How to change (Aero theme with & without using WindowBlinds)

How to change
the best look of Windows XP to Windows 7
(Aero theme with & without using WindowBlinds)
Installed Windows XP witch SP3, WMP11 and IE7
NOTE: for IE8 is not functional WindowBlinds version 6.2, supports only WB version 6.4 and later.
SevenRemix XP 2.3 - Win7 MOD, you change windows, shells, files, icons, etc.. for Win7 look:
NOTE: Who works in Windows Movie Maker, not to install exe file "moviemk.exe 'effects/transitions will not
work in MM, so when you install XP SevenRemix 2.3, uncheck it!
WindowBlinds 6.x/7.x - the best way to change themes in XP
NOTE: He already has installed IE8 and WB version 6.2, just check off the option Tools -> Internet Options ->
Advanced -> "enable visual styles on buttons and controls in web pages".
Aero Seven Xp (for WindowBlinds) - the best and fully functional theme by Ernasco with look as Win7
RC5 versions:
NOTE: RC3.1 and RC5 have also small taskbar, suitable for PCs with low resolution or small 16:9 notebook. For
theme witch large taskbar right-click on, unlock it, display the quick launch bar, and use large icons, look here
(fig. from RC4 theme):
To change shellstyle (the appearance of Explorer, Sidebar, fonts and other), load theme that you like
into the WB, and go to Settings -> Override Default settings (first tab), and bottom right check
"Always use the shellstyle ..." and select a theme from list you want to use for change.
I used theme for new shellstyle from Jadaero 1.4
NOTE: If you do not like the red background to shutdown, log-off the PC, delete it from here:
C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Documents \ Stardock \ WindowBlinds \ Jadaero \
Theme and shellstyle Aero Seven XP by ernasco (toolbar is original XP, but I have only changed-rebuilt it)
Theme Aero Seven XP witch shellstyle from Jadaero 1.4 – best explorer bar (explorer sidebar) for Win7 look 
StylerTB - if someone wants to change the Explorer and the toolbar
themes for StylerTB with Win7 look
NOTE: New themes for StylerTB (Fig.1) Copy to folder “C: \ Program Files \ Styler \ TB \ skins \ Styler's”, or
create in this place a new folder. The advantage of "Windows 7 StylerToolbar by ~ chrizlu" is that there are
different options, so you can maintain the supply of XP, because Styler toolbar unable to use expand address bar
(Fig.2 and 3.)
It can be used even utility FindeXer, but not recommended !! Because you must configure the Sidebar
themselves and what is worse, makes all the offers, which offers Windows (Network Places, My Computer
folder, and ... "Network Places" for example. Go, etc., etc.. This utilities used WB Topics to move the sidebar to
the bottom of the Explorer, where the status bar (this style is not well, not showing all the bids as in the original
XP Sidebar) Fig.4.
Fig.1: use of the whole toolbar StylerTB, retained all the functions of Explorer, in addition to unpacking the
address bar offers a menu (off in the settings in StylerTB). Perfect appearance and preserved all the important
functions of Explorer. For absence of expanded address bar, you can press the "Organize" button on the
toolbar and offer changes in the sidebar.
Fig.2: the use of the navigation toolbar from StylerTB. Address bar is the original from XP, fully functional
Fig.3: used without the navigation toolbar. Address bar and navigation (= standard buttons) are from the
original XP. There is also enabled Menu Explorer (visible part of "Súbor" and continued for two arrows ..).
Fig.4: the use of the whole toolbar, but other shellstyle where the sidebar is moved downwards (off the status
bar is only for better appearance). This method does not offer all the functions of XP Explorer, but is most
similar to Win7 Explorer.
For the explorer sidebar used FindeXer (not recommended)
but offers to remain constant and are not used all features from the WinXP.
QT Address Bar & QT Tab Bar – all functions and features as Win7 explorer !!! Very Best utilities !!!!
Use the QT Address Bar, StylerTB skin only toolbar and navigation buttons from XP (large icons), or you can use
nav. buttons from StylerTB (as in Fig.2) and look like here:
Use the QT Address Bar, QT Tab Bar, StylerTB skin only toolbar and navigation buttons from the QT Tab Bar and
have all color, features and look as Win 7. PERFECT RESULT !!! Recreate bars explorer as in this figure (TabBar I
moved to place the search bar at Win7 :
For the best look for simulate Aero effect use Toolbar background image in QT TabBar Options and change any
background color as you like:
TClock - to change into two lines the display date and time in the systray taskbar
Sidebar (Desktop) - sidebar on the desktop of Vista, I do not use (all strongly disturb the functioning
of XP), but separately gadgets from Adni18
if someone wants in Vista, try this:
Vista drive icon - the disc is filled with
ObjectDock - a letter of reference programs and components as used Mac OSX, but not
recommended (especially when working with video programs, you need disable all settings in the
Troubleshooting Options ...)
