TO SELL ITEMS: Your profit is 60% of the sales price of the items sold minus a $10.00 participation
fee. To schedule an appointment to drop off your items, please follow the link on our website
(www.weeruns.com) to book online or call Kristi Germack at 828/447-0473. Please be sure to leave your
name (including the spelling) and phone numbers. We have a limited number of days to accept and
process your items so please book your appointment carefully, selecting one you can honor. Rescheduling
appointments is time consuming and can result in longer wait times at drop-off. However, if you must
cancel or reschedule, you may do so online or by telephone. If you can take a weekday appointment,
please do so, leaving the weekend and evening appointments for consignors who work during the day.
WHAT TO SELL: Children's clothing, sizes newborn to 16 (Fall and Winter only), maternity clothing,
NAME BRAND Junior clothing, toys, furniture and equipment. Here is a list of suggestions:
Christmas attire
Coats & jackets
Snow suits & boots
Seasonal shoes
Play clothes
Sunday clothes
Scout/Karate outfits
Roller skates and cleats
Halloween Costumes
Games and books
VHS and DVD movies
Kitchen sets
Dolls and dollhouses
Motorized vehicles
Sleds & Wagons
Sports equipment
Rocking horses
Computer CDs/programs
Book Bags & lunch boxes
Sassy seats
Cribs–(NO DROP SIDE CRIBS) Travel tenders
Car seats
Youth beds
Infant seats
Rocking chairs
High chairs
Booster seats
Juvenile furniture sets
Changing tables
Baby carriers
Johnny Jumpers
Clamp seats
Diaper bags
Nursery decorations
Breast pumps
LOCATION: Rutherford Square, 378 Charlotte Rd, Rutherfordton, NC, 28139.
(US 74ALT/West Main St/Hwy 221, previously Food Lion.) See our web site for a printable
map and directions or go to www.googlemaps.com.
All tags MUST comply with our guidelines. We do this to prevent confusion for our shoppers. For all
items (except individual books, videos and DVD’s – see paragraph on page 4) please create an individual
3x5 index card, following the format shown below (hung vertically):
Place a large D in this area if you would like this item DONATED at the
of the sale (if it remains unsold). These items should not have prices
circled in red.
Size – If sized S, M, or L, write that on the card AND estimate the size
and print as a number in parenthesis, as our racks are sized by number.
Indicate "boy" or "girl" if applicable
Description of item - Use this space to “sell” your item. Be sure to point
out if it is a name-brand label, if it’s new and has the original sales tags
attached, or other important information (e.g., the current retail price.)
Barcode will be affixed here at item drop-off.
of item
Price – Enter your price. Circle in RED if price is firm.
PRICING: You determine the price for all of your items. Use increments of $1.00 only (no .50 or .75). You should
price your items at 1/3 to 1/2 of retail price so they will sell.
DISCOUNT WEEKEND: Higher priced items that you do not want reduced to half price on Discount Weekend
should have the price circled in RED. These items should be rare and have a price tag of $5.00 or higher. Any
items $5.00 and under that have been circled in red will still be sold at half price on discount weekend. Red circled
items require extra handling at checkout and slow the lines down considerably. Please reserve this pricing
exception to higher priced items; it is NOT intended for most clothing or toy items. Our statistics have proven,
consignors who circle all their items in red sell a lower percentage than those who allow their items to be
discounted. Also, no shoes, bin items or items priced $3.00 and under should have their prices circled in
red, since these items are not sorted or returned after the sale and are automatically donated.
If you have an item you do not want reduced to half price, but would consider discounting, you may indicate this on
the index card by circling the original price in red with the following phrase to the left of the price: "WILL SELL
FOR $______ ON DISCOUNT WEEKEND." Again, these exceptions should be VERY rare and reserved for higher
priced items only. Also, the spread between half price and the “will take” price should be great enough to warrant
the special handling at checkout. In other words, circling a $12.00 item indicating you will not sell at half price and
writing “will take $7.00” is not acceptable.
The deep discounts during our Clearance Sale (Sunday, March 23, 1:00 – 5:00 PM) do not reduce your commission.
WeeRuns absorbs the additional discount. In other words, you are paid based on the Discount Weekend price. If
you need additional clarification, please call us or refer to FAQs on our website for an explanation.
STRUGGLING WITH A PRICE? You may choose to wait to set your prices for larger toys, furniture and
equipment at your drop-off appointment so you can see how similar or identical items are priced. If you wait to
price these items, you should have the tags completed when you bring the items to drop-off, leaving only the price
blank. For large ticket items such as furniture or equipment, you may want to include original or current sale price
information (printed from the manufacturer’s web site.)
