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By Dr. Andrew Smith
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Decide on the topic of your site
Product and income claims
Creating marketing material
Exercise number 1
Choose your keywords and phrases
Long-tail versus short-tail
Search volume
Exercise number 2
Choose your domain name
Exercise number 3
Decide on your basic site components and strategy
Websites or blogs?
Include an online shop?
Add a capture page?
Use Auto-responders?
Use E-books?
Prospecting pipeline example
Exercise number 4
Choose your content
Exercise number 5
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Choose traffic generation strategies
3-Way Links
Article marketing
Video marketing
Ezine Advertisements
Set up your company website and blog
Web hosting
Setting up Wordpress
Using Wordpress
Setting up an online retail store
Enrolling preferred customers and Associates
Internet marketing for your site
b. Capture pages, auto-responders and information products
i. Setting up your capture page
ii. Setting up your auto-responder
iii. Promotion of your capture page
iv. Promoting affiliate products
v. The funded proposal
c. Summary
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This document is intended as a workbook and so you will need to print it off and
complete the tasks, as detailed throughout. This will guide you through the process of
planning and implementing your entire online marketing campaign. If you want to
successfully promote your Network Marketing business and products online, then
In section 1, you will be guided through the planning process for establishing an
online presence for your Network Marketing business.
The process followed is
essential prior to commencing any online marketing strategy.
Planning and
strategising are vital for the long-term success of any online marketing campaign.
As you begin learning about the traffic generation techniques in section 2, there is no
need to implement them all at once. It is far more beneficial to try to prioritise them
and master one at a time! You will be assisted with this process in section 3.
It is advised that you do not go ahead and set up your website or blog until you have
read through this entire workbook and completed all of the tasks. What you will be
shown in section 3 is the best place to start and how to progress until you have
developed an automated prospecting system. If you miss any steps or do them out of
sequence then you may make more work for yourself.
Follow the advice and
guidance as closely as possible and it is highly likely that you will develop your own
powerful, automated, lead generation and prospecting system that will enable you to
sort your prospects from the suspects!
This task is about making important decisions for your website and marketing strategy
and taking the time to documenting them. You will need to do some additional
research on your own to make some of the decisions discussed. You will be provided
with links to suitable resources where necessary, so please take advantage of them.
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Before we begin I would like to introduce myself and tell you a bit about how I came
to Network Marketing:
My name is Dr. Andrew Smith and my academic
background was originally in Engineering. I graduated with
a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2002 and went on to
complete a PhD in the subject in 2005. I knew part way
through my postgraduate study that I did not want to pursue
a career as and Engineer, despite the fact that I had enjoyed
the challenges of the research work that I had been involved
with. I arrived at this decision because I had no desire to
work for other people! However, I simply did not have the
capital to start my own traditional business.
During the course of my study I had also been attending college part-time to gain a
Fitness Instructor qualification. Exercise and fitness have always been of interest to
me and I was keen to learn about training principles to apply to my own regime.
Upon completion of the course I decided to embark of the next level qualification in
Personal Training.
In late 2005 I left both University and College with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering
and a vocational qualification in Personal Training, but remained unclear on the
direction my life was moving in.
In January 2006 I started working as a personal trainer for a large commercial gym,
but within the space of 6 months I had decided that I needed to get out of employment
and take the necessary steps to set up a business on my own. It was at this time that I
was first introduced to Network Marketing (June 2006). You can probably relate to
what attracted me to the industry: I had no money, I was in a job that I hated, I had
little direction, I wanted more from my life and I was desperate to improve my
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Soon after learning about Network Marketing I left the gym where I was working. I
had started my Network Marketing business and was also working as a freelance
Personal Trainer, training my clients in their own homes. This enabled me to earn
sufficient income to meet my immediate financial needs, whilst still being able to
allocate time to build my Networking Marketing business. I had grand plans of
building a sizeable organisation over a relatively short period of time, enabling me to
quit Personal Training in pursuit of financial and time freedom. I was going to travel
around the world, taking numerous extended holidays, seeking personal fulfilment
through involvement in humanitarian aid projects. I was going to live on the residual
income generated by my business, spending as little time on income producing
activities as was necessary!
It wasn’t long before I got a reality check! I had been working on my business for
over a year and had not seen the type of growth that I had expected in my business.
This was when it dawned on me that there were a few things I was going to have to do
differently if I wanted to grow my business fast and with ease!
Don’t get me wrong, I know that it is possible to build a thriving Network Marketing
business using the traditional word-of-mouth marketing techniques alone and I have
witnessed many people do just that. I had some success sponsoring Associates in this
way, but the problem for me was that I found it time consuming and frustrating! I
wanted to develop a rejection free way of sponsoring Associates and customers in
large volumes and this is what led me down the path towards marketing Online.
I do still promote my business using the traditional methods, but now I have so much
more to offer to the people that I speak to. Even if you are experiencing success
promoting your business via word-of-mouth, I still recommend setting up an online
campaign so that you can support Associates in your team who favour this approach.
This is what has worked for me and I am confident that it can work for you too!
I trust that you will enjoy the journey as I guide you along the path to success in your
Network Marketing business!
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In this section you will make some important decisions about your campaign, which
will assist you in setting up a search engine friendly website or blog that will be
optimised for the specific keywords that you choose.
Decide on the topic of your site
The first decision that you will need to make is the basic topic for your website. Do
you intend to market home businesses? Or do you intend to promote network
Perhaps you will focus your site on extra income opportunities, or
making money online.
Alternatively you may choose to build a site that is specific to your company
Therefore you may build a health site, or an energy efficiency site
depending on the products your company distributes.
Whatever you choose to focus on, please be advised that different topics will be
searched for in different volumes. Focusing on a high volume topic such as ‘extra
income’ is not always the best approach, as you will also have more competition.
Sometimes, cornering a specific niche with less search volume and less competition
yields better results. This is discussed in more detail in the ‘Choose you keywords
and phrases’ section. Do some basic google searches to determine the level of
competition for a number of specific topics and niches.
There are a number of considerations. Firstly, you will need to create content for your
site, so you should be interested in the topic you wish to focus on, as you will need to
research it and prepare information. It may be an idea to think carefully about why
you started your business and try to target other people who may have the same
motivations. As an example, if your goal is to spend more time with your family then
your site and marketing may focus on attracting people in the same situation as you.
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The next consideration relates to your company’s compliance rules. Most companies
will have a ‘policies and procedures’ document that you will need to read and
internalise. The two major areas that are of relevance here relate to making product
claims that may not be true and also making income claims. Most companies will
also have restrictions on creating your own marketing material.
