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Application data of oligonucleotide aptamers
Since 1988 when the selection of functional oligonucleotides with non-Watson-Crick
binding properties were presented for the first time at a symposium sponsored by the
University of California, Los Angeles, this new class of binding molecules (aptamers) has
rapidly been introduced successfully into diagnostics and therapeutic applications. Many
aptamer applications have been reported for in vitro diagnostics in eco- and food
toxicology, for biosensor applications i.e. to detect bioterrorism agent and other life
threatening substances, for cell biology and histology, for affinity resin applications and
pharmaceutical high throughput technologies, and last not least
for human
In vitro Analytics
Highly sensitive and specific in vitro
analytics are a fundamental block in the
diagnosis of diseases. These analytical
techniques require specific binders
which can easily be introduced into
different assay protocols. The fast pace
of discovery of new proteins and
peptides and other targets from life
science research calls for
the fast
adaptability or analytical systems for
the detection of these newly discovered
The fast in vitro selection of aptamers
allow a quick and efficient assembly of
new test systems.
Aptamer applications in the literature
Detection Aptamer
Surface bound
Jayasena SD. Aptamers: an emerging class of molecules
that rival antibodies in diagnostics. Clin Chem. 1999;
45(9): 1628-50
Eco- and food toxicology
Food safety is a major public and
scientific concern. Food toxicology
investigates the impact of natural and
synthetic small and larger compounds
Aptamer application data
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present in the whole chain of food
investigation of raw products such as
plants or water (ecotoxicology) and
microbial toxin contamination during
food processing and storage. The major
goal is the protection of human health,
taking into account dangerous effects
immunotoxicity and neurotoxicity on the
one side and the potential for the
prevention of disease on the other side.
Aptamers can be isolated against small
molecules (haptens), drugs, toxins and
food related larger structures. They
are therefore a suitable tools for ecoand food diagnostics.
Aptamer applications in the literature
Takemura K, et al. DNA aptamers that bind to PrP(C)
and not PrP(Sc) show sequence and structure specificity. Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2006; 231(2): 204-14
Detection Aptamer
Surface bound
There are many highly sensitive
technologies for customized biosensors.
They aim to measure the presence,
absence, or concentration of analytes
accurately and rapidly, and/or continuously in real time at the point of need.
Applications require the availability of
high affinity and highly specific binders.
Here, aptamers provide an appropriate
class of heat stable, linear structured
binders for biosensors.
Aptamer applications in the literature
Shu W, et al. DNA molecular motor driven micromechanical cantilever arrays. J Am Chem Soc. 2005 Dec
Baldrich E, et al. Aptasensor development: elucidation
of critical parameters for optimal aptamer
performance. Anal Chem. 2004; 76(23):7053-63
Liss M, et al. An aptamer-based quartz crystal protein
biosensor. Anal Chem. 2002 Sep 1;74(17):4488-95
Aptamer application data
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Cell biology
Research in cell biology has a wide
variety of needs for the specific characterization of cell types, proteins and the
presence of functional protein domains.
The visualisation of cellular metabolism
and intercellular communication are
important steps on the way to
understand living organisms.
Site directed labelling of oligonucleotide aptamers can be easily performed
during chemical synthesis. A large
variety of labels such as fluorescent or
chemiluminescent dyes and other
groups such as biotin are available.
Aptamer applications in the literature
Saito T & Tomida M. Generation of inhibitory DNA
aptamers against human hepatocyte growth factor. DNA
Cell Biol. 2005; 24(10): 624-33
Ulrich H, et al. RNA and DNA aptamers in cytomics
analysis. Cytometry A. 2004; 59(2): 220-31
Membran Protein
Fluorescence Detection
One of the major tools in pathology for
diagnosis of tumors and other diseases
in cells and tissue is the specific staining
of proteins or other target molecules.
The small size of the aptamers
promise a good penetration in to the
tissue even in paraffin embedded
Aptamer applications in the literature
Stanlis KK & McIntosh JR. Single-strand DNA aptamers
as probes for protein localization in cells. J Histochem
Cytochem. 2003; 51(6): 797-808
Security technology
One brach of security technology is the
prevention of biological terrorism or
bioterrorism. Its aim is the deliberate
use or threat to use microorganisms or
toxins to cause disease or death in a
large number of people. Biological
attacks can be directed against people,
Aptamer application data
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against livestock, and food crops to
disrupt the food supply. Such an attack
at a specific location can have devastating consequences and must be
differentiated with certainty from the
much more frequent hoax alarms.
Such quick, sensitive and specific
laboratory analytical procedures can
be aptamers based. In-vitro selection
of aptamers enables the isolation
against highly toxic pathogens and
Aptamer applications in the literature
Vivekananda J & Kiel JL. Anti-Francisella tularensis DNA
aptamers detect tularemia antigen from different
subspecies by Aptamer-Linked Immobilized Sorbent
Assay. Lab Invest. 2006 Mar 20
Tang J, et al. The DNA aptamers that specifically
recognize ricin toxin are selected by two in vitro
selection methods. Electrophoresis. 2006 Mar 3
Nitsche A, et al. One-step selection of Vaccinia virusbinding DNA aptamers by MonoLEX. BMC Biotechnology
2007, 7:48
Affinity resins
Crude Protein Mix
Bead bound
Specific Aptamer
High resolving analytical technologies
such as chromatography are improved
by specific binding resins. Oligonucleotide aptamers provide a stable and
flexible tool for the generation of
affinity resins.
The chemical synthesis of oligonucleotide aptamers allows a cost effective
production of the affinity ligands and a
site directed immobilization. Temperature stability and renaturating
capabilities enable a sterilization
before use of the resins.
Aptamer applications in the literature
Michaud M et al. A DNA aptamer as a new targetspecific chiral selector for HPLC. J Am Chem Soc. 2003
Jul 16;125(28):8672-9
Aptamer application data
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High throughput
Rapid diagnosis of diseases or the risk
for diseases in populations and analyzing
the capabilities of a large number of
substances are the driving forces for
high throughput technologies. The
require versatile and specific binders.
The in-vitro selection enables a quick
availability of specific aptamers for
the evaluation of pharmaceutical
Aptamer applications in the literature
Fang X, et al.Synthetic DNA aptamers to detect protein
molecular variants in a high-throughput fluorescence
quenching assay. Chembiochem. 2003; 4(9): 829-34
Detection Aptamer
Surface bound
The development of larger molecules
such as monoclonal antibodies is one of
the most expanding fields in therapeutics. Meanwhile, the first aptamer-based
therapeutics has been approved by the
United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) indicating that aptamers will
become a new class of therapeutic
substances. Accordingly, an increasing
number of aptamers are already in
clinical studies.
Chemical synthesis of aptamers enable
a largely scalable production. Control
of batches can be supported cost and
effort saving by mass spectrometry
and sequencing.
Aptamer applications in the literature
Nimjee SM, et al. Aptamers: an emerging class of
therapeutics. Annu Rev Med. 2005; 56: 555-83
Nitsche A, et al. One-step selection of Vaccinia virusbinding DNA aptamers by MonoLEX. BMC Biotechnology
2007, 7:48
Aptamer application data
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