How To Bring Up HAPPY & CREATIVE Children In today’s fast-changing competitive

How To Bring Up
In today’s fast-changing competitive
environment, creativity is definitely
a key advantage. Developing our
children’s creativity enables them to
develop their real potential and to
maximize their effectiveness.
Teoh Poh Yew’s Half Day
Organised by
Workshop Outline
Chinese: 9.00am – 12.30pm
English : 2.00pm – 5.30pm
™ Recognize that each child has his/her unique
™ Developing children's creativity potential base
on the theory of multiple intelligences.
™ Recognize the importance of creativity.
™ Recognize the barriers of creativity.
™ Practice the 5 steps to creativity.
VENUE : The Learning Centre
Who Should Attend
: 13 Dec 2008 (Saturday) or
10 Jan 2009 (Saturday)
Level 1, Menara PJ,
Amcorp Trade Centre,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(Above AmBank, Please use service lift at the back)
Registration fee : RM 250
Early bird fee
: RM198 (1 week before workshop)
Early bird fee
: RM168 (2 week before workshop)
™ Parents (with children from ages 1-12 years)
who want to bring up happy and creative
™ Teachers who want to make their lessons more
effective and interesting.
™ Public speaker who are keen on capturing their
audience with stimulating and thoughprovoking tricks.
™ Anyone who wants to improve his or her
thinking abilities, problem-solving skills and
ti it
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3. Fax us at 03-9059 6248 (with complete Registration Form & follow with payment)
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13 Dec 2008
10 Jan 2009
9am – 9.30am (Chinese)
2pm – 5.30pm (English)
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About Asia’s Leading Creative Thinking and Parenting Trainer
Teoh Poh Yew is a dynamic and creative Mathematics educator who firmly
believes that everyone can learn and enjoy this “dreaded” subject. She taught
Secondary school Mathematics for 11 years and now she is an independent
teacher trainer. Her major interest is to transform Mathematics into a tool to
develop a child’s creativity, enhance mathematical thinking skills and sharpen
problem solving abilities. She inspires children to approach this subject with
confidence and enthusiasm.
Teoh Poh Yew is also a very experienced international trainer in the fields of
creativity, maths education and training of trainers’ programmes. Always
innovative & enthusiastic, Poh Yew captivates the audience with her boundless
energy and her unique magical approach in training. She conducts extremely
Teoh Poh Yew
innovative workshops for corporate leaders, teachers, trainers, parents and
students in 14 countries around the world such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, Mathematics Educator
Author & Trainer
Bulgaria, Denmark, United States, Germany, India, etc. She has also published 3
H/P: 012-4935131
books on mathematical magic. She appears regularly on TV, radio, magazines
[email protected]
and news papers to share her experiences.
Feedback for Poh Yew’s Workshops
I first met Poh Yew at a conference in Mathematical Creativity in Bulgaria and was drawn to her work,
not only because of her own very contagious enjoyment of mathematics but also because of her ability
to explain the mathematical concepts behind the games and tricks to people with a wide range of
mathematical backgrounds and interest. From children with their parents to professor of mathematics,
all were drawn into her activities.
Prof. Linda Sheffield,
Regents Professor, Mathematics Education,
Northern Kentucky University, USA
Thank you for showing me that raising and teaching children can be fun and enjoyable and that some
day their lives can have a positive influence in the world!.
Prarly Yap, Kuala Lumpur
I’m really impressed with your creativity power. I’ve attended many kinds of workshops and this
workshop was the most interesting one! I couldn’t wait to show some of the magic tricks that just learnt
to my 5 year old daughter. She was so impressed with “my” magic show. She enjoyed so much
playing these cards and keep coming up with all kinds of games created by her creativity. Thanks for
leading us and our next generations to the wonderful creative wizard world!
Elaine Tan, Kuala Lumpur
Throughout the 3 days the presentations were lively, interesting, enjoyable, very beneficial, full of
suspense and motivating. Usually in the past, I’d attended numerous courses and ended doubtful …
but not yours, Puan Teoh Poh Yew! So far yours has surpassed others! Congratulations and thank
you so much.
Fidelis Batest, Sarawak
Mdm. Teoh Poh Yew is an inspiring instructor that focuses on her belief and advocated the right
attitudes towards learning. All educators should attend her workshop to make learning fun and
Lok Kheng Fun, Kent Ridge Tutors, Singapore
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Terms and Conditions
1) All fees must be paid prior to the workshop and payable to
MasteryAsia (M) Sdn Bhd.
2) No cancellation is permitted, however a substitute is welcome
otherwise the full fee is chargeable.
3) If the participant fails to attend the workshop, there will be no
refund made.