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Well Aware
September 2013
the healthcare magazine for methodist medical center of oak ridge
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A Focus
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“Best Hospital”
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U.S. News &
World Report
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President’s Letter
Leading by
Community Health Alliance helps fulfill Methodist’s mission.
Our local spirit of giving is reflected in a Community Health
Alliance initiative aimed at further enhancing the hospital’s mission
of clinical and service excellence.
Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge is proud to recognize
the founding members of this corporate partnership program:
Fall is just around the corner, but we have many warm
days ahead. Don’t let troublesome symptoms or recent
diagnoses keep you from enjoying an active lifestyle on
those warm days in beautiful East Tennessee.
Highly trained specialists are here at Methodist Medical
Center of Oak Ridge to assist you on your journey toward
better health. In this issue of Well Aware, learn more
about Methodist’s ranking from U.S. News & World Report
(page 3). Our multidisciplinary approach to neurological
conditions and innovative therapy for people with
Parkinson’s disease can help friends and loved ones heal
and cope (pages 4 and 5). Leading-edge therapy supports
the long-term goals of patients with urological issues
or those recovering from a cardiac event close to home
(pages 6 and 7).
Start the conversation about nagging health concerns
with your primary care physician. When specialized care
is needed, the compassionate and qualified physicians and
staff at Methodist offer a wide range of treatment options
to help keep your family healthy.
We are inviting corporate partners to be part of a crucial group
of organizations that will be community stewards for the health and
well-being of all who live and work in East Tennessee.
For more information about the Community Health Alliance, please call
(865) 835-4405.
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Mike Belbeck, FACHE
President and Chief Administrative Officer
Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge
September 2013
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Rising to the Top
It’s official—U.S. News & World
Report lists Covenant Health’s
Methodist Medical Center of
Oak Ridge among the top 10
“Best Hospitals” in Tennessee.
When it comes to providing the highest
level of care for challenging patients,
Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge,
a 301-bed acute care facility, is part of an
elite group of health systems that recently
earned top spots in the U.S. News Best
Hospitals rankings for 2013–2014.
“It is gratifying that Methodist has
once again been ranked very high in
the state by U.S. News & World Report,”
says Mike Belbeck, FACHE, president
and chief administrative officer of
Methodist. “Overall, based on their
criteria, we were the sixth highest
ranked hospital in the state and second
in the greater Knoxville area.”
Making the Grade
Each year, U.S. News surveys an average
of 10,000 medical specialists and gathers
data from approximately 5,000 hospitals
nationwide to determine “best in class”
among 16 adult specialties, ranging
from cancer to urology. Factors such as
patient survival, safety compliance, and
appropriate nurse staffing levels help
determine the rankings.
Designed as a reference tool for
patients whose difficult or life-threatening
conditions require an elevated level of
care or complex surgery or medical
procedure, the Best Hospitals list provides
useful statistics from top-rated healthcare
facilities to help patients choose a medical
provider that best suits their needs.
Methodist’s ranking reflects the
unwavering commitment of its 175
physicians and other medical staff who
perform on the level with nationally ranked
hospitals. Nationwide, 15 percent of
hospitals are recognized as high performers
within their region, and only 3 percent earn
national ranking in any specialty.
“For the past several years, Covenant
Health has been named among the top
health systems in the country, and its
hospitals and medical facilities are known
for quality and award-winning care,”
says Tony Spezia, president and CEO
of Covenant Health, parent company of
Methodist. “We are very proud of our
physicians, nurses, and employees who
work diligently to provide excellent care for
our patients, who are ultimately the true
beneficiaries of the awards.”
A full list of hospital rankings is available online
at www.usnews.com/health. For more information
about services available at Methodist Medical
Center of Oak Ridge, visit www.mmcoakridge.com.
September 2013
Well Aware
An Orchestrated Effort
The four neurologists who practice at Methodist are a bit
like the conductors of an orchestra. Their combined expertise
represents a number of subspecialties, including epilepsy,
neurophysiology, electrodiagnostics, and headache medicine.
“For patients with neurological conditions, our neurologists
serve as the main point of care for all of their special medical
needs, including medication management, radiological exams,
therapies, and surgical referrals,” says Patrick Matthiessen, MD,
board-certified neurologist on staff at Methodist. “Together, our
team is able to treat every neurological issue from Parkinson’s
disease to chronic migraines to neurovascular blockages that put
people at risk for strokes and aneurysms.”
A Symphony of Services
At Methodist, our neurologists conduct an
orchestra that includes virtually every player
necessary for complete neurological care. Our
neurologists work with radiologists to perform
advanced imaging studies—including high-resolution
64-slice computed tomography (CT)—that can
help accurately identify and diagnose neurological
problems. They also work closely with Chris
September 2013
Treating neurological conditions often requires
a team of specialists working in concert.
At Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge,
coordinated neurological care is our specialty.