Page 2
Cards MUST be attached at
the top with a safety pin. No clothes pins, paper clips or straight pins will be allowed. Cards MUST be hung vertically (tall).
We accept boys' and girls’ clothing sizes newborn through 16 and Junior sizes XS – XL. Clothing of all types will sell very well if it
is in good condition. A fresh laundering and ironing, if necessary, will make a huge difference. Items with holes or spots are not
acceptable. We sell only clothing of high quality. A good guide to follow: bring only items that you would consider buying yourself.
Please snap all snaps, tie all waist sashes and button all buttons to show that they are present. All onesies, plain infant sleepers,
socks and underwear must be placed into Ziploc® bags to be placed into our bins. Infant sleepers only sell well if brand-name and
in almost-new condition. Please note that unsold bin items will be donated at the conclusion of the sale.
Please use wire hangers if possible (available at dry cleaners or recycled from friends who use a uniform service). Please use sizeappropriate hangers! For items which appear to slip off easily, hang the garment on the hanger and secure the shoulders to the
hanger with safety pins. Show sets together by hanging the first item and then turning the hanger over and pinning the second
item to the backside of the hanger at the shoulder. This allows both pieces to be viewed easily. Pin the 3x5 index card vertically
with a safety pin to the upper right side of the garment as you face it (not the sleeve). Hang garment with the open end of the
hanger facing left, resembling a question mark (?).
Skirts, pants and shorts may be hung with clip-style hangers or pinned to the TOP of wire hangers with 2 Medium sized safety
pins. Pins that are too small will not hold the weight of jeans and pants. Items pinned to the tops of hangers don't slide or bunch up
like they do when pinned to the bottom bar of the hanger. Do NOT fold or drape pants over the hanger.
Any clothing found in our racks which does not fall into our size range, is not sellable due to excessive wear, stains, outdated
styles, etc will be pulled from the racks and considered a donation to our designated charitable organization. PLEASE SAVE
at drop-off appointments, it is your responsibility to assist us in maintaining a quality sale. Pulled items WILL NOT BE SORTED
after the sale
We also accept NAME-BRAND, IN-STYLE Junior Clothing such as Aeropostale, American Eagle,
Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, etc. Please do NOT bring mature women’s or men’s styles as these will NOT sell. Our target
audience is Middle school and High school customers.
MATERNITY CLOTHING: Please bring current-style, brand-name Fall/Winter items.
DO NOT bring loose style regular
clothing to place into the maternity section if it is not labeled MATERNITY. Our shoppers want to purchase fashionable, in-style
MATERNITY clothes.
SHOES: Shoes should be in excellent, almost-new condition. Tennis shoes should be like new.
Clean or polish shoes as
appropriate. Muddy or excessively worn shoes will not be accepted! Please tie shoes together using all 4 laces or sturdy string
looped through the buckles or closed straps. If necessary, pin the shoes together using a large safety pin. Punch a neat hole in the
index card (using a hole punch, not scissors) and tie the card to the shoes using sturdy string through the hole. We recommend
placing strapping tape over the punched hole for reinforcement to prevent ripping through the card. Do not place shoes in plastic
bags or boxes. Please note that all unsold shoes are donated at the conclusion of the sale.
BAGGED ITEMS: For items placed into clear, Ziploc® bags, we suggest sealing the tops closed with clear packaging tape.
Attach your index card with packaging tape or safety pin through the packaging tape. Scotch tape will NOT hold!!
BEDDING: Bed sets can be packaged in large CLEAR bags with index card taped or pinned to the outside. Hung bedding should
be draped over a hanger or hangers and pinned, if necessary, so it won't slip.
TOYS: Toys sell very well, especially large items, such as Little Tikes® dollhouses, kitchen sets, wagons, etc. Any item requiring
batteries MUST have fresh ones installed so that buyers can see how it works. Any toy with pieces should be secured in a Ziploc® bag or
held together in some way so that they will not come apart. We cannot be responsible for lost pieces, so protect your items by securing
It is not fair to the heartbroken child who gets home with a toy or game he cannot play. Please ensure that items you plan to sell are not
subject to manufacturers' recalls. For assistance, please visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission at http://www.cpsc.gov/cgibin/prod.aspx. Feel free to contact us if you have recall-related questions.
