How To: Schedule your biometric screenings

How To: Schedule your biometric screenings
at a Quest Patient Service Center
Log onto from
any computer.
You can also call the Blueprint for Wellness call
center at 866-908-9440 to make your appointment
or if you have any questions.
2. Enter the registration key to enter the site.
Registration key: CarMax2014
Click [Submit].
3. Enter your 6-digit EEID and your Date of Birth
to pull up your individual information.
Click [Submit].
4. Your personal information will appear. Review
and edit as necessary. Add an email address for
appointment confirmation and results information
after your screening.
5. Create a username and password to retrieve your
results on line after the screening. No one will have
access to this information except you.
Complete the security question section.
Click [Submit].
6. Choose “Schedule Your Screening”.
Click [Continue].
“Agree” to Terms/Conditions.
7. Select “Yes, I would like to schedule an
appointment”. Having an appointment will ensure
you are seen in a timely manner and shorten the
total time you are at the Patient Service Center
Click [Yes].
How To: Schedule your biometric screenings
at a Quest Patient Service Center
8. You can now choose the most convenient Patient
Service Center for you. The Zip Code defaults to
the one in your personal profile. You can keep it or
change to another location (ie. your store).
Click [Schedule] next to the location you select.
9. Use the calendar to select the day and time for
your appointment. Appointments can be made as
early as the next day. Same day appointments are
not recommended.
Select date and time, then Click [Continue].
Please remember that this is a fasting panel, you
should not eat for 9-12 hours prior to your
10.Verify your information. You can edit your
personal information, PSC location and appointment
Please complete an email address if you haven’t
done so already.
Once everything is confirmed, click [Submit].
11.Quest Confirmation page. Click [print this page]
and bring a copy with you to the PSC.
12.Once you click on [print this page], the screen
will automatically print for you.
13.Your appointment is now confirmed!