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Spring 2014
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President’s Message
It has been a year since I wrote my last letter. And what
a year it has been. This last year has been one of the
most challenging of my career; but at the same time,
this last year has been one of the most rewarding.
We are almost in balance. Not yet, but soon. And
things are starting to look up. As I write this letter, we
are just about to close the first quarter of 2014. I for
one am happy to see 2013 in the rear view mirror. 2014
has been exciting so far. It started by our acquiring
100% of Optimum. John Martin was a good partner
for almost 18 years and Optimum prospered but it
was time that we took total ownership. 2014 has seen
the departure of both Brian Cosgrove and Lisa LaTerra.
Mike and I dove right into the Corporate Environments
mix, doubling our time there. And we both understand
much better how Corporate Environments works. And
Corporate Environments has been busy.
A new sales manager is ready to make his mark. Justin
Smith is ready for his next challenge and the next
chapter of his life. I feel confident that Justin is up to
the challenge.
Mike and I are doing our best to navigate these turbulent
waters. Our goal is not just to survive but to prosper as
a company. At the same time running a business has
never been more challenging. Competition is fierce.
We are all competing for the very same projects and
clients’ budgets are tight. They need us to work hard to
Anniversaries •
Claire Davis
Joe Fanucci
Rose Gressell
Pat Higgins
Lori Hockenberry
Steve Hovey
Carol Lamberjack
1/16/1984 30 years
9 years
1/06/1997 17 years
2/15/1999 15 years
2/26/1996 18 years
1/21/1991 23 years
3/01/2003 11 years
bring solutions that will save them
money and earn their trust.
So what is the formula for our
success? We need you. And
we need you operating on all
cylinders. Without a highly skilled
and motivated work force, we
will only survive and we will be
fortunate to do that. I am not satisfied with just survival. My
goal is for our company to prosper and I desperately need
your help. You are part of our team and your job is critical to
our company.
“So, how do I do that?” you might ask. It is really a simple
formula. It starts by counting your blessings each day. You are
fortunate to be alive. You are fortunate to be living in a great
country and you are fortunate to be working for a company
who appreciates you. And I am sure there are many other
blessings in your life.
After you count your blessings, you ask yourself a couple
of questions. “What can I do today to bring exceptional
performance to my company? “How can I make my company
stand out?”
We now have a smaller team this year. There is no one on the
bench. We are all on the field. If we are to prosper, our company
needs you to play your best game, each and every day.
Sandy Lemoncelli
John Quevy
Steve Raguckas
Christoph Testa
Robert Turton
Nicole Zaino
13 years
13 years
17 years
11 years
9 years
5 years
Congratulations and keep up the good work!
“Our greatest glory
is not in never falling
but in rising every
time we fall.”
– Confucius
Sales Person
of the Month
January – Bill MacDonald
February – Bill MacDonald
March – Bill MacDonald
Sales Person
of the Month
January – Chuck Stehly
February – Tom Oechsle
March – Ken Wycherley
2013 Champions Club
It was a close race leading up to December…. then there was an upset!
Our 2013 Champions Club winner is Ken Wycherley with an amazing 429 points. Congratulations Ken!!!!
The runner up is Mike Skoff with 280 points. Third place goes to Carol Lamberjack with 252 points.
In addition, Guy Leach, Bernie Maopolski, Tom Oechsle, Ryan Swift, and Chuck Stehly were all
part of the 2013 Champion club.
The criteria for Sales Person of the Month and the Champions Club are: goal attainment, total gross profit dollars, gross margin increase, and qualified signed agreements. These four
components allow for a true sales person of the month to be awarded and carry over to the Champions Club.
I would like to thank everyone for their well wishes to me and my
family at the passing of my dad, Charles Irvine. The beauiful peace lily
from One Point graces my office and is a wonderful reminder of him.
Thank you so much,
Claire Davis
Pencil Thin
Scranton-opoly model
Mr. Big Bucks goes to
Peddlers Village to ad
Bucks County Opoly
Philly-opoly kick off at Ryan Seacrest Studio inside
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
Pat McMahonwheeling and dealing,
buying and selling
(as usual!) - at the
Hazleton-opoly VIP
tournament. They never
knew what hit them at
his table.
ESSA Donated $1000 to Toys For Tots
at an event we set up for LV opoly
Bernie with Bucks County Opoly
at Bucks County Herald
Lily Maopolski and Jenice Armstrong
from the Philadelphia Daily News
Ross Brittain 98.1 WOGL morning DJ
and Ukee Washington CBS Philly on
Talk Philly CBS Channel 3
Restless Pursuit of Excellence
In our Restless Pursuit of Excellence, the following
are acknowledged for their efforts during the quarter:
Our Scranton office had an order that delivered to National Penn Bank in error. In researching the cost for
call tags, we found it would be expensive and as we only had a 2 day window for pick up, Joel suggested to
reach out to our Bethlehem office to see if they had a crew in the area that they might pick it up and store it
for pick up by our Optimum truck. Lisa forwarded the request to Dave Star and he arranged for his crew to
pick up the next day. Thank you for the great team work.
– Jeanne
Thank you Joel for catching both a unit of issue problem and print error prior to processing 209 releases for
a GWC fulfillment order, we were able to correct them before creating a major problem. Also, hats off to Joel
and his team for the excellent fulfillment turnaround for this project. – Jeanne
Acknowledgement of Mike Skoff’s proactive efforts in keeping GWC’s needs at the forefront on a daily basis!!!!!!!!!