For wooden or flat board puzzles, please slip entire puzzle into a Ziploc® bag and tape closed. Or, secure pieces in a clear
bag and attach to the board with sturdy string. Be careful not to use destructive packing tape that rips the paper or paint off the board.
It is not necessary to create an index card for books, DVD’s, Videos, Nintendo games, Wii games,
etc. if they are being sold individually and the title is printed on the item. When you bring them at your drop-off appointment, you will
affix the barcode sticker directly on the item, in the upper right corner. Not only will this save you lots of time in the tagging process, it
will prevent the loss of index cards as customers shuffle through the books etc. during the sale. (Be sure to separate items by dollar
amount and have a total count on a card so you’ll know the barcode prices you need at drop-off). Books may be sold in sets, grouped by age
or theme. Sets of 2 books should be placed in a Ziploc® bag, back-to-back so the fronts are visible. Still, no index card is necessary. If 3
or more books are sold together, an index card must be created, listing the names of each book. The books AND the index card should be
placed INSIDE a Ziploc® bag, sealed with tape.
FURNITURE: Attach cards to furniture and equipment by punching a hole in the top area of the card and tying to the item with
sturdy string. We recommend placing strapping tape over the punched hole for reinforcement to prevent ripping through the card. For
large ticket items, we suggest you go online and print off information and current price to attach to your index card. The CPSC
mandated new federal crib standards effective June 2011, therefore WeeRuns can no longer accept drop-side cribs for
EQUIPMENT: Please thoroughly clean baby equipment prior to item drop-off. This includes washing fabric covers for car seats,
strollers, etc. Baby carriers do NOT need to be placed on hangers. We cannot accept playpens which have exposed metal hinges or
walkers with wheels which do not lock into position. Car seats should not be more than ten years old or beyond their printed expiration
date. For large ticket items, we suggest you go online and print off information and current price to attach to your index card.
Any item requiring batteries, such as a swing or bouncy seat, MUST have fresh ones installed so that buyers can see how it works. Please
ensure that items you sell are not subject to manufacturers' recalls. For assistance, please visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety
Commission at http://www.cpsc.gov/cgi-bin/prod.aspx or call the Department of Transportation (800 424-9393)
Please bring your items to the store at your scheduled appointment time. We have rolling garment racks and
push carts which you may use to unload your vehicle. Please bring all tagged items with you at this time. During this appointment, we will
assign your consignor number, inspect your items, print barcode labels for you to apply to your cards, and guide you in putting your items
into their proper places for the sale. We will be busy, so we offer the following tips:
For a smoother, quicker process, try to come without children if at all possible. Bring only quality items which you would consider
Have all items tagged before you arrive. We are happy to offer a supply table for use by consignors. However, supplies are
limited. It is not appropriate for unprepared consignors to arrive planning to use check-in station space to prepare their items
using WeeRuns' supplies. This creates congestion and is unfair to other consignors who arrive with their items prepared in
Arrive on time.
If you need to browse and check prices, arrive early.
Furniture and equipment must be assembled or set up. Remember to bring any needed tools with you.
Separate hung clothing by sex and size to expedite placement on the racks at drop-off. For all non-hanging items, it is helpful to
separate items by dollar amount and have a total count on a card to expedite the bar coding process. Example: Put all $1.00
items in one box, all $2.00 items in another box, etc...Then list these amounts on an index card. (15 x $1.00, 20 x $2.00, etc.)
Fill out required recall slips in advance of appointment. A template is available on our website.
Please don't be offended if certain items are rejected. Our lights often pick up spots and stains not visible in typical household lighting.
Also, due to limited rack space, we cannot accept substandard merchandise and MUST be diligent in culling to make sure we have room for
the best.
Page 4
All consignors will be invited to attend two private sales!
Thursday, Sept. 11, a private Consignor Presale will be held from 5:30 - 9:00 PM. One guest allowed
Friday, Sept. 19, a Private Discount Sale will be held from 5:30 - 9:00 PM. One guest allowed
Volunteer for one or two fun-filled 4-hour shifts! (See Volunteer Brochure online.)
Tuesday, Sept. 9, Volunteers who work two, 4-hour shifts will shop from 5:30 - 9:00 PM. No guest
Wednesday, Sept. 10, Volunteers who work one, 4-hour shift will shop from 5:30 - 9:00 PM. No guest
Passes will be required for admission to all private sales. You will receive these passes and additional information
when you drop off your items. No children under the age of 15 are allowed into the private sales, including
breast-feeding infants. We suggest that you bring measurements with you to assist with your purchasing
decisions. When waiting in line, prior to the sale, please do not save places in line. It is not fair to those waiting
to see the line in front of them expand when the doors are opened.