As a rule of thumb, I DO NOT recommend mentioning your company on your
primary marketing website, or in your marketing campaigns AT ALL. It is better to
keep your marketing site generic and then send prospects to your company site when
they express an interest in the products, or opportunity that you are offering. Most
companies will provide you with a personal branded web page or site and you can
send prospects here once they are ready to learn more about the company you work
Using the company name on your primary website is likely to breach
compliance rules. Trust me, I found this out the hard way some time ago, having
spent months building and promoting a site that I had to delete just as it started to rank
highly in Google! Not very nice I can assure you!
The only place you should directly promote your company and products is on the site
provided by your company. I will teach you how to build your primary marketing
website, which is used to locate prospects, generate traffic, build trust, elevate interest
and filter prospects to your company site. It should not be used to directly promote
your products or opportunity, but should discuss and outline your general opinions
surrounding what you are able to offer. This is discussed in more detail later, but
please heed this warning!
i. Product and income claims
To be on the safe side, you should avoid discussing possible product benefits and
potential earnings, even if you are not naming your company. It is better to talk about
your personal experiences and feelings, without making unsubstantiated claims about
the products, or how much money someone is likely to earn.
A section from the product disclaimer of the company I represent states the following:
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“ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
The components of the […] program are foods and are not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure, or prevent any disease. As with any health or fitness program, a sensible
eating plan and regular exercise are required in order to achieve long-term results.
Results will vary”
The income disclaimer for the company I represent states the following:
“$91,800 is the average yearly income for an established, full-time […] Associate
(Gold Director and above).
$23,225 is the annual average of those who earned as little as one commission check
each month.
Surveys show that 83% of all Associates self-report they joined […] to “improve their
health.” Of those remaining, 21% earned a check at least once a month even though
56% reported they were not joining to “replace their full-time income.” Of those that
were, 41% have been Associates for at least one year and 56% are considered full
time with the title of Gold Director or above.
These figures shown should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your
actual earnings or profits. Success with […] results only from successful sales efforts,
which require hard work, diligence, and leadership.
If you include all 126,146 with the title of Associate, which includes, Associates not
actively building a business (acting as wholesale buyers), Associates who just joined
(as little as one day), and those who are just beginning to build their customer base,
the average yearly income is still $734.27, with more than one in three earning a
check and currently 115 Associates who are lifetime Million Dollar Earners”
Copyright © 2009 Dr. Andrew Smith. All rights reserved
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Your company should have something similar, but if not then this still highlights the
importance of being careful about any claims that you make. The last thing you want
to do is jeopardise you own distributorship with the company.
ii. Creating marketing material
As discussed previously, it is unlikely that you will be permitted to create your own
marketing material where the company name is stated. If you wish to build a site that
focuses on promoting your company then you will need to use the page or site
provided by the company. I know I have already addressed this, but I do not want
there to be any misunderstanding, as I want your campaign to be a success. I would
rather you learned from my mistakes, rather than making the same mistakes that I
iii. Exercise number 1
Now complete the table below to consider different topics ideas for your website. For
now, just try to use your intuition relating to search volume and competition. This is
not an exact science, but should give you an idea which topics you wish to prioritise.
You can continue this in greater detail once you have considered your keywords and
phrases in the next section.
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Choose you keywords and phrases
i. Long-tail versus short-tail
There are two different types of keyword, or key phrase. They are long-tail and shorttail. A long-tail keyword (or phrase) usually contains a number of words, i.e. “online
home business opportunities in the UK”. A short-tail keyword is usually a single
word or a couple of words, i.e. “online business”, or “home business”.
The advantage of using long-tail keywords is that you will have fewer competitors
looking to achieve Google rankings for that set of keywords. The disadvantage is that
fewer people will be searching for those terms.
Conversely, the advantage of using short-tail keywords is that more people will search
for those terms. Unfortunately, more people will be optimising for them too, creating
more competition!
A strategy that I would recommend is to start by optimising for long-tail keywords.
Think about the types of phrases that people will be typing into Google about the
topic of your website. For example, if you choose to build a site discussing early
retirement, then “early retirement” might be a very competitive keyword, whereas
“how to retire in 5 years” may be less competitive. “How to retire in 5 years” still
receives an average of 91 Google searches per month, with just a couple of websites
on the front page of Google fully optimising for that set of keywords! I will show you
how I conducted this simple test in a moment. The point I wish to make is that if you
optimise correctly for a number of long-tail keywords, you can still generate a lot of
targeted and qualified traffic.
Once your site is recognised by Google as having authority for your long-tail
keywords, you may be able to begin optimising for short-tail keywords with greater
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ii. Search volume
In the above example ‘search volume’ for the key phrase “how to retire in 5 years”
was 91. This value was determined using the Google keyword analysis tool below.
This tool gives you an approximation of the number of times a keyword was searched
for in Google in the previous month. Please click on the link below to try out the tool:
As you consider different long-tail and short-tail keywords, obtain an estimate for the
search volume to assess its validity.
iii. Competition
Conducting a short Google competitor analysis for your chosen keywords is also
important to determine whether you can secure high Google rankings for those
keywords. The most basic way to conduct this analysis is to search for the word or
phrase in Google. If you have a number of words making up a phrase then make sure
you put the complete phrase into speech marks (“…”). This will only generate results
for sites where the words appear in the same order that you are optimising for.
Once Google has generated results, you can make a note of the number of sites
containing that key phrase (top right hand corner of results). Don’t be alarmed by the
high numbers, as this does not mean that those sites are optimising for the same key
phrase. There are so many people who create sites, but have no idea how to optimise
them. In my opinion far more than 99% of all sites are pointless and ineffective!
Harsh I know, but this is good news for us!
A site that can be perfectly optimised for a chosen key phrase will usually contain all
of the words in the correct sequence IN THE TITLE OF THE PAGE. This appears in
blue above the descriptions in Google. You will learn how to optimise pages of your
site in this manner, so the sites optimised in this way are the only competitors that you
should really concern yourself with!
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iv. Exercise number 2
In this exercise, you will be assessing a number of possible keywords and phrases that
relate to your site topic. This will enable you to decide which keywords you should
aim to optimise for. Once you have optimised for one set of keywords you can begin
to include optimisation for additional keywords and phrases.
To begin, list at least 15 to 20 keywords and phrases that are relevant to the topic of
your site. Try to think about the types of people who would benefit from visiting your
site and consider the types of phrases they might search for.
Next, use the Google keyword tool to obtain estimates of the search volume for each
keyword or phrase ( Note
the total search volume for the exact phrase.
Once you have completed the above steps for each of them, conduct a Google search
for each set of keywords and key phrases. Remember to put speech marks (“ … “)
around phrases for accurate results. Note the number of results returned.