Slaymaker, manager of neurodiagnostics at Methodist, to
conduct specialized neurodiagnostic tests and procedures such as:
· Electroencephalography (EEG)—a painless test that
records the brain’s electrical activity to diagnose epilepsy,
brain tumors, head injuries, stroke, and other diseases
· Evoked response testing—a painless study of the body’s
nervous system to identify the root causes of pain, tingling,
or weakness in the back, arms, or legs
· Transcranial Doppler sonography—a study of the
brain’s blood flow that provides information necessary to
treat patients experiencing strokes or mini-strokes
When necessary, our neurologists coordinate referrals to
physical therapy services at Methodist. Our physical
therapy team specializes in neurological therapy for
both stroke rehabilitation and motor system disorders
such as Parkinson’s disease. The goal of physical
therapy is to restore or find ways of adapting to
neurological deficits involving balance, coordination,
fine motor skills, walking, speaking, and swallowing.
Through our physical therapy department, we can
also connect stroke patients to our monthly stroke
Patrick Matthiessen, MD
support group.
Think BIG…
Parkinson’s disease is growing problem in the United
States. The disease affects approximately 1 million
Americans, and that number is expected to double in the
next 25 years. While there is no known cure, many people
with Parkinson’s are able to control neurological symptoms
better than ever thanks to innovative new therapies.
Complex Procedures, Capable Hands
Our neurologists also collaborate with
Lawrence Maccree, DO, board-certified
neurosurgeon on staff at Methodist.
Neurosurgery addresses some of the most
complex and delicate structures in the
human body, including the brain, neck,
and spinal cord. Because of these delicate
structures, neurosurgery for
Lawrence Maccree, DO
tumors and vascular
malformations has
traditionally been considered one of
Don’t mi lth
the most difficult forms of surgery,
ber Hea
our Octo n, which will
carrying with it the risk of damaging
e Tow
neurological function. Thankfully, the
ght on th Matthiessen, MD
last 20 years have seen remarkable
feature P at Methodist Me
advances in the neurosurgical field,
made possible through minimally
neurolog cussing Parkinso
invasive techniques and a
enter, dis event will be hel
greater understanding of the
disease. 9 at 7 p.m. in the
brain’s anatomy.
At Methodist, we offer a minimally
erence R
invasive approach to neurosurgery.
“Using stereotactic imaging, we can
of Metho
make smaller incisions and access areas
of the brain with less tissue destruction,”
Dr. Maccree says.
As part of our team approach, Dr. Maccree routinely consults
with medical and radiation oncologists, pathologists, radiologists,
and neurodiagnostic specialists at Methodist to develop the most
effective surgical treatment plan for every patient.
“Many neurological conditions cannot be appropriately treated
without a complementary group of experts,” Dr. Matthiessen says.
“Each specialist provides an important piece to the puzzle, without
which a patient’s treatment would not be complete. At Methodist,
we pride ourselves on providing this kind of multispecialty care for
each patient.”
To learn more about neurosurgery and neurodiagnostics at Methodist, visit
One of these therapies is BIG, developed by LSVT Global. At
Methodist, the BIG program involves 16 exercise sessions
with a physical therapist. During therapy, patients
perform exaggerated movements, such as swinging their
arms back and forth and across the body, bending and
stretching down to the floor, and doing high steps. The
goal is to combat the increasingly small, slow movements
people with Parkinson’s tend to revert to over time. Studies
show these “big” exercises can markedly improve walking
balance and length of gait.
“BIG is a high-intensity program that requires a lot of
effort from the patient,” says Margaret Keele, PT, DPT,
BIG-certified senior physical therapist at Methodist.
“When applied, it amplifies actions, your range of motion,
and your calibration, promoting more normal movement.”
…and LOUD
Along with BIG, Methodist Therapy Services also
offers LOUD, an LSVT-developed therapy that focuses
on speech communication.
“As Parkinson’s disease progresses, people have
difficulty speaking loudly enough and often have
to repeat themselves in large groups,” says Melissa
Grater, MA, CCC-SLP, LOUD-certified senior speech
pathologist at Methodist. “This hinders their ability to
have meaningful social interactions and may require
dependence on a voice amplifier.”
“We work with Parkinson’s patients on vocal exercises
to increase volume, teaching techniques to speak loudly
and clearly through reading and speaking exercises,”
says Linda Singleton, MA, CCC-SLP, LOUD-certified senior
speech pathologist at Methodist. “Many patients see great
improvement within four weeks.”
To set up an appointment with one of our BIG- or LOUDcertified therapists, call Methodist Therapy Services at
(865) 835-3370.
September 2013
Well Aware
Focus on
Urologists care for the male and female
urinary tract and the male reproductive
system. While urology focuses on a wide
variety of conditions, monitoring prostate
health, treating incontinence, and performing
noninvasive surgery are the most common
urological therapies.
Problems with Prostates
Urology Services at Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge combine
compassionate care with technological innovation.
that relieve symptoms or through
noninvasive surgical treatments that reduce
the swelling of the prostate.
Prostatitis is an infection of the prostate.
Like most infections, it is frequently and
effectively treated with antibiotics.
