How to Claim a MAXPRO NVR License ®

How to Claim a MAXPRO® NVR License
STEP ONE: Find your Voucher number (Example 563144d3-46fc-4349-b1f6-cc1d8ab57308) Each MAXPRO
NVR and NVR Hybrid unit (XE, SE, PE) comes pre-licensed with the appropriate number of cameras and clients. The
license is not registered to you and is not accessible through your Honeywell Software License Delivery Tool (HSLDT)
account, until you claim the license. To claim your MAXPRO NVR license you will need the Voucher number which is
only available from within the MAXPRO NVR software. After you power up the unit, launch MAXPRO NVR to obtain the
Voucher number:
In the ADMINISTRATOR drop-down menu (
), click About.
On the About MAXPRO dialog box, click License.
On the License Management Console dialog box, click License Information.
Carefully record the Voucher Number (System ID number) exactly as shown.
STEP TWO: Claim your License
Log in to the Honeywell Software Licensing Delivery Tool through this link:
OR go to and select Customer Resources, then select Register Products.
If you don't have an ID and password, for North America only email [email protected]
or call Customer Service at 1 800 323 4576. For other regions, see the contact information on the next page.
If you have lost your password, use the Password Finder link at the bottom of the Honeywell Software Licensing
Delivery Tool's main page, enter your email address and your password and a login ID will be emailed to you.
On the Order History screen, click Claim Device on the navigation menu on the left of the screen.
Document 800-18317 – Rev A – 04/2014
Enter your Voucher number in the System ID field, then click Submit.
Enter your Host Information, then click Save.
The Claim Device process is complete.
Note If you need assistance to claim your MAXPRO NVR license, please contact Honeywell Customer Service
(see the contact information below).
STEP THREE (Optional): Confirm your license details
From the Order History screen, click Licenses By Host on the navigation menu. At the bottom of the screen, select
the Host System name (unit serial number) of the Host for which you want to confirm details. Verify that the License
Host details are correct.
+1 305 805 8188 (Caribbean, Latin America) +44 (0) 1928 754 028 (UK)
+1 800 323 4576 (North America)
Document 800-18317 – Rev A – 04/2014
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