Finally calculate the ratio of the search volume divided by the number of competitors.
Higher values represent keywords, which are searched more frequently and have less
competition. These are likely to be higher priority keywords (providing potential
visitors actually search for them!).
Please note:
This analysis does not guarantee that you will have the best keywords for your site,
but it will ensure that a critical thought process has been used to select them.
Keywords can be adapted over time, so be prepared to make adjustments when
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Keyword / Phrase
Monthly Search Volume No. Sites Returned by Google
(Exact keyword/phrase)
(Put " " around phrases)
(Search volume/sites returned) (Higher for higher ratios)
Example 1
Early retirement
Example 2
How to retire in 5 years
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Choose your domain name
Once you have made decisions about the topic of your website and the types of
keywords you wish to optimise for, you can choose a domain name.
There are only two major recommendations I have here: The first is to try to ensure
that your most important keywords feature in the title. You can add additional words,
or play around with the order, but try to find a domain where they are included and
the title is easy to remember.
The second is to opt for a ‘dot com’ domain over any other alternative.
advantage with a ‘dot com’ domain is that everyone will be familiar with the
extension and it is less likely to negatively influence an individual’s decision to visit
your site. If you are in the UK and choose a ‘dot co dot uk’ domain, then you may be
less likely to get visitors from other countries.
When I set up my website I wanted to include 2 main keywords that related to the
topic of my site: ‘MLM’ and ‘training’. Fortunately I was able to secure the domain! This contains my main keywords and is relevant to
theme of my site, which aims to teach network marketers how to reach the summit in
their own business.
i. Exercise number 3
List 5 possible domain names below. Please be aware that you may need to modify
and amend them to ensure that you get a ‘dot com’ domain.
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Ideal Domain Name
Once you have decided on a domain name, you can check that it is available and
subscribe to a hosting package. With Yahoo, packages range from as little as $7 US
per month and you may qualify for free domain name registration.
Click on the link below to begin and then select one of the 3 hosting package options.
You will then be able to search all available domains before completing your order. I
recommend doing this now to secure your desired domain name:
Free Domain Name When You Purchase Yahoo! Web Hosting Plan
Decide on your basic site components and strategy
There are a number of components that you should consider integrating into your
website for your online campaign. Unfortunately when I build my first site, I was a
complete novice and I gave no consideration to any of them! Over the past 2 years I
have researched each of them and have learned the relevance and importance to my
overall strategy. If you take on board what I am about to show you and conduct the
additional research that I suggest, then you may only ever need to build one site that
will serve you and your business for years to come.
i. Websites or Blogs?
The first decision you should make is whether you would like to base your primary
marketing site on a standard website template, or on a blog template. My personal
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preference nowadays is to use blogs. The main reason for this is that a blog is very
easy to update and you can still include additional pages where the content remains
unchanged (like on a website).
Updating websites can be time consuming and
requires some knowledge of a web design package, such as Dreamweaver, whereas
most blog templates are very user-friendly.
If you visit my blog at, you will see an example of a
blog built using Wordpress. Other benefits of using Wordpress blogs are that they are
free to use, they are customisable and easy to update, as well as having a range of
themes to achieve the look and feel you are aiming for.
A further benefit of blogs is that search engines like them, as long as they are updated
regularly and the posts relate to the overall site theme. Each individual post can be
used as an entry point to your site from search engines, by optimising your posts for
keywords and implementing some of the strategies discussed in section 2 of this
workbook. Your posts can also be modified and used in article marketing campaigns
(also described in section 2), which is one strategy that I personally adopt and highly
The final benefit of blogs that I wish to discuss is the social interaction element.
When you have a blog, you are encouraging visitors to comment and provide
feedback, so you can generally get a feeling whether your posts are having the desired
If you would like to browse available Wordpress themes to choose one that will give
your site the appearance you want, then please click on the link below:
If you do not wish to use a blog then an alternative might be to build a basic site with
a lead capture page. You can then focus on driving traffic to your site using other
approaches, rather than optimising for search engines. If you choose this option then
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you will still need to produce relevant information to send out to your list of
subscribers (leads).
I actually recommend adopting both of these approaches over time and I will explain
how in greater detail in section 3. All you need to know for now is that these are 2
methods that both have huge value, depending on the result you are aiming to achieve.
ii. Include an online shop?
When I first started my Network Marketing business I could barely afford to pay for
my product Autoship order each month. I had already decided that I wanted to be on
the maximum Autoship order value, as otherwise I would be leaving MY MONEY on
the table by not claiming commissions on all of my business centres! This led me to
explore possibilities for retailing products online.
One of the things that I have been very successful at in my business is finding and
enrolling customers. This started when I researched ways of selling some of my
Autoship products to retail customers in the UK and developed into the strategy I now
use for finding and enrolling preferred customers online, all over the world. I do still
retail a small amount of products each month, but this is more through loyalty to my
existing retail customers! I would quite happily use more products each month!
I would only recommend retailing products online if it is the only viable way for you
to remain on a maximum Autoship. Although you do not need to be on the maximum
Autoship, it is the best way to ensure that you receive all of the commissions that you
generate. Most companies pay different percentages, or pay you on more business
centres if you order a specific amount of products each month. Check this with your
sponsor from your company.
If you are happy using all of your products each month, between you and your family,
or if you already have enough retail customers to sustain your Autoship order, then
there is no need to have an online shop. You can still find preferred customers online,
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which to be honest, is far more convenient for you, as you will not need to process
any payments or ship any products!
If you do wish to include an online shop then I recommend the shopping cart software
available at I have negotiated a discount with the
provider of this software, so enter the code uihdiscount at the checkout to receive an
additional 10% off of the cost your purchase.
This software is easy to install, it enables you to keep an inventory of your products
(so you can’t sell products you don’t have!) and enables you to accept payments
through Paypal ( You will need the ‘Power Seller Kit’ to
enable the inventory function, but this is still available for an excellent price.
Once again, visit and enter the promotional code
uihdiscount at the checkout to receive 10% off of the overall cost of your purchase.
iii. Add a capture page?
Capture pages are used to enable your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list. A
visitor might typically input their name and email address, giving you permission to
email them information about your products or opportunity. The advantage of having
a capture page is that you will be able to build a list of prospects, who have
specifically requested your information broadcasts. You can send instant messages to
them whenever you have something you wish to communicate, or you can have a prewritten set of follow-up messages, which go out to the list at prescribed intervals (this
is covered in the following section on Auto-responders). In any sales orientated
business, it is said that ‘the fortune is in the follow-up’! Very few people become
fully convinced the first time they are exposed to a new concept, but over time, with
repeated exposure they are more inclined to formulate an opinion and make a buying
decision. See section 3 for details on how and when to start using a capture page.
