How to moderate Safari Montage Live .

How to moderate Safari Montage Live.
Go to
and login using your 5x2 and password.
Click the letter that corresponds
with your school name.
To access Safari Live from your dashboard,
scroll down until you see
‘Videoconference’ and click ‘Invitations.’
Click ‘Schedule a Session.’
Give your session a title
and select the date and time.
Schedule the duration of the session
and add a password and URL and save.
To invite participants click ‘Manage Attendees.’
To invite an individual or group, click
‘Invite by Individual’ or ‘Invite by Association.’
Select the role you would like the
participant(s) to have.
You can filter your choice by personal address book,
School, school group, user group or user type.
Once the participant(s) have been selected
they will show up in the list below.
Once you have invited all participants, click ‘Save.’
Each of your participants will receive an invitation
via email.
You can access your conference
through your dashboard or through your email.
In dashboard, the title of your session is written in very small
letters under the silhouette. Look carefully and
click on session title.
Once you have clicked on your conference, you will
be taken to the video conferencing component.
The video conferencing tab allows you
to broadcast your audio and video within
a Safari Live session.
To start your conference,
click ‘Start my Video & Audio.’
To stop your conference
click “Stop my Broadcast.’
In Safari Live there are 4 types of participants, the account holder (or
person who created the conference) who has full rights over the conference,
the moderator, who also has full rights over the conference, the participant,
who has right to view the conference and can request the right to broadcast, and
the observer, who has the right to view and participate in Q&A after the session.
The chat component, located at the bottom
left side of the screen, allows participants
to communicate during the conference.
If you want to have a private chat with a participant,
simply select their name from the drop down menu.
A second screen will appear that only the two of you
can see,
The content sharing area allows you to share
your screen, upload content, and access
your whiteboard during a conference.
From ‘Share My Screen’ you can choose
to share your entire desktop, computer
programs, or selected windows.
From ‘My Documents’ you can choose
to share your media library, files from your
computer, or URLs.
Clicking ‘Whiteboard’
brings up your interactive whiteboard.
To change the view, click ‘Workspace.’
You may select Conference View,
Presentation View,
or Discussion View.
You can also customize your view by clicking
and dragging on the margins of a screen.
To save a custom view, click Workspace
and Save Current View.
Another option under Workspace is the Poll option.
Enter your question and possible
answers and click ‘Open.’
Your question will be turned into a
poll and shared with your attendees.
Workspace also has a Q & A option.
Selecting this option opens another module
for participants to use for clarification.
If the moderator function is turned off,
you can see what your participant see. If
the moderator function is turned of, you
can see if you have any new questions.
To answer questions, click on the desired
question to highlight.
To record your session
Click on the red button.
To end a sesson
click ‘Options’ and ‘Close session.’