How to access your photos on jb photohouse All my photos

How to access your photos on
Go to
 Click on the jb photohouse logo to access the website
 Click on ‘All my photos’ tab – top left hand side of the screen
Click on the OOBC logo
Input in your name, email and a password, when prompted (note the password is case sensitive, and will be supplied
separately). The photographs are catalogued per team, find your team and click on the thumbnail.
This will display the thumbnails of the photos taken on the night. Double click on the thumbnail to view the image,
note the image has been watermarked and the quality reduce, the ordered products will not have the watermark
and will be of higher quality.
To select the photos you would like to purchase, use the ‘Select Photos’ button … … and then click on the individual photos. Note you will still have the option to remove photos at a later date, this
step allows you to narrow down your selection. Once you have selected the photos click on ‘Add to Favorites’.
Once you have selected the photos click on ‘My Selection’, you now have the option to ‘Send to…’ this will open a
new window as in the image below.
Fill in the details and click ‘Share’ this will send the photographer an email with your instructions. These could be the format or the size in which you want to order the photos, the quantity, or just to clarify something.
The photographer will maintain contact from this step onwards.
The most popular photo sizes with the prices are listed below:
4’X6’ or 10x15cm
5’x7’ or 13x18cm
8’x12’ or 20x30cm
Pack of 3 photos – Team @ 20x25, Portrait @ 13x18 & Team Fun @ 13x18
Pack of 2 photos – Team @ 20x25 & Portrait @ 13x18
$35.00 per player
 Cash or Cheque will be accepted and payment needs to be made when the orders are taken
 these prices are valid for 30 days after the shoot, they are however subject to change without notice
 jb photohouse reserves the right to use any photographs for promotional purposes
 jb photohouse offers a limited money back guarantee and will only refund or reprint photos (at their discretion)
if the fault lies with them
For additional information, comments or feedback, please contact Joseph.
Joseph Bailouni
0408 507 351
[email protected]