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by Harriet Beinfield, L.Ac., and Efrem Korngold, L.Ac., O.M.D
Since time immemorial, healers have been
stirred by the imperative to do something for
their patients. In response to the ever present
need to remedy pain and suffering, the Chinese
in the 11th century, and the Europeans in the
19th century, invented herbal formularies and
established factories to produce ready made
medicines available to the public without a
prescription. Commercially prepared medicines
were not formulated based on a theoretical
model of healthcare, rather, they were the
product of an empirical, pragmatic
tradition that paralleled the
acupuncture and dietetic
medicine articulated in the
Huang Di Nei Jing. These
medicines were packaged
and marketed so that any
literate person, including
medical experts, could study
what was available in the
pharmacy, read the indications, and
choose a remedy that suited the
condition needing treatment.1
Sage Solutions are one of the most recent
contributions to this tradition. We are in the
same position as our ancestral forebearers. We
are challenged daily to provide effectual
remedies for people’s problems. Time is of the
essence when a man is on edge with hay fever
and sinusitis; a woman is at the end of her tether
with unrelenting hot flashes; a child is in crisis
with eczema and asthma; or when a woman has
persistent post-surgical constipation.
Sage Solutions can elegantly and efficiently
assist. Their properties and indications are easily
understood and therefore accessible for the
quick and effective resolution of a wide
spectrum of ailments. They are sage because
they embody the wisdom of centuries of
knowledge and experience. They are solutions
because they solve the real problems that
patients face.
The Sage Solutions repertoire now includes 22
remedies designed to address a diverse spectrum
of specific problems, from Bug Beater for the
common cold and flu, and Passion Potion for
diminished sexual capacity, to Cluster
Dissolving for lumps and masses.
Sage Solutions may be used
singly, combined with one
another, or with Chinese
Modular Solutions and Gentle
Bug Beater, Chill Chaser and
Enviroshield expand the scope of
anti-inflammatory, anti-toxin and
anti-pathogenic remedies including
Phlogisticlean and Head Clear, enabling the
practitioner to effectively treat a variety of acute
and chronic infections and allergies. Lax Lite
and Max Lax complete the spectrum of
remedies for digestive and metabolic disorders
that also includes Digest Aid, Meal Mover and
Weight Manager.
The following pages offer a brief description of
all 22 Sage Solutions formulas. These formulas
are available in liquid extracts and tablets,
excluding Ease Strain.
[1] Unschuld, Paul, Medicine in China, Historical
Artifacts and Images, (Prestel Verlag 2000), pp. 21-28.
May 2006
Basic Boost restores Qi by strengthening the ability of the
Spleen to transform, the Lung to transmute, and the
Kidney to concentrate and retain. It not only expands the
body’s capacity for Qi; it also helps the body utilize Qi
intelligently. Basic Boost is a foundation formula for
weariness and weakness due to overwork, mental or
emotional strain, and lack of sleep. It renews strength,
determination, and enthusiasm. It features tonic herbs
Astragalus (huang qi), Eleutherococcus (ci wu jia), white
Atractylodes (bai zhu), Schisandra (wu wei zi), and Kirin
ginseng (ji lin ren shen).
The core of Potion Passion is the classical Kidney Qi Pill
(Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan), with herbs that replenish Yin and
fortify Yang, thus retarding the diminution of vital
substance, and sustaining the intensity of vital warmth. In
addition, it enhances the circulation and distribution of
Moisture and Blood, strengthens the Heart, enlivens the
Mind (Shen), and promotes coordination between the
Kidney and Heart, Essence and Spirit. Passion Potion
promotes healthy sexuality and stamina, and prevents
infertility, thinning, drying, and wrinkling of skin, hair,
and membranes, dizziness due to weakness or anemia and
low resistance.
