Happy Fall and early Winter!!!!!!! We hope that everyone is enjoying being back in school. We are all
gearing up for the start of our reunions and are looking forward to seeing so many of you in Chicago on
October 31st.
After camp ended, we enjoyed a wonderful session of Camp BT – our camp for kids with Autism, followed by a nostalgic and fun-filled weekend of alumni helping us celebrate our 50 th Anniversary as a
camp. It was so much fun reconnecting with everyone and hearing memories from the very first summers of Birch Trail’s history. The alumni were so happy to step foot on Birch Trail soil again, reconnect
with the beautiful nature surrounding camp, and relive memories with their camp friends. We are working on a new website for alumni and will let you know when that is up and running. Barbara stayed up
at camp for the whole month of September to enjoy the warm weather and get a lot of projects done. A
big HOW to Mickey and Gary Henson for coming back up after Camp BT to help Barbara paint the beach
house, the craft shop and the canteen building. Russ put new siding on Cabins 14 and 15 and is fixing the
floor in the Maple washhouse. The entire shower part of the washhouse will be brand new next summer. He is also working on an addition to the office so that the program director can move out of
Pokegama Inn and join the rest of the admin staff in the office. Gabe, Erin and Brooklyn went back up to
camp in early October to finish some work and enjoy the fall colors. LBD traveled to England to see
camp friends and had a wonderful time. She visited with Lisa Bradshaw (a former BT counselor) and SiWan.
Camp looks very different now. The trees have changed colors and are dropping their leaves, the Eagles
and Deer have reclaimed camp as their own again, and Russ has put everything away for the winter. All
of us are hoping that the winter flies by so we can once again start setting camp up for all of you to be
back there next summer.
The camp office is busy setting up reunions, starting to hire staff for next summer, and contacting campers who are interested in attending next summer. If you know of any friends, relatives or neighbors who
would be great additions to our Birch Trail Family, please let us know about them. We are also working
on new programs and projects for next summer so keep us posted if you have any great ideas for those
as well. We love to hear from you throughout the winter with news of camp friends and camp gettogethers. Please keep us posted of any news.
Chicago Reunion - Saturday, October 31st,
1:07 PM, Glencoe Community Center
LA Reunion - Sunday, Nov. 8th,
12:57 pm, Jenny Kate Pritzker’s house
Dallas Reunion - Friday, Nov. 13th,
7:03 pm, Zoe Blumenthal’s house
Houston Reunion - Sunday, Nov. 15th,
2:57 pm, Elle Wermuth’s House
Detroit Reunion - Sunday, Nov. 22nd,
2:03 pm, Erica & Rachel Broder’s house
Cincinnati Reunion - Sunday, Dec. 6th,
2:07 pm, Katarina Warnick’s house
Florida Reunion - Saturday, Dec. 12th, 2:04 pm, Phoebe &
Victoria Rosen’s house
Atlanta Reunion - Sunday, Dec. 13th, 1:07 pm,
Gabrielle Lewis’ house
St. Louis, Tulsa, San Francisco, Tucson, Phoenix, Colorado,
Milwaukee, Kansas City reunion times, dates and locations
coming soon....Let us know if you are interested in hosting a
reunion in your city!
Tam Project
A big hey-o how to camp Birch Trail for
participating in the Tamarack’s toy and
pop-can tab collection this summer! From
all the donations that were made, we donated 13 boxes of stuffed animals to children, and donated $347.93 from the money
collected from the pop tabs. Way to go!
Carly Pass was recognized by the Friends of Kids with
Cancer foundation in St. Louis as a result of her efforts to
knit more than two dozen hats as gifts to kids with cancer.
She said she was inspired to do so after learning how to
knit at camp. Here’s a big How to Carly!!!