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The other advantage to building a list is that IT IS YOUR LIST! Your list is your
asset and could contain many people who feel they know you, like you and trust you.
This is an extremely valuable asset for any business!
Capture pages and web forms are usually provided as part of an Auto-responder
service package. The company I use provide web forms for capturing subscribers and
these can be easily integrated into your website of blog.
iv. Use Auto-responders?
If you choose to incorporate a capture page into your site then you will usually need
an Auto-responder service to manage your prospects and provide them with
information. This is an incredibly valuable service as it enables you to automate the
sharing of information with your prospects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sometimes
visitors to your site will not have time to review everything at one time, so you can
drip feed the information through emails and continue inviting them back to your site
to learn more. These repeated exposures build familiarity and trust.
There are two types of message you can send out with an Auto-responder, they are
scheduled and broadcasts. A scheduled message will be sent out a prescribed number
of days after registration onto your list. This can be used to delivery a 5 day E-course,
or a number of follow-up messages. A broadcast enables you to send a one-off email
to everyone on your list. If you decide to run a contest, or an incentive programme
then you can introduce them using broadcasts.
If you wish to check out a leading provider of Auto-responder services, visit This service is provided for approximately $20 US per month,
which is an absolute bargain when you consider the leverage it will give you in your
marketing campaign! You do not need to register yet, as I will provide details on how
to register and provide basic information on setting up your campaign in section 3.
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v. Use E-books?
There are a number of benefits to creating free E-books, or E-courses. E-books in
particular are an excellent way to share information with prospects, as they can be
printed off, taken away and read at any time. You can also encourage your prospects
to share the E-books with others who may be interested in the content, which in turn
creates new visitors to your site.
In addition, E-books can be used as incentives for prospects to register on your list.
This means that you not only get to share information, but you also have a means of
following up with them afterwards!
Some time ago I created 2 E-books that my team could use to assist them in
prospecting and recruiting customers and Associates. I still use these E-books today
and I actively encourage my team to do the same. I provide my new Associates with
a significant amount of training on how to tailor their approaches using these E-books.
Please feel free to read these documents for ideas on how to create your own. I must
point out at this time that copyright laws cover both documents, so you are not
permitted to modify the content or tamper with the links! Please maintain your
integrity by adhering to these user agreements.
Business Related E-books:
Secrets of the Rat Race Disclosed: Escape the 9 to 5 Way of Life Forever!
Network Marketing: Discover Your Personal Path to Success
For an example of how capture pages and auto-responders can be used, you can visit
my landing page at and register your details. You will
receive a free 25-day Internet MLM Boot Camp, which will teach you everything you
need to know to build a thriving Network Marketing business online!
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vi. Prospecting pipeline example
By way of an example I have provide a schematic diagram of my personal
prospecting pipeline. Please take time to review the diagram and the description
below it. I will explain the purpose of each stage, as well as discussing ongoing
system developments and the desired path for prospects moving through the pipeline.
You will notice 3 key elements that we have already discussed:
My primary marketing website (blog),
My lead capture page and auto-responder email series
My company website
There is one new element that I have not yet covered and that is the funded proposal
system. Funded proposals are a powerful way to demonstrate what you can offer to
your prospects. They can also be used to generate income from those who value your
advice and support enough to purchase training material or services from you, but are
not interested in joining your business. This will be explained in detail later (section
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Route 1:
Route 2:
Route 3:
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Although at first glance the prospecting pipeline for my marketing campaign may
seem a bit complicated, when I explain each element I am sure you will agree that it is
actually very straightforward! I will also indicate the preferred sequence for adding
each element to your system. This is covered in much greater detail in section 3.
Firstly, you have your company site ( and
you should develop the personal web page(s) that is provided very soon after starting
your business. You can update it later, but you need a site for both your online and
offline marketing efforts. This site needs to discuss your company’s products and
opportunity and provide details for purchasing goods and enrolling as an Associate.
The next element to add is your blog (, or
primary marketing website. The purpose of this is to build trust and to educate your
prospects about your industry, but remember not to reference the company! To use an
earlier example, you might post information about Network Marketing and how the
industry can offer the potential to retire in 5 years. When prospects contact you to
learn more, you can direct them to your company site.
The next element to add is the capture page and auto-responder series
( In this instance, you should use your blog to
promote your lead capture page. As prospects register their details you can begin to
drip feed information. Once you have built trust and added value you may wish to
email messages giving basic details about you company and encouraging your
prospects to visit your company site to learn more. Alternatively, you could include a
subtle link directed to your company site in the signature for your emails. This is up
to you.
The final element you should consider adding is a funded proposal. In a funded
proposal, you use your auto-responder messages to sell an information product (such
as a workbook or e-course). If your prospects view you as a credible leader, or
someone who can help them to get the things they want from their business, then they
will respect your recommendations. As you continue to show your worth, many of
the prospects reviewing your information will consider researching your company,
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with a view to joining you. Those that don’t join your business will still receive
beneficial training and you still generate an additional income stream to help with
financing your own marketing campaigns!
If you do not have your own information products, then you can promote 3rd party
affiliate products that you have found to be useful to you. As an affiliate you would
typically get paid up to 50% commissions on the sales that you generate. MLM Lead
System Pro currently supports 14 different affiliate products, which can all generate
commissions for you!
vii. Exercise number 4
This exercise comes in two parts. Firstly, you must provide answers and justifications
to the questions listed below and then you must prepare a sitemap sketch for your
proposed website.
Please answer each of the questions in the table below and provide a reason and a
justification for each choice. Appendix I details a more detailed and up to date site
schematic for my own marketing campaign and sales funnel, so please review this to
help with your own sitemap sketch:
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Will you base your
site on a website or
blog format?
/ Blog
Will you include an
online shop to retail
Yes / No
Will you
incorporate a
capture page?
Yes / No
Will you use an
Auto-responder to
communicate with
you prospects?
Yes / No
Will you use Ebooks to entice
visitors onto your
Yes / No
Will You use a
funded proposal
Yes / No
Now that you know which key components you would like to include in your site,
draw a sketched diagram to show how each component will fit into the grand scheme
of your prospecting system (see Appendix I). Try to think about how each element
can drive your prospects to the most important pages of your sites and how it might
relate to the information they have already received.
You can sketch your sitemap in the box provided below:
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Choose your content
The final consideration before you can begin building your company site and your
primary marketing resource is to decide what content you would like to feature on
each. Make use of material you have already reviewed, including E-books and books
you have read, videos you have seen and anything else that has helped you in the
learning process.
