Parts Introduction
Technical Specifications
Before Using
How to Operate CD Player
Cleaning and Maintenance
Important Guidelines
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Parts Introduction
1. Tuning Control
2. CD Door
3. Band Selector
4. Open/Close (The CD Compartment)
5. Radio Frequency Pointer
6. Cassette Recorder Buttons – Stop, Pause/Eject, Rewind, Fast Forward, Play, Record
7. Volume Control
8. Function Selector
9. FM Telescopic Antenna
10. Power Indicator
11. LED Display
12. FM Stereo Indicator
13. Play/Pause
14. Program
15. Repeat
16. Cassette Door
17. Next Track/Fast Forward
18. Previous Track/Rewind
19. Stop
Technical Specifications
Output Power
Volume Control
6 Keys Single Cassette Recording
2x1W RMS @ 10% THD
213(L)x290(W)x147(H) mm
2 Kg
Rotary Volume Control
LED Display
Analogue Tuning AM/FM
Top Loading Single CD/CDR-W
Stereo/Mono Selector
Record, Play, Rewind, Fast Forward,
Stop/Eject, Pause
Before Using
Power Sources
AC Power: You can connect your portable system by plugging the detachable power cord
into the AC inlet at the back of the unit and into a wall power outlet. Check the rated voltage
of your appliance matches your local voltage. Make sure the power cord is fully inserted
into the appliance.
Battery Power: Insert 6 x “C” size batteries into the battery compartment. Be sure that the
batteries are inserted correctly to avoid damage to the appliance. Use batteries of the same
types; never use different types of batteries together.
To use the appliance with batteries, disconnect the power cord from the appliance.
An outdoor antenna should be located away from power lines.
Should the display not function properly or no reaction to operation of any of the control it
may be due to the electrostatic discharge. Switch off and unplug the set and reconnect after a
few seconds.
Dirty or scratched CD may cause a skipping problem. Clean or replace the CD.
If an error display or malfunction occurs, disconnect the power cord and remove all the
batteries. Then turn off the power and on again after a few seconds.
Dirty, damaged or warped discs may damage the appliance, care should be taken of the
following items:
- Use only compact disc with the mark shown.
- CD compact disc only with digital audio signals.
How to Operate CD Player
Radio Operation
 General Operation
- Set the Function Selector to “Radio” mode.
- Select desired band by using the Band selector.
- Adjust radio frequency to your desired station by using the Tuning control.
- Adjust the Volume to the desired level.
 AM/FM-Stereo Reception
- Set the Band selector to AM mode for Mono reception.
- Set the Band selector to FM ST. mode for FM Stereo reception. The Stereo indicator will
light up to show FM ST. mode.
For Better Reception
- Reorient the antenna for better reception.
Reorient the appliance to get better AM reception.
Cassette Recorder Operation
General Operation
Press to temporary stop playback, release to resume.
Press to stop cassette operation, press again to open the
cassette door after the tape spools stop completely.
Rewind/Fast Forward
Press to start rapid winding either backward or forward
Press to start playing tape.
Press it simultaneously with Play button to start recording.
- Set the Function selector to Tape mode.
- Press the Stop/Eject button to open the cassette door and load your cassette.
- Close the cassette door.
- Press the Play button to start playback.
- Adjust the Volume control to the desired level.
- Press the Pause button when you want to temporary stop playback.
- Press the Stop/Eject button to end playback, the tape also stop when it reaches the end.
- Press the “Stop/Eject” button to open the cassette door and load a blank or erasable
- Select the source you wish to record.
To record from radio – Set the Function selector to Radio mode and select the
desired station.
ii. To record from CD – Load a disc on the CD compartment. Set the Function selector
to CD mode and select the desired track.
- Press the Record and Play button simultaneously to start recording.
- Press the “Stop/Eject” button to stop recording. The tape also stops when it reaches the
CD Operation
General Operation
►| |
Previous Track Press to go to the previous or next. Press and hold while playing
/ Next Track
enables you to rewind or fast forward within the current track.
