Access H-drive on Home or Public Library Computer

Access H-drive on Home or Public Library Computer
NOTE: Clay uses Microsoft Office 07. So, if a lower version will be used outside
of school -- before leaving school -- save the document “down” to the lower
version to be used outside of school. To do this, choose the “Save as” option and
change the “Save as Type” in the bottom box (drop-down menu) to the version
required. Occasionally, saving down will taking away some formatting and features
that were used in version 07.
Another option: A file converter (from Office 07 to 03 or XP) can be
downloaded free on home computer from this website:
To access H-drive when away from school using CCS Moodle site :
Go to (There is also a link to this on MyCCS).
Click Login in the upper right corner of screen.
Log in with the same username and password used on the school computers.
Click on “My H Drive” on the right of screen.
Log in again with the same username and password as in step #3.
A list of files in H drive should appear.
Click on the name of the file to open.
Click Open.
9. Make necessary changes to document.
10. PLEASE NOTE: It is not possible to delete a file from the H drive from
home…must be logged into a school computer to delete a file from the H drive.
Save a new or updated document file to H drive:
1. Save the changes to document on computer at home or library. It is
important to remember where document is saving to (My Documents,
Desktop, etc.).
2. At the top of H drive window, click on the arrow beside “New Folder” to see
the drop down menu.
3. Select “New file (upload)”.
4. Click Ok.
5. Click “Browse.”
6. Find the location where document was saved, select it to highlight, and
click “Open.”
7. Click Ok. The document should appear in the list now.
8. Be sure to close the H drive window and log out of the Moodle website when