Here is How to Create Eye-Popping Killer Resume in 30 Minutes…

Here is How to Create
Eye-Popping Killer
Resume in 30 Minutes…
That Will
Produce Rapid Results
In 5 Days or Less!
100% Guaranteed!
If you follow what I tell you will be creating these resume babies in less than 20 minutes.
Seriously follow me as I guide you.
Trust me when it comes to this.
First and foremost, we have a strategy. To create a killer resume that we can use to apply for any
of these job opportunities out there.
Not my favorite method. My killer method is at the end of this report.
The initial work you need to do is not covered in this report.
You need to do a little research.
Do a search for companies and discovered your marketable skills and use my value strategy I
developed to craft an irresistible value statement that you sell in your resume.
All these are not covered in this short report.
But they are very important to the system.
The purpose
I wrote this report so that you can make use of it to influence employers to call you in 3 days
time for an interview.
You’re going to do this by developing a resume that communicates exactly how you will help
employers solve their problems or capitalize on their opportunities.
Ok let’s begin …
In this report, we’ll cover:
Developing your Strategy
Writing a strong profile that communicates your value proposition.
Writing an action-packed career marketing tool that gets employers excited about meeting
with you.
Writing about your education
Deciding whether to include some skills
Deciding what other information to include.
Developing Your Strategy
To make your strategy clear, just answer the following 3 questions:
1) My value proposition is ….
2) The top 3 concerns of my target employers is …
3) As I write my resume, it’s crucial to communicate …
Now as you go through the process of resume writing, keep your answers in mind. When you’re
unsure of what to highlight, go back to these answers.
Writing a Strong Resume Profile
The resume profile is a summary of your skills, experience and value proposition and it usually
takes up the first quarter to one third of a resume.
Here is an example:
The resume profile tells the employer exactly why he or she should hire you.
Think of it as a mini-advert – a summary of your skills, strengths and experience that
communicates exactly how you will add value.
Remember: No one cares about you right now.
They only care about one thing:
Will you add sales?
Will you make a positive impact on my organization?
Help us be more organized?
Ease my workload?
Clear that backlog of papers?
Boost profits?
Grow market share?
Cut costs?
Enhance productivity?
Negotiate better deals?
Improve the quality of our staff?
Help boost employee morale?
Make our clients happy?
Why a Strong Profile is Important
If your resume gives the impression that you will make a positive contribution, you will get
interviews. If it doesn’t, you will be passed over. It’s really that simple.
And this is why your resume profile must convey your value proposition immediately, clearly
and distinctly.
1. Write the Profile in Your Words
Please don’t be tempted to copy someone else’s summary section. If it’s not yours, it will show,
because good interviews will use it to squeeze the truth from you.
The profile is your first introduction to the employer. It’s his or her first impression.
If it really describes you and what makes you special, you are much more likely to get
interviews. Employers are looking for someone who will ‘fit’ as much as they’re looking for
2. Make Sure Your Profile is Unique
This idea of uniqueness is important for more reasons than you might think.
-Attracting the Right Companies: A resume that reflects your own personality, strengths, skills
and values will generate interviews from the types of companies you want to work for.
-Forming the Basis for Interviews
3. Make Your Profile Specific and Focused
The fact is that you don’t have everything that every employer is looking for. The good news is
that neither does anyone else.
The key to success is to create a resume that focuses the reader’s attention on your unique
selling points and deflects attention from any areas of weakness.
Note: If your course of study is different from the position, tailor your most relevant aspect to
the employer, and highlight the most relevant part of your skills, training and experience.
Don’t forget to do this, always!
4. Focus on Employers needs-profile helps focus on the needs of the employers.
How Do You Write Your Profile?
To create your profile, you’re going to follow a four-step process:
1) Create the resume headline.
2) Write a sub-header that communicates your value proposition.
3) Write a paragraph to summarize your strengths.
4) Highlight your skills in a skills summary.
If you have written your value notes and research, this is a good time to refer to it and use it as
we write your resume.
Let’s get started…
Step 1 - Write the Resume Headline
Since the people reading your resume are busy, you’re going to make their lives a little easier by
clearly stating the job title you’d like in the headline of the resume.
(e.g. “Marketing Manager” or – if your goals are a little broader – you can use a
more generic heading such as “Senior Finance Executive”).
