16 Suzuki Method World Convention Guide

16th Suzuki Method World Convention Guide
This guide contains detailed information that will help you prepare for your
trip to the 16th Suzuki Method World Convention. It has information about
how to get here, how to get around, schedules, and what you will need to
bring with you. Since it will answer many of your questions, we hope that all
participants will take the time to read through it carefully. Also, check our
convention site often for updates.
How to get to Matsumoto after you arrive in Japan
1. Information for Participants who Reserved Seats for the
Suzuki Method World Convention Chartered Buses
We have arranged World Convention Chartered Buses from Narita
Airport to Matsumoto. Prior reservations are required and we are
accepting reservations up until March 10 at 5:00pm (Japan Time) (Bus
seats are not assigned). In both Terminals look for the Nippon Travel
Agency Suzuki Method World Convention sign.
These buses leave from Narita Airport:
Terminal 1: In the “South Wing” near the “S-3” Exit
Terminal 2: In B Zone near the N3 Exit
March 26 (Tuesday) Leaves at 11:00 AM
March 26 (Wednesday) Leaves at 6:00 PM
March 27 (Thursday) Leaves at 8:00 AM
It will take approximately 5 hours for the chartered buses to get from
Narita Airport to the city of Matsumoto. The buses will make 2 stops
between the airport and Matsumoto at the highway rest areas.
All buses will depart on time. If you miss the bus, because your plane is
late or you are delayed in immigration, follow the information below and
take the train to Matsumoto. There are companies in the airport that
will ship your luggage to your hotel in Matsumoto if you do not want to
travel with it.
You can get assistance from the Airport Information
Booth. Or, you may contact NTA for assistance at TEL: 0476-34-6255
FAX: 0476-34-6259.
2. Information for Participants who will not be taking
the Suzuki Method World Convention Chartered Buses
Getting from Narita Airport to the JR Shinjuku Train Station
The trains to Matsumoto leave from the JR Shinjuku Train Station (about
73km/45mile). You can get the JR Shinjuku Station by taking the JR Narita
Express train from the JR Narita Terminal Station (located in the airport) or
the a bus called the Airport Limousine (The bus ticket counter is in the
arrival area and the buses are directly outside of the airport terminal). The
Narita Express takes 1.5 hours, and the Airport Limousine takes about 72
From JR Shinjuku Station you will take the “Azusa” Train to Matsumoto.
Azusa runs between 7 am ~9 pm, and there are one or two trains ever hour.
The train ride to Matsumoto from Shinjuku is approximately 2 hours and 39
minutes (Some of the trains do take longer).
There are three types of tickets: Non-reserved seats, reserved seats, and first
class seats in the “Green Car”. “Reserved” or “Non-Reserved” is written in
both Japanese and English next to the door of each car. If you purchase a
non-reserved seat ticket, please be careful to only get in a car marked
“Non-Reserved”. You may sit in any unoccupied seat (or stand) in the
“Non-Reserved” car.
Reserved seat tickets have the car number and seat
number marked on the ticket.
Make sure you keep your ticket in a safe place until you have completed your
train trip.
You will need your ticket to enter the train station. The train
conductor will come to check your ticket after the train leaves the station.
And, you will need your ticket to exit the station when you arrive in
When you arrive at Matsumoto Station
From the platform you will go up the stairs to the station. There is only one
exit and you will need your ticket to exit.
After exiting the station, there
are two ways to exit the building. To your left will be the “Alps Exit” and to
your right the “Castle Exit”. You will want to go to the right and go down the
escalator of the “Castle Exit”. On March 27th, from 8:35 to 12:00 someone
from the Nippon Travel Agency will be at the station in front of where you
exit the station to help with directions.
Look for their sign
Walking from the Matsumoto Station to TERI and the Matsumoto
Performing Arts Center.
As you come down the escalator of the Castle Exit, you will see that
Matsumoto Station is located at the end of a main road. At the opposite end,
this main road ends at the Agata no Mori Cultural Hall. About half way to
Agata, on the right hand side of the road is the Matsumoto Performing Arts
Centre. And TERI is next to the Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre. It is
about a 25 minute walk to Agata no Mori and about 12 minutes to the
Performing Arts Centre.
After you get off of the escalator, to your right you will see taxi parking. And,
to the right of the taxi parking is a small bus stop. If you walk to the right,
pass the taxi parking, turn to the left and pass the bus stop, you will see a
tall clock.
Cross the road at the clock and continue to walk straight and you
will find the Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre on your right.
The entrance to the Performing Arts Centre is on this main road.
If you
walk past the Performing Arts Centre, turn right and follow the road to the
right of the Performing Arts Centre you will find the TERI building on the
left side. A statue of Dr. Suzuki with two children is standing outside to greet
All participants will need to register before they can participate in any part
of the World Convention. When you register you will receive a case for your
nametag, and we will stamp your nametag. Your nametag is not valid until
it is stamped, so please make sure that you register.
Registration times and places:
March 26 (Tues.) 16:00~19:00 Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre/
Theatre Park/2F
March 27 (Wed.) 9:00~17:00 Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre/ Theatre
March 28 (Thurs) 8:45~14:00 ※Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre/
Theatre Park/2F
※If you register on March 28, you will miss the “Opening Ceremony”.