Many of you have expressed a desire to shop before the Saturday crowd on opening day but are not able to
volunteer and have nothing to consign. So we are offering:
Friday, Sept. 12, Shoppers may pay $10.00 at the door to shop this Fabulous Friday from 5:30 – 9:00.
PUBLIC SALE DATES (No passes required and no admission fee):
Saturday, September 13, 2014
Sunday, September 14, 2014
Monday – Thursday, September 15 - 18
Saturday, September 20, 2014
Sunday, September 21, 2014
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Discount Sale (Most items are 1/2 price)
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM Clearance Sale (Most items are 70% off)
CHECKS AND UNSOLD ITEM PICKUP: Plan to pick up your check and any unsold items on Monday, September 29,
between 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM or between 5:00 - 7:00 PM. No appointment is necessary. All items which are left behind will
be considered donations to our designated charitable organizations. We are not able to call and remind you, so please mark
your calendars. Your check will be mailed to you within a week if you do not come on Monday September 29.
SPREAD THE WORD about our sale! The more customers we have, the more money you will make. We have extra
postcards that we’d love to give to you. You can place bundles of cards at the dance studio, hair salon, gymnastics class,
anywhere parents frequent. Additionally, if you know anyone who would like to be added to our mailing list, please email with
their names and addresses. ([email protected])
GIFT CERTIFICATES: Remember, WeeRuns gift certificates make great gifts and are valid through 4 sale events
from date of purchase (up to two years).
Copyright © 2000-2014
WeeRuns, Inc.
High Point, North Carolina
All Rights Reserved.
If you don’t read anything else, please review these MUSTS:
Do not bring stained clothes or dirty toys. If these items slip through and make it to the sales
floor, we WILL catch them during the organization process and they will be pulled and donated
before the sale starts. Please don’t waste your time tagging if you can’t clean first.
• Do not bring shorts, short sleeved shirts, swimsuits, sandals or any Summer items to this
Fall/Winter sale. Capris are acceptable at both Spring and Fall sales.
• Please prepare your items at home. We will have a supply table for the occasional broken hanger
or ripped Ziploc but this table is NOT intended for you to come with your items and spend hours
hanging and tagging.
• Make sure the information is listed in the proper place on the index card. (Size in upper right
corner, price in lower right corner.) See example in brochure. Customers are familiar with this
format and don’t want to spend time hunting for the info on the card.
• Make sure you write a description on the index card so the item can be identified should the card
fall off. “Osh Kosh red striped dress” is easier to reunite with a lost item than simply, “dress.”
• Do NOT drape jeans or pants over the hanger. Pin the waist to the top of the wire hanger with 2
Medium/Large safety pins.
• When pinning pants to the top of the hanger, “indent” the pins slightly, placing them a few inches
from the edge of the waistband so they don’t slide off the ends and bunch into a heap.
• Be careful when attaching the index card with tape. Books, puzzles and toys can be destroyed
when taped with packing tape that rips the item when the card is removed by the customer.
Scotch, matte finish tape is good for delicate items.
• Be sure to secure ALL small pieces and toys that can come apart. If the item has balls or
characters or pieces that snap together, they WILL become separated when customers pick
them up. Put pieces in a Ziploc bag or any CLEAR bag that allows the item to be viewed easily.
• Please limit the items you circle in red, indicating you do not want them sold at half price. This
should be a rare exception used on higher priced items. Consignors who circle all their items in
red have a much lower percentage of sales than those who allow their items to be reduced at the
discount sale.
Do not circle shoes, bin items or items with a $1 - $3 price. These items are not sorted and
returned after the sale. It makes more sense to sell them at half price than not sell them and have
them donated.
• Make sure your index card is pinned to the right chest as you are facing the garment. If the
card is anywhere else, the customer will NOT take the time to hunt for it. They will simply pass
your garment up and buy another that is easy to read.
• Make sure your garment is hung so the hanger opens on the left side (like a ? mark). If it is not,
the items hang backward on the rack and the index card is not visible. Customers will not hunt
for the information!
• Before you package and bring your toys or puzzles, make sure all the pieces are present. It is not
fair for a customer to get home with your item and not be able to play with it.
• Please check all DVD and video cases to make sure the proper disc is present.
• Install batteries in toys or equipment to assure the customer AND yourself that the item works.
It is not acceptable to write “needs batteries” on the card. You must make sure it is working
when you bring it.
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