Routine Care:
Avoid direct sunlight, vacuum regularly
using soft brush attachment.
Leather/Vinyl/ Mesh/ Plastic parts:
Use gentle soapy water then dry with
Spot Cleaning:
Treat all stains as soon as possible using
cleaning agents in accordance with
manufacturer’s instructions.
▲ Do not stand on this chair.
▲ Ensure that you are always in the
correct seating position, with your feet
on the floor.
▲ Do not use this chair unless all bolts,
screws and knobs are firmly secured.
▲ At least every 4 months, check all
bolts, screws and knobs to make sure
they are tight.
▲ If parts are missing, broken, damaged
or worn, stop use of this product until
repairs are made.
▲ Failure to follow these warnings could
result in serious injury and will void
▲ Hard- tyred castors are unsuitable
for use on hard floors or firm chair
mats in which case "soft- tyred"
castors should be used. Soft tyred
castors are distinguishable as the tyre
is a different colour to the body of the
▲ The foam and mesh comply with the
flammability requirements of AS/NZS
All of NEUVO’s components are recyclable. NEUVO will join you in cherishing our planet.
a name which represents something
〝 completely new〞 and a 〝 new creation.〞
Please appreciate her minimalist streamlines
and exquisite beauty.
Please experience the luxurious
comfort which she provides.
When you have some leisure time please
make sure to joyfully experience NEUVO !
Large Headrest
We fully understand that when you want
to lay back and do some deep thinking,
not only do you need a bulk supply
of never ending ideas, even
more so you need a generous
headrest as the source of your
inspiration. This will provide
even more full comfort
relaxation to engender deep
thought and creative thinking.
Small Headrest
〝 Every person has an individual body type.〞
You can adjust the headrest to suit your
personal height requirements.
You can even adjust the NEUVO
headrest to your personal angle
requirements at the time.
Height Adjustable Arms
By pressing on the button on the outside of the
armrest you can adjust its height to
your personal requirement. Enabling you to
firmly grip your mouse, maintaining a right angle
(90o) between the forearm and upper arm is
always the most comfortable position.
Seat Slider
If you feel tired or just want a break, lift
the trigger on the left side of the
seat to extend the seat slider
and push the seat forward.
Or to retract the seat, lift your
weight up off the
seat, lift the trigger
on the left side and push the
seat back in.
Arm Pads Swing & Slide
If you are a long term computer user, we
outward pivoting provides you with the
recommend that you occasionally change
optimal support while it also empowers
positions and posture. NEUVO armpad’s
you with maximum flexibility of adjustment
forward extension as well as inward and
Lumbar Support
Do you like the way that NEUVO hugs
and supports your entire back ?
If you like you can even select the
adjustable lumbar support option to
provide you even more back support.
All you need to do is reach behind with
both hands, gripping the soft sides of
the lumbar support and easily slide
the lumbar support up
or down according to
your personal requirements
for optimal personal comfort.
Height Adjustment
The lever located on the right side below
the seat enables you to adjust the seat
height to your optimal comfort level.
Gently lift the lever upward while standing
up, in order to raise the seat height; or be
seated, in order to lower the seat.
Please notice the hand wheel which has
a line embossed on it, similar to a smiley
Gently turn in the "+" direction in order
to increase the strength of the tilt
action ; gently turn in the "-" direction
in order to soften the tilting action.
Tilt Lock
The lever below the seat on the left hand
side allows you to lock the tilt in any position
when you want to lie back and relax. Please
gently pull the lever to the horizontal position
and when you have reclined to the desired
angle gently push the lever downwards in
order to lock the angle. To release the locked
position please gently lift the lever to
the horizontal postion and
lie back until you hear a soft
"click" which indicates that the tilt lock
has been unlocked.
Then you can let the
back return upright
to your working position.