From March 29, participants can register at the “Information Desk” in the
lobby of the Kissei Bunka Hall from. 9:00~16:30.
What you will need to Register
You will need to print out and bring a copy of the “Reservation Confirmation and
Name Tag”. Make sure that you print a copy of each
participant’s confirmation and that it includes the “Name
Tag” This will be available under each participant’s
registration on the registration website around the
second week of March. Each “Name Tag” will show the
class you are registered for and everything that you have
purchased for the World Convention.
There will be a 1,000 yen service charge if you do not
bring a copy of your “Booking Confirmation” and “Name Tag”, so please make
sure that you bring a copy with you. (One representative may bring all of the
“Booking Confirmations” and “Name Tags” to register all of the members of their
March 27
On March 27, we will have registration from 9:00 to 17:00 at the Matsumoto
Performing Arts Centre. From 13:00 is the “Teachers’ Conference” in the
Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre.
And from 13:30 to 16:00, the city of
Matsumoto is hosting a "Welcoming Event" for all of the participants on the
Grounds of the Matsumoto Castle (about a 15 minute walk from the Performing
arts Centre). During the event you may enter the Matsumoto Castle area for
free with your World Convention Name Tag.
Name Tag
You will need your stamped nametag to enter any venue and attend any
World Convention event. Your nametag also confirms your concert ticket
purchase and is your ticket to use the bus. There will be a 1000 yen service
fee to re-issue a lost nametag, so please be careful not to lose it. Teachers
who purchased Banquet tickets need to have their nametag to enter.
We will only run a few of the Shuttle Buses on March 27.
All of the Venues that we will use on March 27 are within walking distance.
Also the time schedule on this day is a little more relaxed, so it will be a good
opportunity to stroll the streets of Matsumoto.
These Venues are also near
the station and near most of the hotels.
However, we will run the following buses from Asama Hot Spring Area and
the Utsukushi ga hara Hot Spring Area to the Performing Arts Centre for
registration from 9:20~12:30 and from the Matsumoto Castle to both Hot
Spring areas after the welcoming event from 3:30~4:30.
All World Convention Shuttle Buses will run from March 28-31
You will receive a map at registration.
How to take and pay for a public bus that is not included
Get on the bus from the back or middle door. If there is a ticket machine near
the door when you get on, take a ticket as you get on the bus. The number
on this ticket is the stop number where you got on the bus.
Look for your
number on the “fare board” at the front of the bus. Under the number is the
price. The price on the “fare board” when you get off the bus is the price you
will need to pay when you get off the bus (adult price on top/under 12 on
Exit from the front of the bus, and put the ticket number and fare in the box.
If the bus you use does not have a ticket machine as you get on the bus the
bus fare on the fare board is the same for all stops.
March 28 “Opening Ceremony & Concert”
Please have an early lunch or snack and come to the Matsumoto City
General Gym according to the time schedule below. (There will to eat until
after the Large Group Lessons).
Meeting Place
2nd Floor Seats in Section E
1st Floor of the Main Arena
Large Conference Room
(C01 and above)
Sub Arena
Sub Arena
1st Floor Lobby
Ensemble A
Ensemble B
Sub Arena
Tent outside between buildings
You do not need to wear concert clothes for the “Opening Concert”.
*Violin students from abroad will all enter the Arena through door 8. Look
for the sign “Entrance for Students from Abroad”. Go into the Arena and
take out your violin. Give your case to an accompanying parent or teacher.
The accompanying parent or teacher should leave the arena floor through
the “East Exit”. Look for the sign “Exit to Seats for Participants from
Take the outside stairs to the second floor, re-enter the Arena
from the second floor and find a seat. The section of seats near the “Royal
Box” is marked for participants from abroad. Please put your belongings
under the seat, and do not leave any seats open.
(Violin students will do the same for the Large Group Lessons March 29~30).
*Leave cellos in the “Large Conference Room” or “Training Room No. 2”
*Parents in the Cello course & parents and students in the Piano and Voice
courses may either go to the Gymnasium or watch from the Kissei Bunka
Hall/Grand Hall. Piano and Voice students who would like to line up in the
Main Arena, should go to the Main Arena at 10:45.
*Please leave baby strollers in the Sub-Arena.
* “Opening Concert” and “Farewell Concert” pieces can be found on the website.
March 28 Group Lessons and Ensemble Rehearsals
Group lessons and Ensemble Rehearsals will follow the Opening Ceremony.
Please look at the website to find Group lessons locations. How to get there
will be announced after the “Opening Concert”.
How to find your Morning Repertoire Class (March 29~31)
The Venue for each class is listed on the World Convention Home Page. Some
of the classes are divided into 2 or more groups (For example: V01a and
V01b). They will be divided by registration number (Example: e9876). Look
for which class your number is in on the World Convention Home Page.
Evening Concerts that require tickets
If you purchased a ticket for any of the evening concerts, please do not forget
to wear your nametag to the concert.