The idea is to quickly convey your desired position in a few seconds.
Step 2 - Write a sub-header that communicates your value
This sub-header is your opportunity to tell the employer exactly what makes you different from
other candidates and I suggest basing your sub-header on your value proposition.
Sub-Header Examples
Let me show you what you are aiming for:
Here is an example for a client who had decided he wanted to work for a large international
company and that he did not want to work in a company where nothing was changing – he
wanted either a start-up, a turnaround or a rapidly growing company.
Consistently improved the financial performance of large
multi-national corporations in Sub-Sahara states. Equally
successful in start-up, rapid growth and turnaround
This resume will not appeal to small domestic companies, but that’s OK. My client doesn’t want
to interview for jobs he won’t enjoy, so we targeted his header and sub-header in order to ensure
he only gets calls from the ‘right’ kind of company.
Here are some more examples from our clients resumes:
Math wizard with over 5 years C++ experience and a proven ability to
meet tight deadlines. Creative, tenacious approach to problem-solving
has resulted in a reputation for “always finding a way.”
Track record of success in turnaround environments –
equally capable of building a great HR function from scratch
or revitalizing an under-utilized HR team
Successful brand strategist with a proven ability to grow
revenues/market share for diverse clients such as P&G,
Cadbury, MTN, Airtel and Guinness
6+ years experience in sales administration. Blends
extensive CRM experience with a reputation for exceptional
organization skills
Now it’s your turn.
Go back to your notes on value proposition and develop an effective sub-heading that will appeal
to your target companies.
Step 3 - Write a Paragraph to Describe Your Strengths
Next you are going to summarize your strongest selling points in a short paragraph designed to
provide a quick overview of your skills and your personal style.
This paragraph follows your headline and sub-header and should not be more than 5 or 6 lines
Examples of Profile Paragraphs:
Here are some examples from resumes I developed.
For an Animation Artist:
Creative artist with a recognized talent for conveying
personalities, emotions, weight, and motion. Collaborates
well with others to generate and execute ideas within tight
deadlines. Earned a reputation for dedication, humor,
intelligence, and going “above and beyond” to help teammates.
For a Marketing Director:
• Award-winning and tenacious marketer with a rare
combination of creative vision, strategic planning ability
and project management skills. Proven ability to effectively
position brands and entertainment properties by utilizing a
blend of intuition and comprehensive market analysis.
Consistently developed and nurtured ‘evergreen’
properties which have generated revenue across multiple
business units. Controlled marketing budgets of up to N850
million and provided leadership to international cross functional
teams of 40+.
For a Web Developer:
 Six Sigma Project Management: 10 years’ experience
managing the design, development and implementation of
Web and multimedia solutions. Delivered 98.3% of projects
on time and never exceeded a project budget.
 Award-Winning Art Direction: Possess experience and
formal training in computer art, which provides a ‘real
world’ perspective on interface design and an ability to
manage the creative process effectively.
 High-Impact Search Engine Marketing: Drove traffic
increases of 1000% and more by combining search engine
optimization with pay-per-click advertising and paid
As I said, it’s important to keep this section as brief as possible,
Write your profile paragraph now.
Step 4 - Highlight your Skills in a Skills Summary
After the short descriptive paragraph, it’s a good idea to convey your key skills in an eyecatching fashion.
To do this, I have two favorite approaches - a bullet point list of skills like this one:
Or a few selected highlights to illustrate skills by showing times you used those skills to add
And remember, you must always stress skills that relate directly to the needs of your target
employers. Leave off skills that, however impressive, do not do this.
That’s it. You can come back and tweak this profile once you’ve written the rest of the resume if
you realize something’s missing, but you’ve done the bulk of the work now.
Writing an Action-Packed Career History
After you have introduced yourself in a strong profile you need to write your career chronology
or history.
This section is where you lay out your career history for employers.
Why is it Important?
Your reader wants to make sense of who you are by reviewing what you’ve done in the past. He
wants to see how you have added value to other companies so that he can tell how you might add
value to his.
He’s also looking for problems – reasons to eliminate your resume from consideration. Your job
is to tell the story of your career and demonstrate your ability to add value by showing what you
have done for other organizations.
How to write an effective career History
In this section, you’re going to use the preparation you did in Lessons 2 and 3 to:
1) List each position.