ViGlance - this utility for taskbar (bottom sheet) is used as a function Win7 (but inability pin "My
Computer", it is however Win7 policy, but in Win7's how to )
or directly to Ernasco topics for Aero Seven XP
Logon screen - original “Welcome screen” of Win7 to 5 users
This logon includes Seven Remix XP in new version 2.3 !!!
Wallpaper – original from Win7 + bonus
WMP 11 - change the appearance of Windows Media Player 11 works on the principle of exchange of
system files, it must disable the System File Protection, so I suggest only experienced users! This
appearance can be adjusted through color additionally offer "improvements" in WMP
or with look as Win7 (all player by fediaFedia)
NOTE: For the Aero effect (transparent window edge) switch in WMP11 menu classic! I suggest better use
Replacer.cmd, than patch wfps10.exe ( patching all the system files). If after the exchange of file, opening
window "Insert the Windows installation CD give ...", cancel it, the next window, select Yes.
Sound scheme - the original sounds of Win7
NOTE: Attention! The installation file will override the original XP sounds, so the first backup folder C: \
WINDOWS \ Media. Sounds You can adjust the control panel -> sound devices -> Sounds -> and "events
programs" -> "Start Windows", added a sound like "Windows Startup.wav", then you can also copy to folder C: \
WINDOWS \ Media until adjust audio scheme.
True Transparency - Aero effects works with & without using WindowBlinds (if without = no
transparent taskbar) + AeroShake and AeroSnap !!!
NOTE: a very handy utility for transparent edge of windows explorer, can simulate the effect AeroSnap - snap
the edges of desktop Windows, and AeroShake - minimizing window the shake. Works without the
WindowBlinds, but after do not transparent taskbar (but ViGlance knows little transparent taskbar).
Do not use the different "utilities" to change the appearance of XP. Not change any system files,
windows, menus, and add various "improvements", etc.. We assume no responsibility for the
installation of other programs, or is not liable for any errors when installing programs mentioned in
this guide for obvious reasons, do not know in what state is your operating system, I am not the
creator or not bound to any manufacturer of software and I do not know what mistakes he makes
you .
WindowBlinds no bad running in Windows XP, no errors (if this, then theme itself, but I have this
Aero theme for old notebook with a 480MHz CPU and 156MB of RAM! ) It works on the principle of
local service! Also SevenRemix XP does not cause any serious known problems and can be safely
uninstall (creates backup all changed files !!!), where the problem may occur only for localization of
language-packs, and only if you want to reinstall LIP, or MUI pack, you may not be able to re-install
the correct translation of some parts of Windows, or errors may be changing users in the accounts.
Therefore, apply to the tuned system, located in advance for your language as pre-established user
accounts, and especially non-re-install .
Follow the principles for installing programs, carefully follow the installer contains not install
different type of Yahoo toolbar, WinAmp, etc., are most often slow down the tracking, and running
the browser. Also, do not install unnecessary programs with the same focus, and be careful when
installing on the association of file types. A typical example is Nero, that will sink everywhere.
Work in the OS from Microsoft (that you discovered about ) and it is good to use all the features
and support programs right from M $. This is, of course, have good functionality and if not, then at
least support  ... Windows XP is best, because of all the problems I have found the answer.
Free software, which should not be absent in XP :
Any Video Converter - a simple free encoder, especially for mobile
Apple QuickTime 7.62 - RAW codec for Photo, playing MOV, TIFF ...
CachemanXP - ( optimizer for advanced user) systray icons load the CPU and RAM monitoring
in real time
CCleaner 2.23.993 – cleaner temps, the right programs to uninstall, startup and registry cleaning
Foxit Reader 3.0 – small PDF documents viewer (the original AdobeReader9 after unpacking and
install updates have more than 300 MB !!!!!!!)
ImgBurn - the best CD / DVD burned software
MS Security Essentials - antivirus / antispyware
MS Windows Live - Mail, Photo Gallery, Messenger
Skype 4.1 - chat
Spybot Search & Destroy 1.62 - antispyware, used mainly as the prevention of harmful sites
(Imunizer) and advanced control unsolicited entries in the Windows register (TeaTimer)
Total Commander 7.50 RC2 – file manager with advanced features
Virtual Clone Drive - the best and most reliable virtual drive (all image files, simply doubleclick mounted)
VLC Player 1.0.1 - to play AVI / RM / OGG / MKV and more, play directly to a folder!
WinRAR 3.90 - packager
XviD 1.2.2 - mpeg4 DirectShow and VFW codec (AVI files)
and other utilities (AviDemux, DVDFabHD Decrypter, DVDShrink, AviSynth, VirtualDub ...)
That's about all, the best site to change and some repairs and improvements of Windows, you are
Sorry for my bad English. Have a good work on the new Windows 
Any questions? Enter here:
Last updated: 03.09.2009