The New Reality: How The Future History of to Succeed in the

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The New Reality: How
to Succeed in the
Digital World
Digital evolution is exponential and has affected
every aspect of business, consumerism, culture
and lifestyle. This ‘disruptive innovation’ has
created a new breed of companies , such as
Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, that
created a new eco-system, which paved the way
to a major shift in the type of skills that are
required to succeed in today’s economy. In this
session, Matthew Capala, will decipher winning
strategies on how to adjust today’s professional
education to prepare business leaders for
tomorrow’s challenges.
Key Takeaways:
Get ahead of the pack – understand the
new digital channels and how to use them
Learn useful tips on how to increase your
business presence and personal brand
online – from increasing website visibility to
social media marketing to blogging and
community building
Follow best-practices in incorporating
digital topics into continued education
Matthew Capala is an award-winning digital
marketer, speaker, trainer, author, and blogger.
He spent most of his career at global ad agencies
managing Fortune 500 accounts, including Dell,
LG, Hilfiger, Prudential, Sotheby's, and Western
Union. Currently, he heads the Americas search
group at Profero, an independent global digital
agency. Matthew is frequently featured at trade
conferences, seminars, radio shows, and
universities. His published works include a cover
story in Multichannel Merchant, and he is currently
working on his forthcoming book: Search Engine
Marketing Decoded. Matthew is an Adjunct Assist.
Professor at NYU, where he teaches a graduate
class on search marketing. He has three
advanced degrees, including an MBA in Marketing
from Zicklin School of Business and an MA in
International Relations from the University of Lodz.
Visit Search Decoder blog for his latest posts and
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The Future History of
Higher and
Continuing Education
Some say that higher education is
a system on the brink of dramatic transformation;
that its most viable, yet provocative, futures will
be created as a result of revolution from within
the system or disruption from the outside.
Celebrating the history of higher education,
analyzing current events and gazing into the
future, this presentation explores trends and
suggests two alternative futures that may greatly
influence higher education, our institutions and
our continuing education programs.
Thomas Kowalik, Binghamton University director
of Continuing Education and Outreach is principal
academic and administrative officer overseeing
policy, programmatic and fiscal management in
the areas of outreach, summer and winter
sessions, continuing education, and advising. He is
a member of the International Adult and
Continuing Education Hall of Fame, is a past
president of the University Professional Continuing
Education Association, and past president of the
Coalition of Lifelong Learning Organizations. He
has received numerous awards for leadership,
program development, research and scholarship.
For more information see:
HUMOResilience: Top
Tips to Taking the
Conference Home
with You
Do you remember attending other conferences,
getting great ideas to take home with you and
unexpectedly leaving them at the door as soon as
you get back to work Monday?
Join Margie in this fun-but-not-just-for-fun closing
session as she shares tips for adding humor and
energy to your work day, developing your R.Q.
(Resilience Quotient), and creating your personal
action plan to intentionally put key conference
learnings into action as soon as you return to
work on Monday. You can indeed, "Treasure the
Past and Map the Future" as you take this
conference home with you!
Margie Ingram, Co-Director of The HUMOR
Project in Saratoga Springs, New York, is one of
the pioneers in the fields of stress management,
vital aging, and the humor-resilience connection.
A popular speaker, consultant, and workshop
leader throughout the U.S. and abroad she has
presented at national and state conferences and
conducted in-house training programs on such
topics as Tickling Stress Before It Tackles You,
Humor in the Workplace, H.A.H.A. (Healthy Aging
Humorous Aging), Preventing Burn-Out, Effective
Team Building, Organizational Goal-Setting, and
Developing Your Comic Vision.
Margie’s speaking career, which began 39 years
ago, grew out of her love of teaching. Adhering
to Malcolm Knowles’ principles of effective adult
education, her programs are lively, engaging, and
practical-- she creates opportunities for
participants to apply the content of her programs
to their immediate lives and jobs. A confirmed
optimist, she helps others transform difficult
` ç åíáåì áåÖ=b Çì Å~íáç å=^ ëëç Åá~íáç å=ç Ñ=k Éï =v ç êâ=J=hÉóåç íÉ=p éÉ~âÉêë
challenges into opportunities for hope, possibility,
and potential. Margie lives her life to make a
difference-- in her family, her work, and her
community. She was honored to receive the
Distinguished Service Award from the Reed
Foundation and the Prevention Council and the
Hometown Hero Award in Saratoga Springs.
Advancing Continuing Education Together
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developing continuing higher education professionals throughout the City and State Universities of New
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