Try to keep your content concise. You have probably heard the expression that a
picture speaks 1000 words. Well, if that is true then a video speaks 5000! Try to find
videos and pictures that will get your message across. You can use graphs and charts
if you can find or create ones of relevance and you can include pictures of yourself if
they are also relevant to your story.
Gather all of your content and write brief introductions and linking text to make sense
of the content. Remember that your content should relate to the topic of your site and
also your keywords.
It may also be an idea to write a brief introduction about yourself and why you started
your own business.
People always like to get a sense of the person who is
communicating with them!
On your company site, you should use marketing material and videos provided by
your company, as this will save time and effort.
Most companies provide very
compelling videos that you can use on your company page or site.
i. Exercise number 5
Using the table below, list 10 items of content you wish to include on the key pages of
your sites. It may be beneficial to repeat this process on a separate sheet for your
second site. Also, if you wish to add more, then use a continuation sheet. Make a
note of the location of the file or video and add a brief description of how it relates to
your site theme. You should then be able to prepare your introducing and linking text.
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Content Name
Description of the Relevance
(Web address or filename)
to the Site Theme
This brings us to the end of section 1: ‘Planning – Before You Set Up Your
Now you have a wealth of information that will assist you as you begin building your
own sites or blog. Please wait until you have reviewed section 2 and 3 before you
begin setting up your site, as I will be providing more specific and relevant
information to assist you!
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Once you have uploaded (added) your primary marketing blog to your domain and
have added links to your company site, you are ready to begin driving traffic to them,
as without traffic a website serves very little purpose! There are a number of different
strategies for generating traffic and we will cover some of them in this section, so you
can get an idea of which ones will be best for your campaign when you launch it.
When you do start generating traffic for your site, you should be prepared to spend
some money. There are many tools and services available that will dramatically
improve your ability to promote your website, so don’t be afraid to use them to save
your own time and to enhance your marketing campaign. I have provided details of a
number of products and services that I personally use in my marketing efforts.
Choose traffic generation strategies
My personal preferences for traffic generation usually begin with search engine
optimisation (SEO) techniques as this usually encourages large volumes of regular,
repeat traffic from sites such as Google and Yahoo. I will discuss other methods later
in the section but will begin with SEO strategies.
There are 2 main factors which determine the popularity of a website or web page in
Google. The first is the relevancy of keywords, which was covered in section 1 and
the second is the number of backlinks to a site (number of other sites linking to your
site). In order to increase the popularity of your website it is important to get into the
habit of acquiring backlinks.
i. Directories
One method for securing backlinks with relatively little effort is by submitting your
domain to directories. Directories are basically lists of different websites structured
into categories and sub-categories. The weighting given to these types of backlinks is
relatively low due to the nature of the sites, but if you submit to large numbers of
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directories then your site will still benefit. A note of caution is that you should not
submit to as many directories as possible in one day! Google and other search
engines favour sites that acquire backlinks gradually as this appears to be more natural
than sites, which build links very fast. As a rule of thumb I would usually submit to
100 directories each month.
Submitting to directories manually can be a long and boring process, which is why I
recommend using a directory submission service.
I personally use Directory
Maximizer who only charges you 14 cents per submission! 100 submissions will cost
you $14 US and will save you hours of work.
To check out this service please click below:
You can submit your site to over 1200 directories using Directory Maximizer, so aim
to get started as soon as your site is uploaded to your domain!
ii. 3-Way Links
3-way linking is another great way of obtaining backlinks. Some time ago, reciprocal
linking strategies were used, where site A links to site B and site B links back to site
A. Unfortunately Google no longer gives much weighting to this type of link and
gives more value to links that are not reciprocated. This opened the door for the
creation of 3-way linking services. In a 3-way link, site A links to site B, site B link
to site C and site C links back to site A. This is far more effective than the previous
reciprocal linking method.
I have tried a number of services for 3-way linking and by far the best in my opinion
is a site aptly named 3-Way Links! Read about this service by clicking the link
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iii. Forums
Using forums is an excellent way to generate free backlinks and also additional
traffic. Basically you should aim to find 5 popular forums, which relate to the topic of
your own website. You should then commit to participating in those forums by
commenting on the posts and feeds of other subscribers. By doing this, you will not
only build trust amongst people who are interested in what you may be able to offer,
but you can also include a signature at the end of each post which links back to your
site, thus improving search engine rankings.
If you choose to participate in forums then it is not good etiquette to discuss your
products, or business too often! This will lose you respect and may cause restrictions
on your account. It is best to express your views honestly and openly without pushing
your own agenda and simply include a brief signature with a site link. If people enjoy
your posts and comments then they will visit your site anyway. In the mean time, you
will be generating more backlinks for your site.
iv. Blogs
Commenting on related blog posts is similar to the process discussed above for
forums. If you can find 5 blogs that relate to your own site then you can comment on
posts and include a link to your site. This enables you to interact with the owner of
the blog as well as the community of visitors. Therefore, you not only generate
backlinks, but you may also get visitors to your site who genuinely enjoy reading your
The other way you can use blogs is by setting up your own blog as discussed in
section 1. I highly recommend this, as every post on your blog is another access point
to your site from the search engines. If I write an article entitled ‘The Importance of
Using High Quality Nutritional Supplements’ then the title of that page of my blog
would be the same as the article title and that would be how the page appears in
Google. I could then optimise that page of my blog for keywords such as “high
quality nutritional supplements” with excellent results!
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The beauty of writing blog posts is that each post can then be modified and used as an
article to submit to other article directories. See the section below for more details on
the power of article marketing.
v. Article marketing
For me, article marketing offers one of the most versatile and flexible forms of
Internet marketing. When you create an article, you have the opportunity to generate
traffic from individuals reviewing the article and you also get to customise at least 2
backlinks to your website. When you are able to customise backlinks, you can target
the links at internal pages of your site (not just the homepage) and you can also
specify the anchor text attached to the link, which is useful for search engine
optimisation (SEO).
