Instructions on How to Wear the Foothill-SLAM NJB Uniform (01-03-09)

Instructions on How to Wear the Foothill-SLAM NJB Uniform (01-03-09)
Each year with new players and ones that forget, we need to provide examples of how to
correctly wear the uniform. Below you will find two examples of how to correctly wear our
uniform for games.
Correct Way to Wear the Uniforms
Home Games Wear White
Away Games Wear Blue
If the player wants to wear a t-shirt under the jersey, IT MUST BE THE SAME COLOR as the
jersey. As part of the registration fee, Foothill provides an official blue t-shirt that can be worn
under the blue jersey. The player can wear any white t-shirt under the white jersey for home
games. It is not necessary to wear a t-shirt under the jersey but often the gyms are cold on
Sundays and an extra layer may help to keep the player warm.
Wrong – T-shirt must
match Jersey Color
Incorrect Way to Wear the Uniforms
Wrong – Jersey and uniform
trunks must be same color
The referee may
ask your player to
remove a wrong
color t-shirt prior
to the game or
during the game.
The rules require
the t-shirt to match
the jersey color.
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In addition to the jersey, trunks and t-shirts, players can purchase an optional shooting shirt. The
shooting shirts match the uniform and give the player something to wear to and from games, as
well as during games if the gym is cold. The shooting shirt does not have any printing on the
back. You can take the shooting shirt to a local printer to have your player’s name printed on the
back as shown below.
These local printers often change ownership and move. Foothill keeps a local vendor identified
in its FAQ’s on the web site at the following address, if you would like to have your player’s
name printed on the back of the shooting shirt.
We encourage you to purchase the shooting shirt in larger sizes, so your player can wear it for
several years. Other things you should know about our uniforms include the following:
Our chapter recycles the jerseys. Your player will be issued a uniform at the beginning
of the season and it must be returned at the end of the season after the last game. You
may wonder why we don’t let the players reuse the same jersey from season to season.
The reason is that the players grow (need a larger size) and more importantly, we need to
have ten unique jersey numbers on each team. Part of the uniform distribution process is
making sure each player gets the right size and all ten players have a unique number.
There are only 35 valid basketball uniform numbers, because any combination of
numbers cannot use the digits six, seven, eight or nine. The limited number of valid
jersey numbers makes the process of assigning jerseys more interesting for our uniform
The players keep the basketball trunks and may use them year to year until they are too
small. Before registration, you should have your player try on the trunks and make sure
they fit. You may order a new pair of basketball trunks during registration if you need a
larger size or lost last year’s trunks.
Have a great season and be sure to wear the uniform properly!
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