Beating the Bounds … How To information

Beating the Bounds … How To information
When to do the walk
If you are unable to join the main walk on Saturday 6th September, you can
undertake the walk by yourself, at anytime during September, using the
instructions, map and observation sheets here on the LPC website.
If you prefer, you can join an escorted walk during the last 3 weeks of
September, when one of the LNP Steering Group will be available to take you
round the route and advise you on what you need to do. If you are interested in
taking part in an escorted walk, please email Nick on the address below.
Starting Point: St Nicholas.
Time: the whole route, at walking pace, will take between 2 and 3 hours.
The route: the route follows the Settlement Area as defined by Chichester
District Council / South Downs National Park. Settlement Area = area currently
built up. The route doesn’t follow the Parish Boundary because it is too long, it
would take two days to walk round! Comments made at previous NP meetings
indicate residents want development close to the existing area.
Use the map to identify the Viewpoints, the route is designed to be walked.
There are some sections on tarmac paths and others along footpaths. However,
most of the Viewpoints can also be reached by car with a short walk.
HAVE YOUR SAY. There are Observation Sheets for each of the 9 Viewpoints.
Please read these carefully and feel free to make any comments suggestions
that you may have.
You do NOT need to complete the whole route and all the sheets, though this is
Observations can be about
Types of houses / households
Numbers of houses / households
Density of houses / households
Roads / footpaths
Recreational areas
Anything about the environment
Names and addresses … We MUST demonstrate that the choices / comments
are made by LAVANT residents … so please include your name and address. Post
code, house number and your initials are okay.
All opinions and comments will be treated with the STRICTEST CONFIDENCE.
Completed sheets should be left at Lavant Memorial Hall by the end of
September (post through the letter box on the wall to the right hand side of the
front door).
Participation is FREE and VITAL
For further information phone/text
[email protected]
Your part in Lavant’s Neighbourhood Plan will help secure a
village suitable for families – not traffic or developers’ profits.