Hi Pat –Hope you’re doing well. I wanted to let you know that we have been very pleased with the level
of service we’ve been receiving from One Point, obviously most notably from Mike and Jeanne. I’ve heard
several times from my team that they both are very responsive and have been going above and beyond at
times to answer questions or address concerns. Mike has been proactively reaching out to check in which
helps us communicate more easily. Best regards, Kate Eltringham | Director, Marketing
Obviously you and your guys are a big part of this (GWC) I wanted to pass it on. Good Job!
– Mike Conahan
Oh what service… Customer’s Bank had an awards presentation and needed their engraved awards in
hands on 2/17. Due to the severe bad weather, the job ran behind and was not ready to ship until 2/14. After
researching his delivery options, finding all to be too expense for a Saturday delivery, he decided to deliver
them himself to the hotel in Philadelphia where the event was being held. – Jeanne
I take this opportunity to express how much all of us at NorthEast Community Bank enjoy working with
Marie Rouilliard. Time and time again, she exemplifies customer service. Marie is lightening fast with all our
requests, understands our time frames, knows our stock, (even anticipates our needs), and has picked up
errors that we had not noticed. Marie is always courteous, professional, and goes that extra mile. We very
often have a need that is urgent. On behalf of Optimum - she has never failed us.It is so gratifying for us to be
able to express how she has made our jobs easier. There should be more people like Marie in the workplace.
– Gratefully, Diane Martinek, NECB
Just wanted to let you know what a big help Rose has been to me the last few months. She has been
courteous and professional at all times. Sometimes I had to call her multiple times during one day and
each time she was patient and helpful. I have dealt with other customer service professionals with different
companies that have not always been kind or patient. Please tell her I appreciate her willing to answer even
my dumbest questions. Please pass this on to her supervisor, since I feel she has been great representative
for your company.
– Karen Fetterman, Asst Controller, First Columbia Bank & Trust
Lindsay, Alli &
Alli, Linda, Nikki &
Just for fun
That’s not M
Y desk!
Maria &
Scranton isn’t the only place to
have St. Patricks’ Day fun…they
do it pretty well in Bethlehem too!
After-hours fun on March 20 to
celebrate St. Paddy’s day with a
variety of Irish beer, cocktails and
snacks. For those who didn’t wear
green, we provided silly items for
them to wear.
John (photoen &
Decor and Drinks Table
No coal for Bailey Rouilliard
for being a good pup for Santa
(and for Marie too!)
2013 2nd Place Winner!
Festival of Trees
Is that really Bill MacDonald
with Miss Pennsylvania???
What year was that????
Way to go Kim Johnson, Paul Migliorino
& Meegan Possemato with your very creative
Hansel & Gretel theme.
Family News
♥ W I L L ♥ Y O U ♥ M A R RY ♥ M E ? ? ♥
Congratulations Paul Migliorino! (with a little help from his friends)
Amy said YES to his “story-book” proposal.
The book he’s holding is a compilation of their story that he created for the day.
(Check out how excited the kids were)
Patrick Conahan graduated
in June from Abington Heights
High School. Pat began his
collegiate career in August
at Temple University in
Hannah Conahan will be
representing Lackawanna County
at the State 4H Fashion Review
to be held August 6th thru 8th at
Penn State University, University
Park PA. Hannah won the State’s
Regional competition held last
month in Tunkhannock. Hannah
is wearing a full length skirt and
vest she coordinated and sewed
for the competition.
Baby boys!!
Mike & Maureen Conahan
proud parents…
Tom & Devon Wheeler…wow, another
boy – Colton John, 8lbs 11oz 21”
Bridget & Brad Buter’s latest arrival,
Ravien Quest Born on Jan. 26th.
7lbs, 11oz. 19”.
One Point of Light News & Events
By Peggy Rose
January 2014
After a very busy November and December 2013, the committee took a little break . As always,
our Adopt –A–Family 2013 Thanksgiving and Christmas drive was successful and a family of
5 was the recipient of our employees’ generous donations.
What does a candle lose
by lighting another?
We also had a successful United Way campaign during
which we collected/pledged $2,528. This was an
increase of $257.00 over 2013.
February 2014
The One Point family gathered to raise awareness in
the fight against heart disease in women. Everyone
wore red to honor their commitment.
Corporate Environments held a food drive in February to
benefit the Food Bank at Hispanic Center Lehigh Valley.
March 2014 March is always a busy, but
fun month, for One Point’s charity events.
On March 27, 2014 we celebrated The Northeast Regional
Cancer Institute’s 11th annual C.A.S.U.A.L. (Colon cancer
Awareness Saves Unlimited Adult Lives) Day by selling shirts
and pins and by helping organize and pack orders that had
been purchased by other supporters.
One Point family & friends who participated in the annual
Bowl For Kids Sake at South Side Bowling Lanes on March 29,
2014. Always a fun time, this event benefits the very deserving
organization of Big Brothers/Big Sisters.
always an opportunity
A monthly Calendar of Events is emailed to
everyone the first week of every month.
The Event Calendar is also posted throughout the company.
Everyone has an opportunity to volunteer. Some events do
not even require a donation… just some of your time.
Please consider helping.
Below are the approximate totals raised for charity
from “-opoly” game sales to date.
HAZLETON - $18,000 for Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce
LEHIGH – $36,000 for Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce - $25,000 and for PBS 39 - $11,000
PHILLY - $25,000 for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
BUCKS COUNTY - $21,000 for HeathLink Medical Center (provides free medical and dental service to uninsured working adults)
TOTAL - $100,000 Plus…there are games left so these numbers will increase!