How to Register and Take the Notary Training Module 

How to Register and Take the Notary Training Module 1. To access this training module, click or copy and paste to a web browser using the following web address: LMS Link: 2. Once the webpage is loaded, take the following actions: a. Find “If you have a registration key, to self‐register click here” which is to the right of the login box. b.
Enter the registration code and then click “Validate Key”
i. Registration Code is SLN4733522 c. Click “Proceed with Registration” to create a User Profile d. Enter the REQUIRED information: i. First Name ii. Last Name iii. Vision Vendor ID iv. Email Address† v. New Username† vi. New Password*† * Note: Password can only contain letters and numbers † Note: Write down this information to access the LMS system in the future e. Click on “Register”
f. To access the LMS, follow the link under "Please click here to login to the site". In addition, an email confirmation will be sent to you. g. In the Learning Management System, click on “My Training” to view the available courses h. Identify the “Notary Training” course and click “enroll” to start the class 3. To complete the course, you must view all the content and opt‐in to the acknowledgement at the end. Note: To view this training, you must have an updated web browsing program (i.e. Internet Explorer version 7 or later, Mozilla, or Chrome) and Adobe Acrobat flash 10 or later installed ( If there are additional questions or issues accessing the online Notary training, there is a FAQ section in the Learning Management System by first logging into the system, click “Support” and click “FAQ”. If there are questions regarding this training before or after, please send an email to [email protected] A representative from the Closing Agent Vendor Management team will review and respond to your request.