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GRIPmaster® or how to stabilise your pallets
Our GRIPmaster antislip tie-sheets dramatically improve the stability of palletized products.
Regardless of the type of packing (boxes, bags, etc), GRIPmaster allows you to increase the
profitability of your operations by avoiding loss of merchandise due to damage during handling,
palletizing and transport.
Warrants its antislip efficiency by way of continuous laboratory testing according to the
NFQ 03-082 (measurement of static friction coefficient) and NFQ 03-083 standards
(determination of the dynamic friction coefficient) – stability of palletized goods up to 45°
100% post-consumer recycled fibre, recyclable & repulpable
In conformity with the 96-638 decree concerning packaging (content of heavy metals)
Suitable for food contact (dry)
Doesn’t stick, doesn’t dust
The choice of the ideal weight depends on the type of packing and the weight of the products, as
well as on the method used to place the tie-sheet on the pallet (manually or automatically). Please
contact our technical sales team for further advice.
Weight (g/m²)
Sheet size (cm)
110, 135, 150
Pallets of :
5000 sheets
100x70, 120x80, 120x100
Please contact us for other
sizes or reels
3500 sheets
3000 sheets
2500 sheets
If your goods are exposed to humidity during handling & transport, our AquaGRIP® water-repellent
antislip tie-sheet offers you the adequate solution!
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