How to post NSF Fees

How to post NSF Fees
From now on the Assistant Managers will be posting NSF fees to resident accounts.
Below are instructions on how to do this. It is very easy just make sure you pay close
1. Log into Onesite L&R. On the Today page click the customize button
as shown below.
2. On the drop down menu select Alerts and then drag the alerts box into the
area on the right. You should have a box appear that says alerts. Click Save at
the bottom right.
3. On your Today page you should now have an Alerts box like seen below. This
is where all of your NSFs will appear.
4. Click on the Received NSF link to the right of the NSF in the Alerts box. A box
will pop-up that tells you what resident had the NSF.
5. Find the resident listed and open up their ledger.
6. On the resident’s ledger you will see where the payment has NSF’d. For it to
be a real NSF it will either say: 1. Insufficient Funds, 2. Closed Account, 3. Stop
Payment. If it says Unable to Locate account then skip to Step 11. If it says
Check 21 adjustment then you do not have to add an NSF fee.
This is an example of Unable to Locate Account. If you see this on the Resident’s
ledger then skip to step 11.
7. Click on the Enter Charge button. A window like the below should appear.
Enter NSFFEE as the Code and $25.00 as the Amount. It will automatically
populate the Description field, so do not change it. Then click Post.
8. After you post the charge it should show up on the ledger like below.
9. Close the ledger and go back to the Today page. Click on the more link beside
the NSF you just charged to the resident. A window will open that has a delete
link, click delete. Another window will pop up and ask you if you are sure so
click Delete again. (as seen on the next page)
10. If the NSF on the resident’s ledger says Unable to Locate Account then Login
to Onesite Payments and follow the below steps.
11. Click on the Transactions and then Customer ACH Opt Out under Check
Transactions. You should then see the screen below.
12. All you have to do is fill in the Routing number, account number, name on
account, and reason. On the check the Routing comes first and then the Account
number. For the Reason put ACH opt Out. Then Click Submit.
13. Once you have submitted the info then any check you scan for this person in
the future will look like its scanning the exact same way, but what will actually
happen is an image of the check will be sent to the bank instead of just the
routing and account numbers.