Let me clarify this: When you submit an article to a directory, you usually have a
resource, or bio box so that readers can find out about you and your site. On my
MLM Summit site, I might want to optimise an article on my blog for the keyword
“internet network marketing”. I can link directly to the relevant page with the anchor
text ‘internet network marketing’ as I have complete control over the resource box. It
might read something like:
Frustrated by calling lead after lead with no results? Have you
considered Internet network marketing? Register for your FREE
MLM Training pack at
Here I have 2 links to different pages of my site and I am optimising my blog post for
my chosen keywords, which improves the search engine ranking of that page for those
An Internet Marketer called Josh Spaulding has written by far the most
comprehensive E-book I have found on article marketing. This product is aptly
named ‘Article Marketing Domination’ and I highly recommend you read it, as it
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will give you extensive knowledge of how to apply these strategies effectively. To
get your copy please click the link below:
Included with this purchase you will also receive an additional E-book, as a free gift,
entitled ‘The Ultimate Blogging Blueprint’. This is another excellent document that
will help you to capitalise on your blogging efforts! Both E-books are available for
$27 US so don’t miss out on this wealth of information:
Another major benefit of using article marketing is that you can submit your articles
to many different directories for greater exposure. I currently submit each of my
articles to between 20 and 70 article directories. This gives me between 40 and 140
backlinks to my site for my chosen keywords! In addition, I can structure the titles of
my articles to target long-tail keywords in Google. As an example, if my article was
titled ‘How To Choose The Best Network Marketing Company To Work With’
then I am likely to feature highly in Google for long-tail keywords such as “the best
network marketing company to work with” and “how to choose the best network
marketing company”. As with blogging, the title of the page with you article on will
usually be the same as the article title itself.
An important point to note on this topic is that Google will only usually index unique
content. Services are available to ‘Spin’ articles, which means you can modify the
content using alternative words, phrases and sentences, which enables each article to
appear unique.
This also enables you to modify certain words in your titles to
optimise for different long-tail keywords with the same article. This leads me on to
an exceptional product that I personally use for my article marketing campaigns and it
is an absolute must if you are committed to making your campaign a success!
This product is called ‘Article Post Robot’. Article post robot enables you to take
your written article, spin it multiple times and then submit each uniquely spun article
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to a different directory. Think of the time you can save using this product! I spend
about 30 to 45 minutes writing an article, then a further 30 to 45 minutes setting up
phrases for my spun articles and then everything else is automated. For a maximum
of 1 hour 30 minutes of my time I have created unique articles for up to 70 directories,
creating online presence for my material and up to 140 backlinks! This product is
approximately $120 US, as a one off payment and then you can use it as often as you
like! I used to use a service that was approximately $40 US per month and didn’t
offer even half of the functionality that ‘Article Post Robot’ offers! Take a look at
the site below:
vi. Video marketing
Similar to article marketing is video marketing. With video marketing you can create
a short video explaining a concept or an element of your business, which you can
submit to multiple video sharing sites. Once again, you gain additional backlinks, but
you are also likely to get visitors to your site who have reviewed your video.
Most video sharing sites will allow you to include 2 links to any page of your website
in the video description. This enables you to target specific pages of your site that
relate to the video.
One concern some people have when starting a video marketing campaign is that they
worry that they might not be Videogenic (if that’s a real word!). You can still create
powerful videos by talking over Powerpoint slides, pictures and any other relevant
documents, so do not avoid video marketing for this reason. You can use any video
capture software to create your videos, i.e. Webcam Video Capture (available from This software enables you to record
from your Webcam, or directly from your desktop. Therefore, you can create narrated
slide shows using this application.
Once you have created your videos I suggest using Traffic Geyser to submit to a
number of video sharing sites. Uploading and submitting videos can be very time
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consuming, but you should not let this put you off either. If you use Traffic Geyser
then you can set up the process once and allow it to run on autopilot until all of the
scheduled submissions are completed. This is another exceptional service! Check it
out below:
vii. Ezine Advertisements
Ezines are also know as electronic newsletters. One method of generating traffic
without carrying out SEO is to run solo advertisements in 3rd part Ezines. If you
select an appropriate Ezine publisher then there is the potential to drive a large
amount of traffic to your site for a relatively low cost. When you advertise in an
Ezine your personal advert can be sent via email to tens of thousands of opt-in
subscribers, so with the right message and the right audience the results can be
One thing I have come to learn about Ezine and classified advertisements is that if you
directly promote your products or opportunity then the likelihood of experiencing
good results is greatly reduced. A better approach is to promote your capture page by
offering a free gift to subscribers. You can then move the subscriber through your
prospecting pipeline and drip feed information whilst building a relationship.
As an example I might run an ad to drive traffic to my MLM Summit Training capture
page using an advert with wording similar to this:
I Must Be Out Of My Mind! I’m Giving Away My MLM Success Blueprint
-----------------Visit NOW For More Details!
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Once my lead is on my mailing list they will learn more about my Network Marketing
business opportunity and the training and support I offer to my team.
This brings us to the end of section 2: ‘Promotion – Driving Traffic To Your Site…’
You should now feel relatively confident that when you launch your new site, you
will be able to adopt a number of approaches for optimising your website for search
engines, as well as driving traffic to your site using other forms of advertising.
Please continue reading for details on how and where to begin! You will also learn
the Internet marketing strategies that work best at each stage of the process.
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Now that you have planned your website structure and looked at methods for
promoting your site, you are ALMOST ready to implement your plan and set up your
websites and prospecting system.
For the greatest results I believe that it is best to do each of the stages in the order set
out in this section, working through each stage one at a time and making sure you do
each of them to the best of your ability. This process does not need to rushed, but
must be done properly to be effective. Spend as long as you need to, so that you get it
right first time!
Before you start actioning the steps below, I urge you to read ALL OF CHAPTER 3,
from start to finish, so that you are completely clear on what you will be required to
do. You can then return to this point and complete the activities that are outlined.
Set up your company website and blog
As I have explained on a couple of occasions, I believe that blogs have many benefits
over standard websites. For this reason, I will guide you through the process of
setting up your blog.
For now, I will assume that you have already found time to set up your company site.
Your company should provide tutorials and set-up instructions for this site, which will
vary from company to company.
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i. Web hosting
Firstly you will need to set up your domain name and web hosting for your primary
marketing blog. I suggest using the Yahoo hosting service discussed previously. If
you haven’t already done so, click on the link below now to register your domain and
order a hosing package:
Free Domain Name When You Purchase Yahoo! Web Hosting Plan
ii. Setting up Wordpress
Another reason why the Yahoo hosting packages are idea is because they have
simplified the process for installing and activating Wordpress blogs. If you click on
the link below you will be taken to the relevant section on the Yahoo help pages that
will guide you through this process. Work through this tutorial now:
Yahoo Help - How do I activate WordPress?
iii. Using Wordpress
Now that your blog is set up, I would like to give you a few pointers on how to make
the most of your blog. When you log in to your Wordpress user area you will be
taken to the Dashboard shown below:
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In the column on the left hand side of the page you have a toolbar. The most
important sections for you at this time are ‘Posts’ and ‘Pages’. ‘Posts’ represent your
blog posts, which you can also use as articles for your article marketing campaign and
‘Pages’ are static pages, which appear as tabs at the top of your blog. You should
have a ‘Contact Me’ page and a page for driving traffic to your company site via a
basic link. You could call this page ‘Company Information’ or something similar.
