How to fill in a POD (Delivery Confirmation)

How to fill in a POD (Delivery Confirmation)
Once logged in to CarrierPoint use the toolbar to select Tender, View Load Tenders.
On Load Tenders page search for loads ‘In Transit’ or use the link ‘You have 1 request for Delivery
Confirmation. This link only shows if a user has POD’s that are overdue and requested.
Users can search for these loads the same as any others. Be sure you search back far enough as some
loads may be older.
Use the search option above the Quick View. This will search all loads without any filters.
After finding load needed, click either the DSM or Deliver link
If you click the DSM, scroll to Delivery section on shipment detail page.
Click link Supply Del Conf
Fill in required data and submit
Clicking the deliver link will take you to the same view as above.