How to Apply for/Extend an Off-Campus Work Permit WHEN TO APPLY:

How to Apply for/Extend an Off-Campus Work Permit
This is not a legal document and information may change without notice.
Always refer to for the most updated information.
After being enrolled full-time for 6 months out of the last 12 months, OR 3-4 months
before your current work permit expires (usually when renewing your study permit)
PROCESSING TIME: (updated weekly)
Online (
OR by paper; send to Vegreville, Alberta
Change Conditions, Extend my Stay or Remain in Canada as a Worker [IMM 5710]
General Supporting Documents (additional documents may be required)
 Eligibility Verification Number (EVN)
Log on to MyCIC and look for the "Make a request" link
under "What would you like to do today?" Follow the
instructions and in 3-5 days your EVN will appear under
"My Messages."
 Copy of your passport (include the bio-data page plus any pages with stamps, visas or markings)
 Passport-style photo (if applying online)
You must hold a valid study permit at the time of submitting your application for off-campus work permit. Your
work permit will not be issued past the expiry date of your study permit.
You can extend your off-campus work permit at the same time you extend study permit.
If you become ineligible to work off-campus (e.g. you take a leave of absence or start studying part-time), you
must surrender your work permit to the nearest local CIC office. See for instructions.
You may work full-time on your off-campus work permit between the date you complete your degree
requirements and receiving your post-graduation work permit.
You do not need a job offer to apply.
Need help scanning your documents? Go to the Irving K. Barber Chapman Learning Commons.
Press the “Validate” button to ensure your application is complete. The validate button does not send any
information to CIC, so you may edit and validate as many times as you need.
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Frequently Asked Questions
I’m trying to apply
for an EVN. Why
can’t I find the “Make
a request” link.
You did not enter your client ID (also known as UCI) when you created your GCKey log in. Every
student has an 8 digit-client ID on their study permit. Try re-creating a GCKey log-in; this time, when
the system asks if you have a client ID, say "YES" and enter your client ID. You should now see the
"Make a request" link on your MyCIC page.
What is a UCI?
UCI stands for “unique client identifier,” also known
as “client ID.” It appears on official documents such
as study and work permits. (Example: 0000-0000).
What type of work
permit should I
Most students should select “a work permit with a new employer.”
How do I fill out my
mailing address?
A “street no.” is the location of a
building on a street. Some “street
names” also contain numbers.
What is a document
A document number appears on official CIC documents. It is usually
printed in blank ink as one letter followed by 9 numbers.
How do I fill out the
“details of my
employer” section if I
don’t have a job?
Although you do not
need a job offer to
apply for an offcampus work permit,
you still must
complete this section.
You do not need to
attach an offer of
How should I answer
“duration of
Write the expiry date of
your study permit in the “to”
Do I need to upload
proof of a medical
Most students in Canada do NOT need proof of a medical exam unless (1) you lived in certain
countries for more than 6 months in the past 12 months, or (2) you want to work in certain healthrelated occupations; see You
can click “modify my answers” at the top of the document upload screen to review/change answers.
How can I sign the
form if I apply
You cannot sign the form if applying online; upload the form without signing. After uploading all your
documents, you will later be asked to electronically sign your application by typing your name.
After You Get It
Apply for (or renew) your Social Insurance Number (SIN). You need a SIN to work in Canada.
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