2) Give a brief job description.
3) Write challenge-action-results bullet points.
When you’re done, you will have created a compelling story of exactly how you have helped
previous employers to succeed.
Step 1: List each position
Begin by listing each position you’ve held, starting with the most recent. Include company name,
state, dates of employment, job title and a brief description of the company.
Here’s an example:
ACCLAIM ENTERTAINMENT, Abuja, Nigeria 2005–2010
International developer and publisher of video games
Human Resources Manager
Note: Use bolding selectively to draw attention to the most persuasive information. For
example, if you have worked for big name companies with impressive reputations, you may want
to bold company name instead of job title.
But if your job titles are more impressive than your employers, then that’s what you should bold.
Step 2: How to Write Effective Job Descriptions
Don’t give too much detail about your job duties.
However, you need to give some basic information on job responsibilities in order to set the
stage for your accomplishments.
I recommend keeping job descriptions to no more than 4 or 5 lines and spicing them up with
another secret ingredient of professional resume writers ... context.
In order to really appreciate your achievements, the reader needs context.
I will explain with examples:
Examples of effective job descriptions
Let me show you how this works using examples from real resumes. Remember, never copy the
examples I give you – just use them to give you ideas about what might work for you.
XYZ ASSOCIATION, Victoria Island, Lagos
Office Manager
Hired to organize busy office of Nigeria non-profit
organization. Established office procedures, organized 5
volunteers and implemented filing and storage systems to
gain control of three-year backlog of disorganized
• Cleared 226 cartons of policy statements, memos and
briefings within 3 months.
The accomplishment of clearing 226 cartons within 3 months would be much less impressive if
you didn’t know why the action was necessary.
Without context, your accomplishments float out there, sometimes not making much sense.
But with context, you tell an impressive and compelling story.
Here’s another example,
GPA MEDIA LTD, Abuja, LA (2005 – Present)
Promoted to this position after former employer acquired GPA.
Led team of 10 to develop content, establish strategic
partnerships and find innovative ways to drive traffic. Turned
around this unprofitable site by leveraging existing content
from the annual Media Conference and Media Buzz magazine
while also generating marketing leads for both organizations.
Built a site which is now recognized as the industry leader.
OK, it’s time to take your notes and turn them into concise, compelling, context-filled job
descriptions like the examples above.
Instead of simply listing your responsibilities, weave them into action-oriented job descriptions
that help your readers understand exactly what you faced in each position.
Step 3: Write challenge-action-results bullet points
Now it’s time for the real meat of your resume – the accomplishment bullet points that will help
readers understand the value you can bring to their organization by showing them what you’ve
done for others.
How to write C.A.R. bullet points
To do this, you’re going to summarize the C.A.R. stories you wrote earlier.
The goal is to include the challenge, action and result in your bullet points, but to keep them as
brief as possible.
Action-Pack your C.A.R. Bullet Points
Be sure to use lots of action words throughout this section of your resume because this keeps
your resume fast-paced and conveys a sense of movement.
To do this, start all your bullet points with an action verb:
Delivered 10% increase in productivity by …
Solved challenging coding problem …
Reorganized HR filing system …
Transformed disorganized office into …
Boosted sales ...
 Changed approach to ...
Dynamic, high-energy language shows that you are a dynamic, high-energy person who will
come into your new job and start taking action to make things better.
Look at everything you’ve written and add action verbs wherever possible.
26 Lists of Suggested Action Verbs
To help get you started, here is a list of some of my favorite action words:
How to write bullet points for team accomplishments
What do you do if some of your accomplishments were achieved as part of a team?
If you are the leader of the team, you should take credit on your resume.
If you were a member of the team, take credit as a member.
In that case, here are some possible ways to start your bullet points:
Played key role on team that ...
Contributed to ...
Selected as key member of team that ...
Added value to team efforts by ...
Examples of good accomplishment bullet points:
To demonstrate how to write your bullet points effectively, let’s go back to the C.A.R. examples I
gave earlier in the course.
First I’ll give you the C.A.R. story and then I’ll give you some possible bullet points:
Example #1 - Programmer for animation studio:
Challenge: Modeling problems could only be identified
during the rigging stage, which delayed production
because we had to go back and redo the models.
