How to Use the o POE Website

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How to Use the MoversPOE Website
"MoversPOE’s mission is to bring the International Movers Industry into the 21st Century by providing for all
the International Movers information needs through the MoversPOE website."
In less than 2 minutes, you can login to the website, describe the consignment you want to ship, get a list
of movers, and send an email to several International Movers requesting their quotes. No need to hunt
through huge books, type countless emails, make expensive phone calls, and this service is
Do you want to know how to be more efficient & profitable?
Follow these 5 steps….
Step 1:
Go to the MoversPOE website (
Login with your company's “USER NAME“ and “PASSWORD“
Step 2:
Press "Locate Agent" on the upper part of the screen or press "Proceed"
button lower right.
Step 3:
On this screen you will be asked to:
Describe your Destination/Origin, Commodity, Shipping Mode,
Shipping Type, Weight, Volume, Country, Additional Comments,
Reference #. If needed, insert “Your Name” and “Your Email”.
To go to the list of International Movers able to assist you, press
"Proceed" button lower right.
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Step 4:
Select the mover(s) to receive your request by checking the
box next to the company's name.
You may also view your message by clicking on "View
Message Content". You can also “View Map” and “Customs
Info” (Customs Regulations) by clicking on those boxes.
Some movers have a “STAR” next to their names. Touch the
“STAR” with your cursor to see the names of agents who have
referred them. Also, you can see which “Services” are
provided by each mover. After selecting your preferred
agents, press "Proceed" button lower right.
Step 5:
Before you launch your request, MoversPOE gives you the ability to
1. The message you will send.
2. The agents you selected.
If all the information is correct, press "Proceed" button lower right.
You have just sent your rate request in the easiest, most efficient manner
possible. An individual request was sent to each mover. A copy of the
request, listing all the movers, will be sent to your email, as well.
How to select An Agent Useful tips:
Those who are listed in Red are smart movers who have bought an Enhanced Listing
Select the movers who are “Star Agents”
Select movers who are located at (or near) the destination city by using “View Map”
Check their website
Check the organization(s) they are affiliated with (by touching the Blue Globe with your cursor)
Check for familiar names of reputable agents
MoversPOE is a smart website for smart people who wish to work efficiently and stay competitive.
Take advantage of this FREE TOOL TODAY!
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Additional Features @ MoversPOE
MoversPOE's mission is to bring all information needed by the International Moving Industry to one
easy to access location. MoversPOE has launched many useful tools and features for International
Movers on its website. Below is a short description of some of our features:
Professor MoversPOE - This is the place to ask any question you
may have related to the moving industry. i.e., "What is the best
POE for an LCL to Denver, CO?" or, "Is there a restriction to
import dry food stuff to Australia?" – Professor MoversPOE,
along with our MoversPOE
Advisory Board, will give the most
professional and accurate reply. You may also reply and share
your comments regarding the questions asked.
Advisory Board - MoversPOE has found a unique group of industry leaders and powerful
MoversPOE members to help guide and lead the International Moving Industry. (To learn more and/or apply
for membership on the MoversPOE
Advisory Board, please contact us at [email protected] )
MoversPOE STAR System - MoversPOE believes that Price is not the only consideration! It is also very
important to know who you are doing business with!! The best way to evaluate
an agent's credibility is by getting recommendations from other International
Movers that have worked with this agent!!
With the MoversPOE STAR System:
YOU recommend foreign agents!
Your foreign colleagues recommend YOU!
MoversPOE Discussion Forum - Is a professional Discussion Forum
for the exchange of information pertaining to the International Moving
Industry. All International Movers are welcome to visit the MoversPOE
Discussion Forum. You can reply to posted questions and ideas and add
your own. Discussion Forum is managed by Professor MoversPOE.
Modify Your Data – Where you can change any of your company’s information appearing on the
MoversPOE website. Update the information in “Modify Your Data”. When done, press “Proceed” at the
bottom right. Then press “Logout” upper right. Your new information will be updated around the world
immediately! The first paragraph in “Modify Your Data” is your user report. It shows you the last time you
logged on to the MoversPOE website, how many times the website was searched for movers in your location
when your company was listed, and how many rate requests you received.
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All the Information Movers Need - On the MoversPOE homepage you can find the following links:
Worldwide Ports - List of all Ports, Harbors and Marinas Worldwide
Port Distances - Distances in nautical miles between ports
World Holidays - Daybook of holidays and celebrations around the world
World Maps
Zip Code finder for the USA
Currency Converter
World City Locator
Volume Calculator
And much, much, more……
Tracking Sea & Air Consignments - With the help of many worldwide movers, MoversPOE has set up
a list of all maritime and airline companies with a direct link to their
tracking systems. In cases where you have to register to access this
information, MoversPOE has added a User Name and Password.
This is found under “All the Information Movers Need”.
Movers & Movers' Related Associations - List of all
International Movers' Associations with direct links to their websites.
This is found under “All the Information Movers Need.”
Maps - You will find maps to help you find the nearest POE and
then locate the nearest city to find local agents.
Customs Info - Once you locate your agent at the "Locate
Agent" screen and pick your country, you will be able to see the
Custom Regulations, as published by reputable and reliable
Other features are also available. We encourage you to visit us at and learn how you can profit
from using the MoversPOE website, ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE!
If you have any questions\ comments, please contact Robin Leslie, VP Sales, at [email protected]
MoversPOE is dedicated to the International Movers industry and its needs.
We are working hard to continually improve and add features to help International Movers.
Take advantage of this FREE TOOL TODAY!