On occasion you may wish ... How to Post an SSTV Picture Without Transmitting

How to Post an SSTV Picture Without Transmitting
On occasion you may wish to post a picture to your SSTV cam without transmitting and using the
Internal Loop Back function in MMSSTV. (For the transmission approach, begin with Option>Setup
MMSSTV and select ‘Internal’ in the ‘Loop back’ area on the TX tab.)
For example, you may want to display a ‘station off the air’ picture if you are closing down for a while.
In the example below, I will use my ‘How To’ marketing template.
Step one: Simply prepare a template that you wish to upload with the KE5RS FTP Widget.
Then go to the TX pane in MMSSTV and right mouse click and choose the ‘Save to file’ option.
When the dialog box pops up, name the file ‘Hist1’ and Save (assuming that is how you have configured
the Image Name Prefix in your KE5RS FTP Widget software, ie, Hist#.jpg). While you could save as any
file name, I am using Hist1 here just to reinforce that this is the name which will be assigned to this
image by the KE5RS FTP Widget when it gets gated into the Internet file folder.
In a few seconds this image will be gated to your Internet file folder and then available for hams to see
on any web site that displays SSTV cams, such as mine at www.WB9KMW.com