This formula averts or reduces deficiency and insecurity of
the Yin and Yang essences of the Kidney, Liver, and Heart
that lead to unpredictable surges and declines of energy
preceding and following menopause. By tonifying Qi,
Moisture, and Blood, replenishing Essence, and
harmonizing the relationship between the Kidney and
Heart, hot flashes, dryness, fatigue, and moodiness are
relieved. Wise Woman’s Well also relieves back and leg pain,
water retention, excessive or inhibited urination, uterine
cramps, painful or prolonged menstruation, and shortened
menstrual cycle. Wise Woman’s Well is also helpful during
the post-partum phase, for complaints such as anemia,
weakness, fatigue, hair loss, depression, anxiety, or nonresumption of menstruation.
Based on Chinese clinical trials of formulas to treat nonhealing fractures, these herbs invigorate the Kidney,
replenish Essence, fortify Yang, and vitalize Blood, thereby
strengthening bones and tendons. Similar to Lumbago
Tablets (Yao Tong Pian), the work of replenishing is
supported by herbs that anchor and consolidate. Marrow
Matters can be used for the prevention and inhibition of
osteoporosis, healing of bone fractures, hyperplasia or
degeneration of bone and/or cartilage, retarded or
abnormal development of bones and teeth, and recovery
from tooth implants.
By vitalizing the Blood and eliminating stagnation,
strengthening the Kidney and Heart as well as tonifying Qi
and Blood, Feed Memory invigorates and nourishes the
brain. These herbs relax the nerves, sharpen the senses, and
restore mental alertness. Following the example of Celestial
Emperor Elixir (Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan) and Brain
Nourishing Pill (Bu Nao Wan), the leading ingredients in
this formula are Ginkgo leaf concentrate, Schisandra, and
Reishi, each having unique properties that benefit the
brain, while Sichuan lovage (chuan xiong), Tumeric (yu jin),
Myrrh (mo yao), and Salvia (dan shen) decongest and
activate Blood and Qi, and lower blood lipids, reducing the
risk of platelet aggregation while Ginkgo improves cerebral
micro-circulation. It is used for diminished sensory and
mental acuity, as well as sequelae of stroke or brain injury.
In keeping with the therapeutic goals of Jade Windscreen
Powder (Yu Ping Feng San) or Shen Qi Da Bu Wan,
Resilience is comprised of Astragalus, which reinforces the
Wei Qi, and four mushrooms, each containing active
immune modulating polysaccharides. In traditional terms,
it tonifies Qi and Wei, nurtures Blood, and replenishes
Essence. In modern terms, it improves the overall
adaptability of the body’s regulatory mechanisms and is
appropriate for general conditions of debility and lowered
resistance, including susceptibility to infection and
inflammation, asthma, allergies, environmental illness,
candidiasis, CFIDS, HIV/AIDS, and steroid, antibiotic,
radiation, chemotherapy, or surgical treatments.
Move Mountains rejuvenates the entire organism,
enlivening awareness, augmenting defenses, and restoring
vital secretions. It enhances integrity, equanimity, and
pliancy, the ability to adjust to taxing demands while still
maintaining equilibrium. Because it equally nourishes Yin
and Yang, this tonic is beneficial for almost everyone.
Although the formula is invigorating, it contains no
stimulants like caffeine or Ephedra (ma huang), and will
not provoke a sudden rush of heat or surge of circulation.
Its value is in building a sustained level of vigor and
May 2006
If administered promptly after the appearance of chills,
headache, and muscle ache, Chill Chaser will mobilize the Wei
Qi to thwart the onslaught of a cold or flu due to invasion of
Wind, Cold, and Damp. This often occurs after becoming
chilled, and is most effectively treated in the earliest stage of
symptoms. This warming, relaxing formula dispels chill and
shivering, aversion to drafts, skin and muscle soreness,
especially of the neck, scalp and upper back, headache,
scratchy throat, slight dizziness and perspiration, profuse,
clear urine, and fatigue.
Damp Heat in the presence of underlying Qi deficiency.
