Bowel Cancer Screening Programme
South of Tyne Screening Centre
(Afternoon Appointment)
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You have agreed to take part in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme. As part
of the screening process you will have already provided a sample of your stool for
examination in which traces of blood have been detected. A colonoscopy examination is
now needed to investigate your large bowel further.
Colonoscopy is the term used to describe the inspection of your large bowel (colon) with a
flexible camera (colonoscope).
This leaflet tells you how to prepare for your colonoscopy examination using both
MOVIPREP sachets. You must also follow the special low residue diet set out in this leaflet.
MOVIPREP is a strong laxative which is supplied in a box containing four sachets that
contain a whitish brown sugar free lemon flavoured powder. 2 sachets are marked ‘A’ and 2
sachets marked ‘B’. Each pair of sachets (A & B) need to be mixed together with 1 litre of
water to make a drink.
Why do I need it?
The colonoscopy is carried out to look at the lining of the bowel. To have a successful
examination of your bowel you must ensure that your bowel is empty and clean. If the bowel
is not cleared of bowel motion, it would be impossible to see all of it adequately and this
could mean the test would have to be repeated.
Before taking the MOVIPREP
Please read the back of the MOVIPREP packet and contact the Screening Practitioners on
the telephone number on the back of this leaflet if you answer yes to any of the following
questions and they were not discussed at your pre-assessment:
Are you allergic to any of the ingredients listed on the packet?
Are you taking Warfarin or Clopidogrel tablets?
Are you a diabetic on insulin or tablets?
Do you suffer from any kidney disease?
When do I start to prepare for my colonoscopy?
The day before your appointment
At 4pm
You may have a light meal before you start taking MOVIPREP
If you take any oral medication, do not take it an hour either side of drinking your dose
Do not eat anything after 6 pm
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Do not eat again until after you test
Do not have milk in any form
You may have clear soup, soft drinks (not fizzy), black tea or coffee (without milk) fruit
or herbal teas, Oxo, Bovril or marmite. Sugar or sweeteners can be added if required.
At 7pm
Pour the contents of one sachet A and one sachet B into a jug. Add 1 litre of water to
the powder and stir until the powder is completely dissolved and the solution is clear.
Add cordial to taste if required (not blackcurrant)
Drink one glassful of the MOVIPREP drink every 15minutes until you have drunk it all
(taking about 1 hour)
It is important that you drink an additional 500mls (or 1 pint) of water or clear fluids as
listed above before bed. Remember - No milk in any form.
What do I do on the morning of the colonoscopy?
At 6 am
Remember you are not allowed to eat anything until after your test
Make up your second litre of MOVIPREP as above and drink it over the next hour or
It is important to drink an additional 500mls of water or clear fluids during the
You may continue to take all your usual medications as normal
You are allowed to drink clear fluids only until 1 hour before your appointment time.
Attend the Endoscopy unit at your appointed time.
What can I expect?
After you drink MOVIPREP you will have lots of watery bowel movement, so stay near to a
toilet because you may need to use it urgently.
You may experience some abdominal cramp – this is normal in some people.
The skin around your bottom can become red and sore due to frequent diarrhoea. A barrier
cream such as Vaseline or nappy rash preparations can protect the skin. The soreness is
temporary and will disappear in a few days.
Are there any side effects from MOVIPREP
You may experience headaches, nausea and sometimes vomiting. Abdominal bloating can
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occur and, less frequently, abdominal cramps.
Most side effects are due to dehydration and can be avoided by drinking adequate amounts
of fluid.
Please inform the nursing staff on arrival if you are not passing clear liquid as you
may require an enema prior to your procedure.
If you require any further advice or information regarding your bowel preparation you may
The Bowel Cancer Screening Centre
Monday to Friday (8.30am – 5.00pm)
0191 4456179
Out of hour’s numbers
Contact the Accident & Emergency Department at;
Queen Elizabeth Hospital switchboard
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How to prepare for Colonoscopy using Moviprep (afternoon)
May 2009
May 2010
Mary Ritchie
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