Summer Memories
Pop raids ~ Sunday services ~ Pandemonium ~ Jewel of the Brule
Dodgeball ~ Games on the airstrip ~ Tubing ~ Ice cream at The Scoop
Superlatives ~ TIAD ~ LJ Booth ~ Water skiing ~ Canoeing on the Nam
Reaching the top of the climbing wall ~ Dance parties ~ Wannegan
Reading and writing letters at the white chairs ~ Cabin Days Maple SYRUP
Ducks & chicks in The Hatchery ~ Sea Kayaking ~ Sailing on Lake Pokegama
Sister service ~ A to Z Dance Parties ~ Hiking on Isle Royale ~ Trip food
Watching sunsets with friends ~ “It’s as Real as it Gets” ~ Cheering in the
lodge ~ Voyageurs Council fires with Max, playing his guitar ~ Camp dogs
Canoeing in the Boundary Waters ~ Tamaracks in Hayward ~ The craft
shop ~ Laughing with friends ~ Explorers solo ~ 5 Year Camper Day
Sardines ~ Tam Project ~ Making friends that last a lifetime!
Staff News
Emma Pucker was recently at a Minnesota Vikings game, and caught an out-of-bounds pass
thrown by Brett Favre. She got to meet him after the game and got season tickets for box
seats. Anyone who wants tickets should call Emma!
An outstanding theatre performance by JJ Simms in Portland, Oregon, was witnessed by
Tom Cruise, who was so impressed that he cast her in his upcoming film, War of the Worlds
Hannah Cummins is currently training for the next America’s Cup. She will be skippering
for the Scottish team!
Phil Waidner is working and leading trips in Hong Kong. When he first arrived, he had
dinner with Cabe, Jessie, and John Knight!
The next season of Iron Chef will be featuring our very own Jackie Reiner. Keep your eye
out for Food Network’s Iron Chef: London to be airing in January!
Former campers and staff member, and bunkmates Layne Kaplan and Becca Saag have
been reunited in the same dorm during their freshman year at USC.
Meghan Haines, Aby Underhill, and Bel Dickson enjoyed touring the United
States after camp, and had their share of adventures. They saved a stranded
hiker on the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and appeared as extras in Adam
Sandler’s next film while they were in Hollywood. By the time they reached
Florida, they ran out of money so they became members of the NASCAR pit crew,
and helped Jeff Gordon reach victory in the Daytona 500. Finally, they went
deep-sea fishing in Florida and caught the world’s biggest marlin.
Si-Wan Cheung is back to coaching gymnastics in London, and started coaching
Chris Martin and Gwenyth Paltrow’s daughter. She is now their own private baby
-sitter and gymnastics coach.
Happy Birthday, Birch Trail Babies!
2 Maddie Dolins
2 Vanessa Ross
3 Olivia Pinsof
4 Gabi Dinkin
4 Carly Rosenthal
5 Alyssa Cohen
5 Lauren Lee
6 Claire Mulert
8 Chelsea Mohr
11 Jodi Backalar
15 Jenny-Kate Pritzker
16 Ariel Goldfine
16 Hannah Guttman
16 Leah Reed
16 Nicole Schlesinger
17 Rachel Abreu
17 Dani Kaufman
17 Paige Keiner
18 Elise Werner
19 Dahlia Callistein
19 Jocelyn Dee
19 Annie Feldman
20 Elena Zifkin
21 Sydney Metzner
22 Jane Sussman
25 Kiki Koretz
25 Julia van Zwieten
27 Sally Hicks
29 Isabella Silberg
30 Sammy Cohen
30 Essence Price
3 Olivia Silverman
5 Caroline Wineman
7 Jordan Solomon
10 Anna Braverman
10 Lindsey Bronston
10 Madison Powell
11 Marlee Learner
13 Jessica Leshman
15 Gabrielle Lewis
16 Aliza Kipnis
17 Leslie Dinkin
17 Robin Dinkin
17 Katie Frank
17 Paige Rudd
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24 Hope Desenberg
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31 Naomi Rawitz
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