Press to start CD playback. Press again to temporary stop CD
playback. Press again to resume playback.
Press to stop CD operation
- Set the Function selector to CD mode.
- Open the CD door and load a CD disc with the label facing up in the CD compartment.
- Close the CD door.
- Focus search is performed if disc is inside. Total number of tracks will be read and
appeared on the display.
- Press the Play/Pause button to start playing CD disc.
- Adjust the Volume to the desired level.
- Press the Play/Pause button again when you want to stop playback temporarily.
- Press the Stop button to end playback.
- To program playback in sequence of up to 20 tracks.
- Be sure to press the Stop button before using this feature.
- Press the Program button, the display will show “01” and flash.
- Select desired track by using the Previous Track or Next Track button.
- Press the Program button again to confirm selected track into the program memory.
- Repeat step 2 and 3 to enter additional tracks into the program memory.
- When all desired tracks have been programmed. Press the Play/Pause button
to play the disc in the order you have programmed and the program indicator flashes.
- Press the Stop button twice to terminate programmed play and the program indicator
will turn off.
Repeat: Press the Repeat button before or during playback CD, a single track or all the
tracks can be repeated. Each press switches the repeat mode as follows.
Repeat 1 (The repeat indicator is flashing)
Repeat All (The repeat indicator is steadily on)
Normal Playback
Cleaning and Maintenance
Always unplug the product from wall socket prior to cleaning.
Avoid placing this unit near sources of high temperature such as fireplace or sunlight for
long time as this may result in damages to plastic housing or electrical parts inside the unit.
If you are not using the unit for an extended period of time, please remove batteries as
batteries may leak and cause damage.
Be sure to press Stop/Eject Button before inserting or removing cassette tape/CD.
Do not use abrasive sponge, scouring pads or stiff brush to clean the appliance.
Occasionally wipe the exterior surfaces with damp cloth.
Do not allow the motor or other electrical components to be exposed to water.
For proper storage, always place the CD Player in a low humidity environment.
In an unlikely event of the appliance malfunctioning, it should be taken to the PENSONIC
Customer Care/Service Centre or nearest authorized service centre.
Important Guidelines
To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove cover. Please
refer servicing to qualified personnel.
The lightning flash with arrow head symbol, within an equilateral
triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of insulated
“dangerous voltage”, within the product’s enclosure that may be of
sufficient, magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to person.
This exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to
alert the user to the presence of important operation and maintenance
(servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance.
Laser Product Symbol: Stick to the rear panel of your unit indicating
weak class 1 laser and no harmful Radiation around.
This label is placed inside the unit. As shown in the illustration. To warn
against further measures on the unit. The equipment contains a laser
radiating laser rays according to the limit of laser product of class 1.
Always keep a minimum distance around the player for sufficient ventilation. The
ventilation should not be impeded by covering the ventilation openings with items such as
newspapers, table cloths, curtains, etc.
Do not place the player in closed bookcases or racks without proper ventilation.
Before scrapping the appliance, remove the batteries and place them in the appropriate
battery collection container.
Batteries shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire, etc.
The player should be operated only on condition that the type of power supply corresponds
to the marking label. Otherwise, it does not work or even be damaged.
This player is intended for indoor and household use only; not for outdoor, commercial and
industrial use.
To protect against fire, electric shock and injury, do not immerse cord, plug or appliance in
water or other types of liquid.
Use only original accessories supplied.
Educate young children about the danger and safety rules associated with operating
electrical equipment.
Never let young children use electrical equipment without adult supervision.
The current voltage which indicates on the plate must correspond to your local voltage.
Do not unplug the product from wall socket with a wet hand.
Do not pull the cord to remove the plug from wall socket, pull on the plug instead.
Do not let cord hang over the edge of table or counter or touch any hot surfaces.
Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug, or after the appliance
malfunctions or has been damaged in any manner. Repairs and services should always be
carried out by PENSONIC Customer Care/Service Centre.