Anything that is left in the concert
hall in the afternoon will be brought to “Lost and Found” before the evening
concert, so please do not try to leave something in the hall in the afternoon to
keep a seat. The doors will open 30 minutes before the performance.
Recording restrictions at the World Convention Events
Audio-recording, videotaping, and taking photos is NOT PERMITTED at:
1. All Concerts that require tickets
2. Symposiums I, II, III, IV
3. Student Concerts
Events that may be audio-recorded, videotaped, and photographed are:
1. Piano Concerts at TERI Hall and the Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre
2. The Informal Concerts around Town.
DVDs are available for the following events (Inquire at the Information
Desk in the Kissei Bunka Hall)
March 28 Suzuki Children Piano Concert
March 29 and 30 Afternoon Concert (Kissei Bunka Hall, Grand Hall and
Middle Hall). Information about ordering a DVD will be available at the
Information Desk in the Kissei Bunka Hall.
Recording Lessons
Lessons may be recorded and pictures may be taken IF you obtain
permission from the teacher who is conducting the lesson.
What you should bring
*Jacket & Raincoat or Umbrella
It might still be cold in Matsumoto the end of March, so you will want to
pack a jacket. There also is the chance of rain or snow.
*Walking Shoes that you can take on and off easily
You will need to walk to a lot of places and the ground is not always level, so
a good walking shoe would be best. Also, in Japan you will take off your
shoes to go into many of the buildings, so it would be easier for you if they go
on and off easily.
*Concert Clothes Please do not forget to bring concert clothes.
At the Farewell Concert all students will wear black and white.
Students: Black skirt or pants, white blouse or shirt
Teachers are to wear something dark (like black, dark blue, etc.)
* “Indoor Shoes”
Many buildings and most schools in Japan change into “indoor shoes” when
they enter the building. (A picture of typical “indoor shoes” is on the website)
Enter the building in your “outdoor shoes”. The ground level of the entrance
is the area that you wear your “outdoor shoes”. The higher level is where you
wear your “indoor shoes”. If the entrance area has wooden planks take off
your shoes and step up on the plank. Change into your “indoor shoes” on the
Put your “street shoes” in the vinyl bag that you will receive at
registration and carry them to your class. If it does not have a wooden plank
step up on the higher level without your shoes.●If you are going to enter one
of the following buildings, please make sure you bring a new or washed pair
of shoes with a rubber sole or a pair of slippers that can be worn inside the
building. (And the vinyl bag you receive at registration)
Matsumoto Misuzugaoka High School
Matsumoto Daiichi High School
Matsusho High School
Matsumoto Shuho Secondary School
* Insurance Information (Please check with your insurance company
as to if you will need to purchase travelers’ insurance.)
* Travelers’ Checks or Cash
Many places in Matsumoto will not accept a credit card. Also, your credit
card company might tell you that you can get cash with your credit card in
Japan, but Matsumoto banks cannot do this.
*Cellists make sure you bring an End Pin Rest
*Put your name on everything!
With the large number of people attending this Convention, we ask that you
please take care of personal belongings, especially your instruments,
passports and any other valuable items. The World Convention is not
responsible for any items that may be damaged, lost or stolen. We will help
you, but the repair and recovery of any lost items will be the responsibility of
the participant. Since many will have similar items, we ask that you make
sure that your name is clearly written on everything, especially your
instrument, case, etc.
Please show our hosts that you are proud to be raised through the
“Beautiful music, beautiful heart” Suzuki Method!
Since schools and other venues are kindly allowing us to use their buildings
we would like for everyone to please respect the customs of the schools and
In Japan, keeping the school clean is the responsibility of the
students. So, the students clean their school at the end of each day.
◇ Though we do not have a cleaning time planned, we ask that everyone
clean up after themselves at all times. Especially after lunch.
◇ The restrooms in a school do not have paper towels. Please bring a small
towel with you. Please do not leave trash in the restrooms.
◇ Only bring tea or water for lessons breaks.
◇ Please do not eat during morning lessons. And do not eat or drink in any
of the concert halls.
◇ Only eat your lunch in designated areas. And take your garbage with you.
◇ Please make sure everyone who enters the building has “indoor shoes”.
◇ Please do not touch any of the equipment that belongs to that venue
◇ Do not enter any venue before or after the time reserved for World
Convention Activities.
◇ Cellists should always use an endpin rest and be very careful to keep
from scratching the floor.
◇ Please only smoke in the designated areas. There is no smoking allowed
in all of the school buildings and areas around the school buildings.
◇ If you should meet someone from the school or someone who works at the
venue, please greet them with a “Suzuki” smile and a friendly “Hello”.
●Unaccompanied students
If you have children in more than one venue, there will be a card on
the website the middle of March that you can print out and have the
unaccompanied child show to the teacher in his/her repertoire class on
March 29. The teacher will ask a parent in the child’s class to assist
your child getting to the bus and picking up his/her lunch after the
morning class. If you would prefer that all of your children eat lunch
together, please indicate that on the card. Families that need to eat
together can order a lunch to be delivered to the Matsumoto City
General Gymnasium and meet and eat together there. If your child
will eat at his/her class, make sure your child has his/her lunch ticket.