Enviroshield increases resistance to pollution, infection and
allergies. The combined ingredients treat afflictions of the
nose, eyes and sinuses, throat, bronchi, skin, muscles,
stomach and intestines.
Congestion arises from stagnation of Qi, Moisture, and Blood
as well as the accumulation of Heat, Cold, Dampness, Damp
Heat, and Phlegm. Head Clear supports the Defensive Qi
(Wei) by helping the body evict pathogenic influences
(External Wind, Heat and Cold) and eliminate Phlegm, while
supporting the Stomach and Lung, two primary sources of
healthy Qi. It is appropriate for any type of congestion in the
head, whether a sinus headache, allergic rhinitis, itchy or
irritated eyes, otitis, toothache, or stuffiness from a cold or flu.
While drawing from the herbal recipes of Zhong Gan Ling and
Gan Mao Ling, Bug Beater is a unique variation on the theme
of beating back a viral assault in the form of Wind Heat.
Intended for use in the early stage, it lowers fever, neutralizes
toxicity, reduces swellings and muscle soreness, relieves
This formula is derived from the classical Sour Jujube Soup
dizziness, headache, and nausea. With strong Wind, Heat and
(Suan Zao Ren Tang). In addition to the original ingredients,
Toxin clearing, anti-microbial herbs, Ilex (mao dong qing),
jujube, poria, ligusticum, and anemarrhena, additional herbs
Pueraria (ge gen), Verbena (ma bian
have been added to heighten the
cao), Isatis (ban lang gen and da qing
Sage Solutions are elegant effects of quieting the Mind and
ye), and Artemesia (qing hao), Bug
irritability, pain and
formulas--practical to use and relieving
Beater is a potent remedy to have on
weariness. Tension Solution clears the
hand for colds and flu especially of the
easy to understand. Inspired by senses, calms the Mind, soothes the
“hot type.”
and relaxes the muscles by
tradition, they provide solutions nerves
clearing Heat, purging Wind,
for the problems really faced by regulating Qi, tonifying Blood and
Moisture, and adjusting the
This formula dissipates Phlegm
people today.
functions of the Liver and Heart.
nodules by purging Phlegm, Heat
and Toxins from the Blood and
lymphatic system. Its properties are
similar, yet superior to, Chuan Xin Lian Kang Yan Pian.
Phlogisticlean incorporates potent anti-microbial Isatis (ban
lan gen) and Giant puffball (ma bo), particularly useful for
lymphadenopathy; and Scrophularia (xuan shen) which is
effective for pain and inflammation of the throat and head.
Phlogisticlean reduces swelling, pain, inflammation and
suppuration of organs and tissues of the neck and head,
including lymphadenitis, thyroiditis, tracheitis, esophagitis,
tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis,
conjunctivitis, blepharitis, and dermatitis.
In environmentally challenged patients, the integrity of the
body's protective envelope has been compromised, making
them exquisitely permeable to the external environment.
These herbs protect the barrier membranes and defensive
boundaries from assault by Dampness, Wind, Heat, and
In the West today, there is an increasing reliance on antianxiety, anti-depressant, anti-insomnia and other mood
regulating medications. Ease Strain mitigates the rigors of
withdrawal, moderating the erratic fluctuations that ensue
when the brain/mind is suddenly bereft of its customary
props. St. John’s Wort concentrate augments the formula’s
therapeutic principles. Ease Strain moors the Mind,
transforms both visible and invisible Phlegm, clears Heat,
extinguishes Wind, counters spasms, represses Yang,
eliminates Toxins, and replenishes Yin (Blood and Moisture).
It is helpful for the mental and emotional distress associated
with prescription and non-prescription drug withdrawal,
anxiety, confusion, and sleep cycle disturbances, as well as
numbness, tingling, loss of coordination or dexterity in
speech, posture and locomotion, dizziness and vertigo,
sudden aberrations of the senses, and sequelae of seizures,
strokes, concussion and other brain injuries.
