How to Create/Edit the Network Report

How to Create/Edit the Network Report
1. Login as Network / PPU Deputy or change your role to Network/PPU Deputy
2. On your desktop click the Working item “Manage your CEEPUS II network applications”
3. On the page “Your Network Applications” select the “Academic Year 2007/2008” in the Period
4. Select the network from the coordinated network list and click the edit icon on the left.
Attn: You can only edit your network report if you are a coordinator or a PPU Deputy of the
coordinator of a network. You cannot edit a network report if you are "only" a network partner or if
you are a PPU Deputy of a network partner.
5. After the network has been opened click on the tab “NW Report” to open the network report page.
6. After the network report has been loaded you will see the following page. On this page you will see
the network report information you have already entered. If you have not entered anything yet the
following message will be displayed. “Sorry, no report data available”.
7. If you are a coordinator or a coordinator deputy you will see a button “Edit”. Click this Edit button if
you want to create a new network report.
The Network Report
The network report consists of two sections:
1. The Main Section
2. The Joint Program / Joint Degree Section
1. Main Section:
General Question
a. What was the overall achievement of your network?
This question corresponds to the "Long Program Description" in the original network
application. So whatever you have described there as your general objectives for 0708, here
is the opportunity to describe the outcome.
Program management
a. What was your biggest challenge
What has proved most difficult in trying to implement what you have set out to do?
b. What was the experience of your network in implementing the required 6 teaching hrs?
Did you know exactly how to proceed? Which types of teaching assignments did your
network opt for and why? How were these assignments fitted into the regular syllabus?
c. How did you learn about the various obligations of a network coordinator/partner/ppu?
Mobility management
a. How did you recruit the students that were exchanged in your network?
How do you know who would like to apply? Do you advertize your network? If so, how?
Joint Program / Joint Degree
Click on the edit icon for each joint program /joint degree to fill out the joint program / joint
degree part for each joint program / joint degree you have in your network. Your changes in the
Main Part of the network report will be saved automatically if you click the edit button for a joint
program / joint degree.
2. Joint Program / Joint Degree Part
Implementing an existing Degree
OK, so there is an existing Joint Degree: do you use CEEPUS in order to finance your mobilities in this
framework? Has this worked out the way you intended it? If not, why?
Working toward implementation of a joint program /joint degree
a. Which objectives towards your “Joint Program” did you meet in the academic year?
Which milestones did you reach in 07/08?
b. How did you monitor your progress ( e.g. checking which milestones given in your network
application to make sure you are on schedule)
c. Did you face any difficulties?
Developing a Joint Degree is a complex task. Can you pinpoint areas that turned out particularly
After you have filled in your information click the button „Save“ to save your information and the system will
send you back to the previous page.
After saving your information using the button "save" on the main part you will be sent back to the
Document overview and the system will display your completed Network Report: