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How to Contact the Steering Group
If you would like to speak to anyone, or have
any queries/suggestions about the Green
Village Project, please contact a member of
the steering group:
Eddy & Robin Hill (Belstone) 01837 840332
[email protected] (Editors)
Marion Walpole (Belstone) 01837 840498
[email protected]
Stella Hudson (Belstone) 01837 840669
Andrew Terry (Belstone) 01837 840718
[email protected]
Theresa Weaver (Belstone) 01837 840459
[email protected]
Carl Wratten (Belstone) 01837 840277
[email protected]
Ann Dickman (Belstone) 01837 840966
[email protected]
Rona Gundry (Belstone)
[email protected]
Olya Maiboroda (Plymouth University), 01803
866623 [email protected]
Colin Trier (Plymouth University) 01752 233033
[email protected]
Oz Osborne (Westden) 0845 345 5077
[email protected]
Useful Websites Aims to guide
the way to Healthy- Low Energy- Eco-Homes
This newsletter is printed on 100% recycled
paper. Please let us know if you wish to have
a large print copy or receive your copy by
The mention of any product, supplier or service is
for your information and does not constitute
endorsement by the Green Village Steering Group.
Green Tips
Robin Hill: Now is an ideal time to
plant soft fruit bushes in the garden.
Blackcurrants, gooseberries and raspberries grow
very well in Belstone and are readily available at
Garden Centres and also Mole Avon.
You might like to try something a bit more out of the
ordinary like a Tayberry, Loganberry, Japanese
Wineberry or Worcesterberry. They all give
delicious, nutritious fruit for pies, jams etc. and if
you have too many, you could always donate them
to Marion to convert into jam to sell in aid of the
Village Hall!
I have recently bought step-over apple trees, to add
to our fruit garden at Andrew’s Corner, from a good
old fashioned nursery firm in Yorkshire – – ordered Sunday, arrived the
next Thursday. They do an excellent range of more
unusual fruits and ornamental trees.
Andrew Terry has provided us with information
about a heating engineer in Devon – Bev Rowe –
who is registered with the Low Carbon Buildings
Programme* (formerly Clear Skies). Bev is able to
give all sorts of advice and information with regard
to heating with renewable fuels – solar, wood,
wood-chip, wood-pellets etc. and can be contacted
on 01392 277199 or visit his website at
*The LCB has substantial grants available for
qualifying instillations. Phone 0800 915 0990
Several people have requested a plastics collection
facility in the village but this is not feasible at the
moment. If you are unable to take your own
recyclable plastics to Exeter Road, please contact
us and we will arrange for someone to take them for
Many thanks
Terry for the
Edition 4 March 2007
of ‘Nine Maidens’. We would very much like
to include a selection of village photographs
in the newsletter in future months. Please
email them to the editors, if you can, or lend
us ones that we can scan into our computer,
if you prefer.
Are you aware that Fairtrade Fortnight runs
from 26th Feb to 11th March? Many of our
local shops and supermarkets stock some of
the 2000 products that are available in this
country. So, as the website says - make a
positive change today for the lives of
millions in developing countries. Why not
look on the website to see what you can do?
In some Devon villages members of the
community get together and buy Fairtrade
goods in bulk. One person collects the orders
and sends them off together. Is there anyone
who would be willing to do that for Belstone,
There is a Fair Trade event in the Parish
Rooms in Tavistock on Saturday 10th March.
The Belstone Green Village Initiative
aims to:
provide opportunities and resources for
Belstone to become a greener and more
sustainable village, now and in the future.
We hope to
opportunity for more people to take part in
the energy audit. The format is that Richard
Pymm spends about 1 hour in your house,
looking at your energy use, then provides a
written break down of your household usage
and how you might reduce the carbon
emissions, save energy and save money.
Please let us know if you are interested.
Household Energy Audit
Young People’s Initiatives
A very successful
inaugural meeting of the Youth Group was
held on 10th Feb. at Moorland House – many
thanks to Theresa and Bob for the use of
their home. Lots of excellent ideas were put
forward for activities specifically for the young
people as well as what the group can do to
help other village members.
We have 50 young people in the village, of
whom 45 are under 16. The, as yet
unnamed, group will consist of youngsters
aged 4 – 16years and they will meet in the
Village Hall, initially, fortnightly from 2nd
March. All are welcome.
The Young Persons’ Film Group had a
meeting at Birchy Lake on Saturday 24th Feb.
An excellent few hours spent with Tim
Webster discussing ideas and experimenting
with the cameras and equipment. A tasty
lunch supplied by Victoria helped to nourish
active minds after a trip out filming in
Belstone. Many thanks also for Fred and
Victoria’s hospitality. Next meeting date to be
decided but will be in the next few weeks.
If anyone is interested in setting up a
toddler group in the village please contact
the editors.
We are planning to take
a trip to a Forest Garden
in Dartington on 19 May and hope to have lunch at
Riverford Organics. A forest garden is a mixture of
trees, shrubs and perennial plants organised to
mimic the structure of a natural forest.
The system aims to be biologically sustainable, low
maintenance and productive. They have been used
for thousands of years in the Tropics but are a more
recent introduction into temperate regions.
This should be a very interesting visit with ideas that
could be adapted for our gardens in Belstone but
we can only take a maximum of 20 people on a first
come first served basis. Please contact the editors if
you would like to book a place.
Forthcoming Events
The visit to Ann Dickman’s garden has now been
moved to 10th June – more information later.
A reminder that Westden invite us to their showing
of the Oscar winning film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ at
Tavistock Wharf on Sunday March 4th at 8.00pm.
Tickets are £5 each, on sale from Westden or The
Wharf box office 01822 611166.
The film continues to be shown at The Wharf at
2.00pm & 8.00pm on Monday 5th to Wednesday 7th
and 2.00pm on Thursday 8th.
12.30pm Sunday 18 March
(following the church service).
Community News
Bits ‘n’ Bobs
The Village Hall
library and sustainability information pack
now includes the following publications –
Green Futures, Permaculture, and The
Ecologist. They are packed with a wealth of
very practical information on a range of
issues – not just green – so do take the
opportunity to look.
Several people have already taken up the
offer of snowdrops but there are still plenty
more! If you would like some, contact Robin
We have not yet found anywhere to start a
Village Orchard or Forest Garden – does
anyone know of an area we may be able to
Jill Sparks, Robin and Eddy Hill are taking up
the opportunity to undergo website training
and will be setting up the village website as
soon as possible. Any ideas for items people
would like to see on the site would be
I you have any unwanted items that you think
may be useful to others, let us know – we
can always advertise them in this newsletter
for you.
We are planning a ‘Bring and Share’ lunch in the
Village Hall at 12.00pm on Saturday March 24th, to
celebrate Michael Ash’s 60th birthday. See
enclosed flyer.
A 1940’s lunch – Saturday May 5th at 12.00pm.
Wartime style food and entertainment. Any recipes
gratefully received by Eddy! Any memories,
emailed, written or dictated to her will be displayed
at the lunch as well as any memorabilia you would
be prepared to lend. Look out for posters.
Each and every one of us can make changes in the way
we live our lives and become part of the solution to
climate change - Al Gore “An Inconvenient Truth”