How to find the conference at Rica Nidelven Hotel 

How to find the conference at Rica Nidelven Hotel The conference takes place at Rica Nidelven Hotel, Havnegt. 1‐3, Trondheim (in the city centre). If you arrive by railroad or by bus from another Norwegian town, the hotel is walking distance from the central bus and railway station (see map). If you arrive by air to Trondheim Værnes Airport, you are 35 km away from the city centre and need to take the airport bus or a taxi. If you arrive by car, the hotel advises that you use the parking lot on the roof of the central railway station (see map). Airport bus The Airport Express Coach (“Flybussen” in Norwegian) departs from just outside the airport to the centre of Trondheim every 15 minutes as long as there are airplanes arriving. It costs NOK 90 one way and it takes credit cards. There is a cash machine in the arrival terminal, if you find it easier. Two bus stops in the centre of Trondheim are close to Rica Nidelven Hotel. See enclosed maps. Information about the airport bus to be found at Taxi A taxi from the airport to the hotel costs NOK 740 at night (for 4 persons), and is not much faster than the airport bus. During daytime the rate is NOK 620 (for 4 persons). A pre‐ordered “airport taxi” costs NOK 320 per person and must be ordered 4 hours in advance at +47 930 07373. More information can be found at Car parking The parking lot at the railway station costs NOK 155 per day.