Assigning/Tracking My Learners How to Login

Assigning/Tracking My Learners
The first step to managing/enrolling your Learners is to assign
them to yourself. This will allow you to easily track all
enrollments for the learners in your purview.
How to Login
1. To find a Learner that is currently not assigned
to you, click on “Learners”, then “Find
Unassigned Learner”.
You can access the Learning Connection from any
hospital computer (or with VPN access) by typing
the following url in your browser:
1. If you are already logged into the hospital
network, you will be automatically logged-in to
the Learning Connection.
a. Please check to make sure your name
appears at the top of the Learning
Connection home page.
If you encounter a window that requests
your username and password:
Your username and password will be the
ones you use for your workstation login,
and it should also include your domain
and \. For instance, if you username is
jsmith, you would type [your
domain]\jsmith as your username.
Domain Login Examples by Organization:
Nebraska Med: olympus\jsmith
UNMC: unmc_domain\jsmith
2. Select the ‘Search All Organizations’ check box,
(outlined in blue below) then enter name or
other criteria above to search for a learner.
When you have entered your criteria, click ‘OK’.
You will likely find it easiest to search for each learner individually.
If you have searched all organizations, and cannot
locate your Learner, there are two possibilities
Your Learner is already assigned to another
educational Supervisor.
Your Learner is not in the Learning Connection.
If you are unable to locate your learner(s), contact
the Learning Connection for assistance, at 9-4260.
UNMCP: unmcphysicians\jsmith
2. If you have difficulty logging into the Learning
Connection or need assistance, please contact
the Learning Connection at 9-4260 or by email
at [email protected]
3. If the search retrieves the unassigned Learners
you need, select the check boxes beside the
learners you wish to add to your Supervisor list,
then click ‘OK’.
After clicking ‘OK’, you will automatically be
returned to the “Learners Managed” screen and you
will see the Learners you assigned. Follow steps 1-3
if you need to repeat the process.
3. All of your learners will appear. Select the
learners that you want enrolled in the specific
class, date and time you chose on the previous
Enroll Learners
Once Learners are assigned to you, you may enroll
them for a course or class on the Learning
1. Search for the Course Title you need by
For best results do not use the entire course title. Example: If
the Course Title is “Change Agent Training” type “CHANGE” in
the search field as a keyword.
2. View and select the class date/time, and click
on ‘Enroll My Learners’, next to the appropriate
4. Your learners’ enrollment status will change to
‘Confirmed’ when they have been successfully
When the Learner has a status of ‘Confirmed’ they
will receive an enrollment confirmation to their
personal email address.
NOTE: If there are no seats left in the class, none of your
learners will be enrolled. You will receive notification if
this is the case.
If there are some seats left, but not enough to
accommodate all of your Learner selections, the first
learners on the list will be enrolled in the open seats. (see
image below)
At this time, please DO NOT USE THE ‘Waitlist’
CHECK MARKS as they are not operational. To place
a student on a class waitlist, please contact the
Learning Connection at 9-4260.
Running Reports
Once all of your Learners are assigned to you,
running reports is easy.
1. To track courses individually, use REVIEW >
Enrollments, and enter the criteria for your
Please call or email The Learning Connection if you
need any assistance with Learner assignments or
Phone: 9-4260
Email: [email protected]