SELLERS GUIDE Southampton NCT Nearly New Sale .

Southampton NCT Nearly New Sale
In this guide there are 4 main ‘TO DO’ sections:
1. How to price your items in 3 steps
2. Finished pricing? All sellers must prepare the following
3. Sale morning and things to remember
4. NNS ‘frequently asked questions’
*Important note: Sellers entrance is different to the sale entrance
Bellemoor Rd
Sports Hall parking
Hill Lane
Sports Hall
Sale Entrance
Front of college parking
* Sellers entrance
Map of Taunton‟s College, Hill Lane, Southampton, SO15 5RL.
Please follow direction signs in the car park on the day
1. How to price your items in 3 steps
1. Using the card labels provided in your pack, write your registration/item
numbers and sorting letter clearly in the spaces provided on each label. (Please
check your registration form for these numbers). Sellers using email packs will notice
that there are 10 labels on one page so you’ll need to print this out 5 times
onto card.
The sale is advertised as selling good quality, NEARLY NEW baby and children’s
clothes (up to 8 yrs), books, equipment, maternity wear, toys, books, outdoor play
equipment, videos and DVD’s. It is important that all items brought to the sale
are in nearly new condition. All items will be vetted and we reserve the right to
refuse to sell items if they fall below the high standard expected.
2. Attach labels to your items using small safety pins and string or sellotape.
Please ensure all price labels are firmly attached, if we have no label, we
cannot pay you!
o If there is more than one piece to an item, ensure that all parts are
firmly fastened together.
o We advise you to use hangers wherever possible, especially on maternity
wear. It is not advisable to attach your labels onto the hanger as items
can become separated from their hangers during the sale. (We cannot
guarantee to return coat hangers. We do occasionally have a small stock of hangers
should you wish to take any home with you once the sale has ended.)
PLEASE NOTE: The NCT cannot accept responsibility for labels that become detached and
lost, or for lost and damaged items. All items are left at the owner‟s risk.
3. When packing your box of items please do the following things:
o Double check that you have filled in all the fields on your labels and that
they are neat/legible
o Pre-sort all clothing into size order using carrier bags before placing them
into your box. Please use a different bag for each age listed below:
Newborn/0 – 3 months/3 – 6 months/6 - 12 months/12 - 18 months/18 24 months/2 - 3 years/3 - 5 years/5+ years.
(Please note: There is a limit of 30 items of clothing per seller number for 0-6 months)
The best guide when deciding on prices is to ask yourself would you be
prepared to pay what you are charging for the item? (If the answer is no, then the
price is too high.)
Remember the price of goods on the high street/supermarket.
It is reasonable to charge a quarter or even a third of the original of the price
when new, as all items should be in nearly new condition.
Prices must be in multiples of 10p. (if any item is priced differently we will round down
to the nearest 10p).
Toys (we do not accept soft toys)
Activity Centres £1.50 - £2
Baby Gyms £5
Books 20 -50p
Dolls Pushchairs £3 - £4
Ironing Boards £2 - £3
Jigsaws 30 - 50p
Ride-on Toys £4 - £5.50
Videos/DVD’s £2
Babygros 50p - £1.50
Blouses and Shirts £1 - £2
Cardigans and Jumpers £1.50 - £3
Dresses £2 - £4
Jackets £4 - £5.50
Pram Suits £2 - £4
Shorts and T-Shirts 50p - £1.50
Socks and Underwear (5 pairs) £1 - £2
Slippers and Wellies (we do not accept shoes)
£1 - £1.50
Swimwear £1 - £2.50
Trousers £2 - £4
Size/age does not need to be completed for nonclothes items, although it would be helpful if you
could indicate for which age an item is appropriate.
Baby Walkers £8 - £12
Table Booster Seats £4
Changing Mats £1
High Chairs £10+
Pushchairs £10+
“ with accessories £15+
Travel Cots £20+
2. Finished pricing? – All sellers must prepare the following:
1. Registration form
Print, fill in and give to the registration desk. (Sellers with 2 registration numbers
should write both numbers on form. Please retain personal copies of all forms.)
2. Items list
Ensure that all labelled items are written on your list. Please staple pages
together and give to the registration desk. (Sellers with 2 registration numbers
should provide a separate items list from 1-50 for each number. Please retain personal copies
of all forms.)
3. A strong box containing your items
Firmly attach registration number/sorting letter signs. Please stick one sign on
a side and the other on an end of the box. This will be stored during the sale
and used for unsold item collection. (Sellers with 2 registration numbers should provide
a separate box for each number.)
3. Sale morning and things to remember
Please follow the arrows towards the seller’s entrance and queue outside the
doors until a volunteer lets you in (see map on page 1).
You must arrive promptly to register your items as we are unable to re-open
the doors once closed at 8.50am. The hall is a short walk from the car park so
it is advisable to bring help to carry any larger items/boxes.
Register your items between 8.15am – 8.50am on the morning of the sale
The success of the Sale depends on volunteers. If you would like to help please
contact Jo: [email protected]
Times to note:
 8.15am – 8.50am Seller’s Registration
 10am – 12pm
NNS takes place
 1.30pm – 2pm
Please return for unsold items collection
Do not return before 1.30pm as your items will not be ready. Any items not
collected by 2pm will be disposed of and a removal charge of five pounds will
be deducted from your seller’s cheque.
We have a lost property table and we advise you to check this table when
returning to collect unsold items. Any items that are not collected will be
compiled into a list and sent out alongside your cheques after the sale. These
items will be available for collection only for four weeks after the sale, after
which they will be disposed of. Please be aware that the NCT cannot accept
responsibility for labels that become that become detached and lost, or for
lost/damaged items. All items are left at the owner’s risk.
