How To Instantly Get First Page Rankings Using The Best Spinner

How To Instantly Get First Page
Rankings Using The Best Spinner
If you are reading this guide, chances are you have just purchased The Best
Spinner or are considering purchasing the software.
Either way you would like to make money using the software.
In the following short document I will be detailing the complete strategy I use with
The Best Spinner to get #1 Google rankings quickly.
What This Guide Is Not
This guide is not a “how to use” guide. I will not be detailing methods of using The
Best Spinner.
In my eyes, the software is very easy to use, it is almost self explanatory.
What I will however be doing is detailing the exact strategy I use to promote my spun
articles and get the backlinks that shoot me on to the first page of Google.
In essence, this guide will be about teaching you how to make money using The
Best Spinner.
Why Spin Articles?
The first question people ask when they hear about article spinning is “Why do it?”
The answer to this is simple.
Google values links from “unique” content more than from duplicate content.
What do you think Google will value more? 500 links that are from within the exact
same content, or 500 links that appears to be from within unique content? Of course
Google will value the second one more.
How I Spin Articles
First of all, you have a few options when obtaining an un-spun article ready for
spinning. Your options are:
Write an article specifically for article spinning and distribution (Long).
Spin an existing piece of content from your website (Quicker).
Steal someone else’s article and spin it so that it’s unique (Slightly naughty).
Outsource the creation of an article.
I mostly spin my own existing articles but I have had experience doing all of the
above and have never had any bad consequences for doing such.
When you spin an article it is important that you do it correctly. Don’t automatically
spin an article. Although it will come out highly unique, it will read atrociously by
humans. You want your article to read well by humans to increase its acceptance
within article directories and blog networks.
On top of this you want to aim for roughly 75% unique articles. Articles spun this
much will generally pass Copyscape and will definitely be seen as unique content to
Google. On top of this, most blog networks require a certain percent uniqueness in
order to be accepted for distribution.
If You Think Spinning Is A Chore
You can forgo this process altogether and sign up for Article Builder. This software
(Although more expensive at $297) will provide you with unique spun articles that
can be used for article submission and blog network submission.
I personally use Article Builder on websites which they have content for. Check out
the website to see which niche’s they cover. On the other hand, they do not cover
the gambling/casino market, which I make a lot of money in. So for those markets, I
use The Best Spinner instead.
All you have to do is select the niche you are in and then select the number of
unique articles. Article Builder will then give you all the relevant unique articles you
need for SEO purposes and will also provide you with spintax so you can submit
these articles to blog networks and article directories.
Each article is guaranteed to be 75% unique and pass copyscape.
If you consider your time valuable (And don’t want to be spending time writing and
spinning articles for SEO purposes), then you need this tool. It really will give you a
jump on the competition.
If you can’t see the value in this right now, you will by the time this is finished.
Click Here Now To See How Article Builder Works
Link Building Strategy
So the whole point of writing and spinning articles is to get LINKS. Links are like
votes to Google and generally speaking, the more links you have, the higher up you
will rank.
There are obviously other things you need to take in to consideration, such as
anchor text, link velocity etc, but by and large, links matter. They are the bedrock of
the Google algorithm. They have been important since the start and I can imagine
they will be important for many years to come.
If you grabbed this report from my blog on The Best Spinner, you will see that I rank
first page for the term “The Best Spinner”. This is no accident; I did so by submitting
spun articles to as many sources as possible.
This allowed me to get the authority backlinks I needed.
Now, not all of these links were free. I belong to several blog networks and use
several link building tools. Below I will tell you the current tools I use.
You may be daunted by the price of some of these services, again, none of them are
cheap but at the end of the day, how much are first page rankings worth to your
To put things in perspective.
I submit over 100 spun articles per day to blog networks. I get an average of around
50 links per article, each from semi authoritative sites. Imagine how much ranking
power you could get with 5000 contextual links pointing at your site each and every
I currently make around $15k a month.
I literally pick a keyword; throw links at it and I rank within weeks.
All you need to do is take MASSIVE action consistently and you too can become a
big player.
Below are the services I use to do it:
Article Marketing (Free): You can submit manually to the top article directories.
This takes some time but the links you will get from these sources will help your site.
I get my VA’s to do this for me.
Blog Networks: I am a member of several blog networks. You can see a list of my
recommended blog networks on my recommended tools page.
My favourite networks include, Unique Article Wizard, Traffic Kaboom and
Authority Link Network. I also am a member of several “under the radar” private
networks. Unfortunately i cannot reveal the details of these, that being said, if you
look hard enough you will find some good opportunities. Internet marketing forums
are a good place to start.
Web 2.0 Blog Network: My favourite link building tool right now is Articlewyz. It is
point blank the cheapest way to start your own private blog network.
Basically, Articlewyz creates lots of web 2.0 blogs and posts your content to them.
You can use spun articles from Article Builder, The Best Spinner (Recommended),
or you can use their own software to scrape articles for use on your web 2.0 blogs.
Quite simply, if you are scared of using blog networks for fear of penalty, private web
2.0 blog networks are the way to go, and Articlewyz is the best tool for using them.
Automated Article Marketing: Previously I used to recommend article marketing
robot, however after using the software extensively, the software has become less
effective. Basically the article directories that list your content are less than desirable
and the numbers of links you get are not that many.
Until I can put my reputation behind an automated article marketing program I will
not recommend one.
Wiki Submission: I now use Wiki Bomber to submit my articles to thousands of
wiki directories.
Private Blog Network: One of the most powerful link building methods (And one i
can’t sell to you) is building your own private blog network.
In order to do this you need to purchase expired domains, pr domains from sites like
digital point forums or start your own blogs on new domains.
Once you have done this, you set them up on unique class C IP addresses (So that
Google thinks they are not all owned by you), using an SEO Host.
You then create unique blogs, paste your unique spun content on them (Or use a
tool like Articlewyz to post to them automatically) and then finally build links to them.
Eventually you will have dozens or hundreds of blogs linking to whatever you want. A
sure fire way to achieve SEO domination if you put in the hard work.
All of the above link building methods will be more than enough to get you ranked for
virtually anything.
I have set up a process where I have managed to see small results from this and
have scaled it massively.
I have web 2.0 sites ranking, mini sites ranking and authority sites ranking. All using
this strategy and variations of this strategy.
In total I spend well over $1000 a month on links and SEO tools/services, however it
allows me to rank for virtually any term I want (Within reason) and hence I profit a lot
more than $1000 a month.
What Now?
I have also written a much longer and more comprehensive document that details
my complete link building blueprint. Because you are already a member of my opt-inlist, you can get the product for free simply clicking the link below.
Free 29 Page Link Building System!
If you haven’t signed up the The Best Spinner yet and wish to do so through my
affiliate link. Please do so by clicking here now.
I promise you it is the best software online for spinning articles. If used correctly it will
allow you to get thousands upon thousands of unique article links which will improve
your Google rankings.
As a bonus for anyone who signs-up for the best spinner, I am willing to give you a
free 30 minute SEO consultation via e-mail. What this involves is you telling me your
ranking objectives and me providing you with advice on how to get the results you
want. If you would like to learn more about me and what makes me a credible SEO
consultant, please feel free to check out my about page.
I hope you enjoyed the document.
If you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail. You can contact me here:
[email protected]
Andrew Palmer