Action: I developed a tool that enabled modelers to
Diagnose and correct modeling problems before rigging.
Result: We reduced expensive charge-backs and improved
productivity. Modeling errors were reduced to almost zero.
Resume Bullet Point:
• Improved productivity and cut costs by developing tool that
allowed modelers to diagnose and fix modeling problems before rigging.
Example #2 - Event Planner – Non-profit
Challenge: Obtain media exposure for small non-profit with limited budget.
Action: Conceived Earth Day partnership with leading health food retailer.
Result: Extensive media coverage, including The Daily Times and Punch. As a result the two
organizations formed an ongoing national partnership and as of the time of writing, is up just
over 8%.
Resume Bullet Point:
• Played key role in developing strategic partnership that
boosted fundraising 8% and garnered high-profile media
coverage for non-profit organization with limited budget.
Example #3 - Web Designer
Challenge: Inherited project with unhappy client who had
requested a new designer after several attempts to create a
look they liked.
Action: Spent a whole day with client and his staff getting to
know the business and their customers and understanding
their value proposition.
Results: Came up with three new designs, one of which was
chosen. Retained the client, who has since referred two other
projects worth more than N720,000 in additional business for
the company.
Resume Bullet Point:
• Turned unhappy client into satisfied customer, and garnered
additional N720K in sales, by gaining full understanding of
business before suggesting design concepts.
Example #4 – Office Manager
Challenge: Brought in to work for three sales executives who
had been without an assistant for more than a year. The office
was a nightmare!
Actions: Went through mountains of files and paperwork and
met with each executive to find out their needs. Established
filing systems, sets up a database and calendar system and
made sure all client communication was funneled through me.
Results: Within three months had all the files cleared away and
the database built. Managers were able to be much more
productive and their sales results increased by 15% during the
first year.
Resume Bullet Point:
Boosted productivity and played key role in 15% sales
increase by organizing dysfunctional sales office, thus
allowing sales executives to focus on client calls.
Writing About Your Education
I would like to address two of the most common questions about education.
Question: Where should education go on the resume?
If you are a recent graduate:
You have very little work experience and your education is probably a key selling point so the
information should be upfront where it can’t be missed.
Recent graduates should include grade point average if it’s above 3.5. If not, leave it off.
Below is an example of a resume for a recent graduate:
If you’re not a recent graduate:
Information about your education belongs at the bottom of your resume- only state the course,
degree and school. Employers are more interested in your work contributions.
If you have an extraordinary educational achievement, hold an MBA or attended a very
prestigious school, you can include that information in your profile.
For example:
“Graduated first in class at Harvard Business School”
“Hold MBA from Lagos Business School”
One exception is for people in professions where education is of primary importance, such as
college professors or scientists.
See a sample of a fresh graduate resume I did for one of my oversee clients.
Should You Include Technical Skills?
Technical skills are those hard skills that are required for your line of work. Examples are:
Software used by people in your function (e.g. an accountant should list financial
Equipment commonly used in your field (e.g. computer hardware for a PC technician).
Skills needed to do your job (e.g. programming languages for a software engineer).
Only include technical skills if they will help people decide whether to hire you, and place
them on the resume in direct proportion to their importance to the
hiring decision.
See 2 examples below:
Including Additional Information
As you review the samples at the end of this course, you will see many other types of
information included at the end of the resumes.
For example:
Military experience.
Professional development classes.
Speaking engagements.
Voluntary and community work.
Professional affiliations.
Board memberships.
When deciding what to include, you should ask yourself two questions:
Question (1)
Does this piece of information help employers decide that they should interview me?
From your research you should know what interest those on your interview board and then use
that hobby or additional information to connect with them.
Question (2)
Could this information make an employer decide not to interview me for personal reasons?
Issues like political affiliation, religion, age, marital status are red flags that you should not use
on your resume.
Others you should not use are your birthplace, photograph, tribe- these can cause discrimination
and biasBut if you see these will help matters you better use any of them
Example: if a company says in their requirement they need a married woman and you are
married, please state it there.
If they specify they need a dedicated Christian or Muslim and you are one please state it there.
That is all for this section. See the bonus section for sample resumes, using these strategies. Let
see if we can match this with killer cover letter…
The End: For Now …
That wraps up the Lucrative Resume Make-Over Bootcamp.
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