Incontinence Care
While loss of urinary control can be
The three most frequent
embarrassing, 15 million
problems with the prostate
Americans are living with some
are cancer, benign prostatic
symptoms of incontinence.
hyperplasia (BPH), and
“A lot of patients are ashamed
prostatitis. Prostate cancer
to talk about it, and restrict their
impacts 234,000 men in the
lives because they are afraid of
United States every year.
having an accident,” Dr. Cottrell
Because prostate cancer may
says. “The truth is that most
not be detectable without tests
forms of incontinence can be
Brandon Cottrell, MD
until the advanced stages of the
managed or treated.”
disease, identifying risk factors
Don’t suffer in silence.
and having a yearly prostate exam may be
Make an appointment with a urologist at
Methodist today to receive caring, quality
“As men age, their risk for prostate cancer
treatment for incontinence.
increases,” says Brandon Cottrell, MD,
Innovations in Urology
board-certified urologist at Methodist.
While urology has been around as long
“Family history may also increase men’s
as the kidney stones found in Egyptian
risk for prostate cancer.”
mummies, modern urology offers a wide
BPH is a noncancerous enlargement
range of noninvasive procedures for
of the prostate that may cause problems
urological problems. Robotic surgery
urinating. BPH is treated with medications
September 2013
using the da Vinci® Surgical System offers
patients comparable results to conventional
surgery with shorter recovery times due to
smaller incisions.
“Da Vinci provides the precision
necessary for a low-complication surgery to
remove cancerous tissue from the prostate
or kidney,” Dr. Cottrell says. “For patients
who qualify for robotic surgery, it is a
fantastic option.”
To find an urologist at Methodist, visit
Health Night on The Town:
Dr. Cottrell
Join board-certified urologist Brandon
Cottrell, MD, for a discussion about urinary
incontinence at the November Health
Night on the Town. The event will be
held November 19 at 7 p.m. in the Ridge
Conference Room.
For more information about Health
Night on the Town, call (865) 835-4662.
Events, and
Support Groups
Maternity and Family Classes
Fitness Classes for All Ages and Abilities
Community Health and Wellness Classes
Support Groups
Don’t let students have all the back-toschool fun. Take advantage of the health
and wellness classes Methodist Medical
Center of Oak Ridge offers year-round.
Educational Programs
• Before Baby (pre-pregnancy planning) and Pre-Admission Visit
• VIP (Very Important Pregnancy) Tour
• Great Expectations Childbirth Class and One2One Childbirth Class
• Breast-feeding Daytime Class
• Big Brothers & Big Sisters: The Sibling Class
• Infant CPR
• Mommy2Mommy Lunches and Mommy and Me Field Trips
• Mommy Exercise, Mommy & Co. Exercise, and Mommy
Walk/Baby Roll
• CardioMix
• Yoga
• Smoking Cessation—The next eight-week series begins October 1.
• Kaleidoscope: A Support Group for Parents with Special Needs Kids
• Grief Support after the Loss of a Baby
• Walk to Remember: A Memorial Walk for Children Gone Too Soon
• Stroke Support Group
• Women & Heart Disease
• Health Night on the Town
• Oak Ridge Institute for Continued Learning Medical Lecture Series
• Covenant Health Passport
Do you want to learn more about what Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge
has to offer? Call (865) 835-4662 to request your FREE copy of Methodist’s
2013 Physician’s Directory and Class Catalog!
A New Startfor the
After a heart attack or cardiac procedure,
the work of rebuilding strength and living
a healthier life begins.
Cardiac rehabilitation starts during
recovery in the hospital and might simply
entail walking the hall outside your room.
After returning home, your cardiologist may
recommend you continue your recovery by
participating in the cardiac rehab program
at Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge.
The cardiac rehab program provides a
roadmap for heart health by addressing
each patient’s unique risk factors through
monitored exercise, a smoking cessation
program, and classes covering topics,
such as healthful eating and medication
management. A medical evaluation at the
beginning of the program confirms each
patient’s candidacy and helps the rehab
team identify which aspects of heart health
he or she must improve.
“The team creates individualized aerobic
exercise plans, and exercise trainers supervise
patients during workouts at our cardiac
rehab center,” says Kevin Montooth, BS,
exercise trainer with Methodist’s cardiac
rehab program. “Activities, such as stationary
cycling and walking on a treadmill, help
patients boost their heart rates to safe levels,
so they can improve cardiac function and
enhance endurance.”
With a healthy dose of dedication, your
first day of cardiac rehab could mark the
beginning of a heart-healthier future—good
news for you and everyone who loves you.
To learn more about the cardiac rehab program
at Methodist, call (865) 835-5235.
September 2013
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Life is too much fun to let
sore joints slow you down.
The Methodist Joint Replacement Center’s
comprehensive program combines leading orthopedic
physicians, the most advanced technology, team
therapy, a supportive group environment and a clublike atmosphere. It’s a combination proven to restore
movement more comfortably, quickly and completely than
old-style hip and knee joint replacement.
Life is too much fun to let sore joints slow you down.
For a free DVD and information packet about joint
replacement and the award-winning care at the Methodist
Joint Replacement Center, call (865) 835-4405.
Cletus McMahon, M.D., medical director
Brian Edkin, M.D.
Edward Kahn, M.D.
Michael MacKay, M.D.
Michael O’Brien, M.D.
Jean-François Reat, M.D.
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