On this page you may state something like “Are you interested to learn about the
company I represent? Is so click …”
Once you have set up your pages you should aim to begin posting to your blog right
away. This will give your visitors something to read and a reason to come back! It
will also encourage visitors to review your ‘Pages’ and will provide you with content
for article marketing! If you are stuck for things to write then buy a relevant book or
E-book and start educating yourself as quickly as possible. This will help you to get
Depending on your level of competence working with the Wordpress programme you
may find it useful to work through some of the Wordpress tutorials. The Wordpress
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help pages and support forums are excellent, so click on the link below if you are
having trouble getting started:
The ‘Ultimate Blogging Blueprint’ E-book discussed earlier also covers the topic of
setting up your Wordpress blog. This is written by an Internet Marketing professional
and offers hints and tips that are not included in the Wordpress forum. Make sure you
use the information that it given in this document! Click below:
iv. Setting up an online retail store
If you wish to retail products online then this can be done using the shopping cart
software described in section 1, part e. As discussed, it is best to purchase the ‘Power
Seller Kit’. To order the software now, click on the link below. Do not forget to enter
your discount code ‘uihdiscount’ at the checkout!
Once you have purchased the software you will be emailed with a download link.
The company actually offer free installation of the software, so I recommend asking
them to upload the shopping cart to your domain. They will then provide your login
details and information on adding products to your online shop. They also have a
comprehensive support forum at
If you do decide to set up an online shop then I recommend that you make it very
clear to potential customers that you will only ship products to your home country.
You do not want people outside of your country placing orders, as it is not really
worth your while shipping them.
If people wish to order products from other
countries then encourage them to order as a preferred customer.
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In addition, it might be best to keep your retail store separate from your marketing
campaign and promote the products separately. This depends entirely on the theme of
your site, but do not cross over on your product and business promotion, as this may
appear to be unprofessional.
I have found Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to be an excellent way of selling retail
products in the past. If you advertise through PPC then you specify the countries
where you want your advert to be shown. You can also keep your retail store separate
and do not need to focus on optimising this site.
If you are unfamiliar with PPC, it is a service provided by search engines where you
pay a small fee every time someone clicks on your sponsored advert. Sponsored
adverts are listed at the top and to the right hand side in Google when someone
conducts a search. For more information on this type of advertising, or to set up an
account, visit the Google Adwords pages below:
v. Enrolling preferred customers and Associates
This is one of the most important components for your online campaign, as you want
to be able to sponsor new preferred customers and Associates all day, every day! This
is relatively easy to do and surprisingly, very few Associates have actually figured out
how easy it is!
To enrol new preferred customers automatically all you need to do is locate the link
that you would usually use to enrol new preferred customers and add it to a page on
your company site.
You should then include a step-by-step explanation of how
someone can enrol and what the benefits are. That’s it! There is nothing else to it!
As an example, I have optimised the relevant page of my company site for the
keyword ‘buy company X products’ and included the step-by-step enrolment
procedure. This simple process enabled me to achieve the status of 19th highest
Copyright © 2009 Dr. Andrew Smith. All rights reserved
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customer enroller in a company of 120,000 Associates worldwide. I haven’t had to
convince anyone that my products are better than the competition and I have spoken
to very few of these customers personally! Do this without delay, as I can assure you
it will be worth it!
You will still need to do a lot of Internet marketing and promotion to achieve good
Google rankings for that page, but this is the basis of automatic sponsoring. What I
realised when I set this up was that a lot of people wanted the products that I was
promoting and no one had made it particularly easy for them to set up a customer
account online! Not everyone wants to speak to a rep before ordering products!
Enrolling Associates is a bit more complicated, but in essence the process is the same.
When someone is ready to join my business I get all of the personal details that I need
(except credit card details) from him or her, then I set up their account and send them
the secure payment link. This enables me to decide where I want to place them based
on how they entered my prospecting pipeline. If they were referred to my website by
a member of my team then I can ensure that the correct person is rewarded.
You can still automate the collecting of this relevant information using a web contact
submit form. The service I personally use for this is ‘My Contact Form’ and you can
set up a limited account for free. A registered user account is approximately $20 US
for the year. Find out more by visiting the site below:
Unfortunately, it is unlikely that someone will enrol in your business unless you have
offered a lot of value and shown them that you can help them get the things they want
in life. The important thing is that you have the system in place for when you are
ready to use it.
Copyright © 2009 Dr. Andrew Smith. All rights reserved
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vi. Internet marketing for your site
As discussed previously this is how I recommend you start promoting your sites.
Firstly set up an account with Directory Maximizer by clicking on the link below:
Once you have followed the instructions for setting up your account your should
submit your sites to 100 directories every month, until you have submitted to all of
them. Do not be tempted to submit to more directories than this each month, as
Google and other search engines may penalise you. Schedule dates in your diary for
carrying out your submissions, or use the service offered in your control panel to do
this automatically.
Next, you need to set up an account with 3-way Links. Click the link below to get
You will receive instructions from the company on how to set up your account and
how to use this service.
Finally you should start either a video, or article marketing campaign. I recommend
you start with article marketing and do video marketing at a later date. Before you
start your article marketing campaign you should read a copy of ‘Article Marketing
Domination’. You will also get the ‘Ultimate Blogging Blueprint’ free, which is
definitely worth reading! Order these products from the site below:
Lastly, you will need to purchase ‘Article Post Robot’ so that you can submit your
unique articles to multiple article directories at the click of a button!
Copyright © 2009 Dr. Andrew Smith. All rights reserved
MLM Summit Training – Reach The Top In Your Own Network Marketing Business =>
This product comes with a comprehensive user manual, which explains how to not
only post your articles, but also how to spin the content to make them unique in each
article directory. It would be best to read this manual thoroughly before using the
software to ensure the best results.
This should be more than enough work to keep you going for the next couple of
months. In fact, I do not recommend that you move on to the next part until you have
spent at least 2 to 3 months promoting your new sites using articles and directories. It
can take some time before you see any significant results, but you must persevere if
you want decent Google rankings! The reason why not everyone is successful is
because some people don’t want it badly enough! Grit your teeth and get stuck in and
you WILL see your site on the front page of Google soon!
Incorporating capture pages, auto-responders and information products
Once you have completed the steps above, I am sure you will agree that article
marketing is one of the most powerful (and under-rated) forms of Internet marketing
out there!
Register your site with Stat Counter ( to
monitor your site visits and entry pages to see where most of your site visitors are
coming from. This service is free and very useful!