We will send your proceeds cheque for the amount you have sold, less commission,
within 4 weeks of the sale. Items are sold on the following commission basis: 70% of
the selling price to you, 30% of the selling price to the NCT.
Frequently asked questions
1a. Why do I have to register? It is essential that each seller registers before the sale to
obtain a sellers pack. 1b. I‟ve registered for the sale, but I‟ve changed my mind and don‟t want
to sell. What can I do with the pack? You can return your unused pack, at least 2 weeks before
the sale for a full refund. Or, if you know someone else who would like to sell, you can pass the
pack on, as long as you inform the NNS seller‟s contact at least two weeks before the sale of
the changes.
2a. Why does each seller have a registration number and a sorting letter? To help speed up the
process of sorting at the end of the sale. 2b. Why do we need to give each item a separate
number too and provide a written list? This is so we have an accurate record of what each seller
has submitted into the sale.
3. I had two registration numbers but received only one cheque/report after the sale, when will
I receive my second cheque/report? We are unable provide a separate report/cheque for each
registration number. The report/cheque covers both numbers.
4. Why pay for the sellers pack? The charge covers the cost of all the stationary, printing and
postage involved in producing the pack. There is a charge for the online version as it is
important that we know how many serious sellers to expect on the day due to venue size limits.
5. How many items can I sell? Each pack contains 50 labels. You are allowed to register with a
2nd registration number if you have more than 50 items to sell; however we are not running a
jumble sale! All goods brought on the morning of the sale should be of high quality and in nearly
new condition. There is a limit of 30 items of clothing per seller for 0-6 months age range due
to limited space in hall.
6. Which items are not suitable for selling? For health and safety reasons the following items
cannot be sold:
Cuddly toys (due to space in the hall) Car seats/Car Booster seats or car seats from
pram/pushchair Travel Systems. (NB: Although you cannot sell a Travel System‟s car seat at
the NCT sale, you may include a note with your Travel System, giving your name and phone
number, offering the buyer the opportunity to buy the car seat from you privately at a later
date. The label cannot state that the car seat is included within the price. Car seats that
are available for private purchase with a travel system are not allowed, under any
circumstances, to be brought inside the hall on the day of the sale.)
Moses basket/carrycot stands unless they are accompanied with specific details of weight
loadings as well as instructions for use and ONLY if they adhere to the guidelines which state
that they „must include both a guardrail or means of stopping the cot from falling off the
stand and must be a maximum of 432mm above ground level‟. Matresses may now be sold BUT
ONLY IF they have a waterproof cover with no cracks, tears or holes and are clean and dry.
Ventilated mattresses may not be sold.
We regret we cannot accept “bag-type” slings as these have been shown to be unsafe and
have been associated with baby deaths in the US.
The brands/products we cannot accept for sale are:
Infantino sling rider
Premaxx baby bag (…cont on next page)
Munchkin cargo sling
Boppy carry in comfort
Lamaze close comfort
Wendy Bellissimo sling
In “Bag-style” slings, the deep pouch where the baby lies could put the baby in a potentially
suffocating, curved position. In addition the fabric, which has an elasticated edge, may cover
the baby‟s face or the baby may turn in toward the carer‟s body, so that they have
difficulty breathing. These types of bag sling also obstruct the parents‟ view of the baby,
due to the high and gathered side panels. Please note that the majority of baby carriers and
slings are still safe to use. Safe designs include shallow pouch-style slings, ring slings, soft
carriers and wrap slings.
Also, second hand breast pumps - manual, battery or mains (brand new pumps may be sold,
including the bottles), bottles and teats, dummies and soothers, cosmetics that have been
opened or are past their use by date (we can sell cosmetics that were originally for sale in
the UK and are unopened), riding hats, crash helmets, mains powered electrical equipment or
toys unless adhering to legal safety requirements; (even if these also run on batteries),
children‟s clothing with a drawstring around the neck, certain prams, buggies and pushchairs
(see question 8 below), any type of baby food, including formula. Door bouncers may now be
sold but please include assembly instructions with a maximum weight limit.
7. How do I sell my pram, buggy or pushchair? There are very strict rules governing the sale of
these items. If you are considering selling a pram, pushchair or buggy, please read this section
You must supply the full instructions, in English.
The instructions must be headed „Important, Keep For Future Reference‟ and must
include instructions relating to operation, assembly, use and maintenance.
Your buggy must be checked thoroughly for the following:
Brakes – these should work and be able to stop a loaded machine on a slope. The
tyres should also be examined as these can affect the performance of brakes
Locking Devices – there should be two locking devices on each machine so that when
the main lock is released, the secondary lock prevents the frame from collapsing
Harness – a secure safety harness must be fitted.
General – look for damage from wear and tear. Check to ensure that a child‟s
fingers cannot be caught anywhere. The frame should be secure and free from
sharp edges or exposed parts.
Your pram, buggy or pushchair must be permanently marked with:
1.BS7409:1996 - This exact number and year combination, and
2.The name or trademark of the manufacturer (or importer)
A permanent notice on your pram, buggy or pushchair must state:
“Children should be harnessed in at all times and should never be left unattended. The
child should be clear of moving parts while making adjustments. This vehicle requires
regular maintenance by the user. Overloading, incorrect folding and the use of nonapproved accessories may damage or break this vehicle. Read the instructions.”
We cannot accept any prams, buggies or pushchairs not meeting all of these conditions.
An NCT member will check all prams, buggies and pushchairs brought to the sale and any
not meeting the conditions will be refused. (If you are still unsure whether or not your
pram, buggy or pushchair is suitable, please ring a member of the sales team for advice
or bring it to the sale and we will check it for you and advise whether it may be sold.)