Atletico Madrid
Liverpool FC
I hope you get the example above? It doesn’t matter
they have to be in 4. They can be in groups of 3, 4 or
I shall place bet of accumulator on them just as I have
classified them above. I will also place a accumulator
bet on them all in a single bet with just a token. If
this returns a win, that is going to be a big win for
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Page 19
Firstly we have to select the group one members by
clicking on each of them on the list shown to us on
You will click on each team in the group and they will
change colour to blue as shown above. Once all is done,
Look to the right hand side of the page towards the
upper side. The teams you picked will have shown up
over there…
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Page 20
By default, it’s Accumulator; which is what we want.
You will see that the teams we chose have been listed.
Follow my red arrow, I stake N 1,000 on these teams.
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Page 21
The odd for the teams together is 6.14 so if all the
teams win their matches, I will win N 6,140 shown with
the blue arrow above.
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Page 22
The pink arrow shows where to click. Once clicked, it
will display another option and we just have to click
“NEXT”. Once done, we will see… Just click on “no”
The bet has just been placed.
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Page 23
We can repeat the same thing for other groups and get
all the bets placed.
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Page 24
Another good strategy I use is to follow the odds of
the bookmarkers. This often works well if utilized with
How? If for example,
Manchester City 1.6 Draw 3.8 Hull City 7.5
We all know that what that example above means is that
Manchester city is playing at home and they have been
given 1.6 odd (meaning if you bet N10,000 ON MAN City
to win and they win, you will receive N16,000).
If you bet that the match will be DRAW and it
eventually ended in draw, your N10,000 will fetch you
N38,000 based on the odd 3.8 for draw.
Likewise if you bet that Hull city will win and they
eventually did defeat Man city, your N10,000 will fetch
you N75,000. But this may likely not be the case since
it will be difficult for Hull city to defeat Man city
at home.
The secret of Nairabet and other football betting sites
is that, they give low odd to the team that will most
likely win a match. It’s true that the football is
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Page 25
unpredictable but 95% of the time, the team given low
odds wins the match.
**** I will look for between 3 to 5 different teams
playing with odds lower than 1.8 and place cumulative
bet on them all.
Those are matches upcoming and I have chosen 5 teams
with odds less than 1.8 and they are playing at home.
Playing at home and having lower odd make them all less
risky. When the odds are multiplied together, I have a
total of 3.88. This means if I bet N10,000 on these
teams, I will win N38,800.
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Page 26
If you are observant, you will see that I chose these
teams from the same league. Well, it doesn’t have to
be. I can choose my teams across different leagues.
So, I can have 3 different bets in a match day
selecting 3 – 5 different teams and betting on them
just like I did for the one above. After the bet has
been placed, I will use the same idea to select some 3
– 5 other teams and place bet on them too. I will do so
for another group again.
Now, here is the secret. The fact that these teams have
been given lower odds compare to their opponents, make
it less risky and more possible for them to win their
Playing at home ground again also adds to their
potential of winning their games.
The fact that we are not combining more than 5 teams at
any point in time reduces our risk of losing. The more
the teams combined together, the higher your potential
profit and the higher your risk. Do not use more than 5
teams in a combination.
We surely will lose sometimes. Do not let this scare
you. Whenever you lose a bet, next time you are
betting, double the amount of money to be used in
betting. When you win this time around, you will recoup
the money lost earlier and still make profit.
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Page 27
Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Do not be
like people who bet with N500. Let your least bet be
N1000 and above. I am able to make up to N50,000 or
more weekly from nairabet because the least amount I
use in betting weekly is N10,000.
If I were betting with just N2,000, I would only be
making a max of N10,000 weekly from nairabet.
I have done justice to this report even though it’s a
FREE REPORT. Yes! That’s me! I give out quality
information that will benefit people. I want us all to
wreck nairabet since it has actually won a lot of money
from innocent Nigerians who never knew of this
If you are reading this report, you know what? You’ve
just been given an exclusive right to distribute this
report. You are not permitted to edit anything out of
this report. Just the way it is, you can give it out as
gift to your list, friends, share it on facebook,
forums etc.
Yes! You can as well sell this report. But whenever you
do, please do not sell for more than N7,500. It can be
sold between N5000 – N7500. That’s the value of this
report as calculated by the author.
Finally, when you start making good income from
nairabet, it will be a step of faith and
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blessing for you to drop your tithe in my bank.
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The End
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