How to check if your printer is capable of

How to check if your printer is capable of
2 sided (double sided) printing
1. Go to http://staffprinting or
http://ucprinting to locate the printer and/or
printers that you utilise. This url can be
typed directly into the address bar as
indicated in the image to the right. Once
you have typed it press the enter key.
The http://staffprinting list generally consists
of older printers at UC and http://ucprinting
lists the newer printers including most Multi
Function Devices (MFD’s).
2. Locate your printer from the list and then
click on it.
(Note: if you can’t see your printer on the
first page under staffprinting then scroll to
the bottom and click on next 200 printers).
3. Click on Properties.
You will now see the properties for that
printer. Locate where it says Print on Both
Sides – it will either say - Supported or Not
Supported. See diagrams to the right.
If it says supported you are then able to
change the properties of that printer to
allow you to print double sided. For
instructions on how to do this see How to
enable 2 sided printing document.
Not Supported means that the printer is not
capable of 2 sided printing.