In this section I am going to show you how to offer a never-ending flow of value to
your prospects and future business partners!
i. Setting up your capture page
Now that your company site and blog are generating some traffic, the next step is to
add a lead capture page and auto-responder series to your prospecting pipeline for the
reasons discussed earlier. You will notice from the site schematic on page 24 that
what you have created so far represents route 1 on the schematic. You have a blog,
which drives targeted traffic to your company site. As you begin to incorporate
follow-up emails, your prospects will be following route 2. You should now use your
Copyright © 2009 Dr. Andrew Smith. All rights reserved
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blog posts to encourage people to register on your list, so that you can email
additional relevant information to them (follow-up).
Now this is where things have been made so much easier for us by MLM Lead
System Pro (MLSP). I used to have to show people step-by-step how to set up a
capture page, including writing enticing text copy and embedding relevant submission
forms. This was by far the hardest part for my team to follow, but yet it is the most
important component! Now this is all provided to us through the MLSP system.
Capture pages, customisable auto-responder messages, as well as the sales funnel for
promoting affiliate products!
To find out exactly what is on offer visit You will need to register your details at first to access the information about the system that
we now choose to implement. This system will streamline the whole process of
setting up and automating your own prospecting funnel!
ii. Setting up your auto-responder
As previously mentioned, MLSP provides customisable auto-responder messages that
you can load into an auto-responder. These messages are specifically designed to
promote a range of affiliate products, some of which I have already discussed with
you today (i.e. Traffic Geyser). You can easily set up your own affiliate accounts for
each of these products and every time one is sold using the MLSP system, you receive
a commission! It couldn’t be any simpler! I think back to how much time I spent
setting this up for myself before I came across MLSP and wish I found this system
sooner! Here is the link again:
iii. Promotion of your capture page
In part 2.a. we discussed in detail how to promote your site thorough SEO techniques.
Once again, I suggest article and video marketing as an excellent place to start when
promoting your capture page, because it is very inexpensive. You should also use
directory submissions and 3-way linking to boost your backlink count.
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There are many other ways to advertise including the use of classified adverts and
PPC, as well as using social media / networking sites such as Twitter, or Facebook.
Once again, there are a huge number of training tutorials in the back office of MLSP
for each of these methods. The training and support is second to none and what I am
providing here is just an overview.
Classified advertising can range from promoting on ‘free smalls advert’ sites and Pay
Per Click advertising, i.e. Google Adwords (, to
advertising using 3rd party Ezines. An excellent site to research if you are looking to
run Solo Ads is ‘The Directory of Ezines’ (
As for marketing on Social Media site, that is a whole different topic of discussion!
The sudden popularity of Social Media and Social Networking sites has provided a
new playground for Internet Marketers! Since joining the MLSP programme this is
something that I have been developing as it is a free, viral method of marketing! I
have already been experiencing some amazing results thanks to the comprehensive
training that I have received!
iv. Promoting affiliate products
An excellent way to generate additional income to support your marketing efforts is to
promote affiliate products. I have purchased a lot of E-books and a wide range of
software, as well as registering for a number of services to assist me in promoting my
sites. I can assure you that there are both very good and very bad products out there!
When you find good products you should be willing to recommend them to fellow
Network Marketers and people who are pursuing the same dreams as you. I do not
suggest promoting any product, or service unless you use it for yourself and recognise
huge value. If your recommendations can help others, then you have a responsibility
to share what is working for you.
All of the products and services that are promoted through the MLSP auto-responder
series have been tried and tested by successful marketers and many of them have
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actually been created by industry leaders and top producers! You can rest assured that
you will be promoting only the best products and services to your list and you will
receive generous commissions for your efforts. Most of the work is done for you by
the system, so you will be giving yourself the best opportunity to succeed, whilst
helping others to succeed. There is nothing more rewarding than that!
v. The funded proposal
A funded proposal is a product or service that prospects can purchase without
partnering you in your primary opportunity (i.e. affiliate products discussed above).
You will notice this on the site schematic on page 24, represented by route 3. The
auto-responder series is used to promote the funded proposal product(s), which can be
used to introduce the primary business opportunity.
The beauty of the funded proposal system is the quality of business partners that you
can attract into your primary business.
The people who are introduced to your
opportunity will be action takers who understand the importance of investing time and
money into a business!
I believe that the ideal target market for your online prospecting campaign and system
is people who are already involved in Network Marketing. If you consider that
according to statistics from the Direct Selling Association, more than 6 million new
people became involved in the direct selling industry from 2006 to 2007. That over
half a million every month! Unfortunately success rates in the industry are relatively
low due to poor training and understanding of marketing, which means there are
hundreds of thousands of people every month who want to learn how to succeed in the
industry! Do you think a reasonable percentage of these people would be willing to
join a different company if they found someone who could really help them to
succeed? The MLSP system allows you to target and support struggling Network
Marketers, whilst demonstrating your ability to lead them. That is why MLSP will
enable you to sponsor high calibre reps, who will already have begun the important
journey of learning how to effectively market and promote a business opportunity. To
me, it is a perfect system in that respect!
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Another reason why this target market is ideal is that you wont get Network
Marketing or pyramid objections, as your prospects are already sold on the concept of
the industry and recognise the potential.
This brings us to the end of the final section: ‘Phases Of Implementation – First
Things First…’giving you a wealth of knowledge for marketing your business online.
I hope this has provided you with a whole new avenue to explore on your personal
path to long-term success!
To summarise, you should set up each element of your marketing campaign in the
following order:
1. Set up your company site
2. Set up your primary marketing blog
3. Incorporate a capture page and auto-responder series
4. Incorporate the sale of affiliate products as a funded proposal
Remember that this is a numbers game so the extent to which you promote will define
how many prospects you have. More prospects means more affiliate product sales,
which in turn leads to more business partners! Therefore, once your system is set up
it is time to promote, promote, promote!
For access to the MLSP system, complete with capture pages, email auto-responder
messages and a powerful sales funnel visit
(register HERE first). If you choose to sign up, you will also have access to the
members training centre, where you will be taught how to become a successful
Internet Marketer with a range of marketing techniques and strategies in your
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We have covered a huge amount of information in one document and I would have
preferred to have been able to cover things in greater detail, especially on the sections
relating to preparing and promoting your sites. However, I have tried to summarise 2
years of Internet Marketing research and experience, as well as a lot of personal
financial investment, into one short workbook and I didn’t want to overwhelm you
with information! It may already seem like a daunting workload, but trust me, the
rewards will be worth it!
I hope the content has provided you with enough information to move you some way
along the path to success in your own business, so that you are able to take a huge
leap closer to your dreams and ambitions.
I appreciate your dedication and I commend your diligence and commitment to
Thank you for reading!
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Andrew Smith
Founder and Director of the MLM Summit Resources
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