How to select your primary care physician

How to select your primary care physician
ONCE YOU’VE received your insurance card, it’s time to choose a Primary
Care Physician, or PCP. Choose one of more than 360 doctors in the
MissionPoint Network, and you can take advantage of lower co-pays,
deductibles and coinsurance rates. Here’s how:
Log In to The Marketplace
Visit the MissionPoint Provider Marketplace
and log in.
•Login ID:
Your last name followed by the last four
numbers of your Social Security number.
Your birthdate in the mmddyyyy format.
Search for a PCP
Click on the “Physician Search”
tab at the top of the page.
Search by
physician or
practice name,
locations or
zip code.
Click on the desired
physician’s name.
Designate Your PCP
Once you’ve selected a physician, click on “
Designate As Primary Care Physician.”
Select the family member who will receive
care from that physician, and repeat for any
additional family members.
If you have any questions, please contact MissionPoint at (615) 284-6808.
If you plan to see a Primary Care Physician outside of the MissionPoint Network, please visit
the Marketplace and select “Non-MissionPoint Physician” on the Member Account screen.
1-855-288-MPHP (6747)
To reach a Health Partner, just call (615) 284-6808
or your doctor can refer you at any time.