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Mississippi Department of Education
Tom Burnham, Ed.D. · State Superintendent of Education
How to Upload Your SPED Application to the MDE Sharepoint Site
1. Go to https://sharepoint.ors.ms/districts/Documents .
2. Log in using your DARRAD Credentials.
3. Click on your district folder (sd####).
Click on the “Application” Folder.
5. Click on the “2010 App” folder.
Click the “Upload” menu item. Choose “Upload Document.”
7. Click the Browse Button.
8. Choose your document from your local computer.
9. Click open.
10. Click “OK.”
11. Once upload is successful, click “OK” to finish.
12. You should now see your document in the 2010 App folder. You are done!
13. Click your name in the upper right-hand corner and choose “Sign Out.”
For technical questions or DARRAD(Sharepoint) passwords, contact:
Cliff Triplett
Director of Public Reporting/DARRAD(Sharepoint) Administrator
[email protected]