May 2006
Got Rhythm harmonizes the interaction of the Kidney, Liver,
and Spleen, adjusts the circulation, and amends deficiencies of
Qi, Blood, and Moisture. This formula is specific for restoring
and regulating healthy cycling in women of childbearing age,
from menarche to menopause. It will alleviate premenstrual
discomfort, irregular bleeding, mid-cycle disturbances,
infertility, spasms, diminish pressure and irritability, as well as
invigorate Yang, and eliminate Dampness and Heat.
These herbs improve and maintain the function of the male
urogenital system by clearing Heat and Dampness, reinforcing
Qi, conserving Jing, and facilitating the flow and discharge of
semen and urine. This formula treats benign prostatic
hypertrophy (BPH), prostatitis, and sexual dysfunction.
Unlocking the Gate incorporates Saw Palmetto fruit
concentrate (ju zong lu), noted for its therapeutic effects on
prostatitis and benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). Unlocking
the Gate is indicated for inflammation or enlargement of the
prostate gland associated with slow, difficult, or frequent
urination, urethritis, cystitis, epididymitis, cloudy, blood or
puss streaked urine, and pain during or following ejaculation.
When stasis becomes entrenched, the body’s normal
constituents may become enmeshed with pathogenic Cold,
Heat, Phlegm and ecchymosis. Clusters of tissue become
encapsulated and isolated, taking the form of enlarged lymph
nodes, cysts or masses, as well as abnormal growths of the
skin, endocrine glands, bone, reproductive and visceral
organs. This formula inhibits abnormal tissue growth while
reducing swelling, and is beneficial for lumps, abscesses,
enlarged lymph glands, uterine myomas, ovarian or breast
cysts, fatty cysts, polyps, psoriatic plaque, non-healing sores,
indurated boils, and cystic acne.
Digest Aid is based upon Pill for Preserving Harmony (Bao He
Wan), created by Zhu Dan Xi, a proponent of the Spleen and
Stomach School, which asserted that healthy digestion was the
key to preventing illness. This formula is designed to prevent
food stagnation, dispel Dampness, regulate Stomach Qi,
strengthen the Spleen, eliminate Phlegm, and neutralize
toxicity. It is useful for bloating, belching, nausea, flatulence,
heartburn, reflux, and mild constipation or diarrhea as a result
of overeating, irregular eating, food sensitivities, hangover, or
food poisoning.
Meal Mover removes Food Stagnation by assisting digestion,
regulating Qi, and activating peristalsis. It benefits those with
sluggish digestion, whether excess or deficient,
undernourished or overindulgent, and indigestion associated
with numerous causes, including hypo- or hyper-acidity of the
stomach, irregular appetite, frequent cravings, and the effects
following consumption of spoiled, toxic, incompatible or
allergenic foods. It also benefits hyperlipidemia.
The combination of gentle and effective laxatives with herbs
that harmonize the Qi of the Stomach and Intestines, moisten
the Intestines, relax intestinal spasms, and clear the Lower
Burner of Damp Heat and Toxins, makes Max Lax a safe and
potent remedy for overcoming occasional bowel irregularity
and acute constipation. Leading herbs, Rhubarb (da huang)
and Cascara sagrada, are considered relatively gentle and safe
when compared to other laxatives, such as Senna (fan xie ye),
and actually exert a tonic effect on the intestines.
Lax Lite is a gentle remedy for chronic constipation
characterized by infrequent bowel movements with dry, small
or thin stools. In this formula, the presence of the laxative
herbs Rhubarb (da huang) and Cascara sagrada is small in
proportion to other herbs that moisturize, lubricate, and
regulate the Qi of the Stomach and Intestines. In combination
with appropriate changes in diet, exercise and eating habits,
Lax Lite will gradually restore a more comfortable and natural
rhythm to elimination.
Most people with weight problems are found at the
overweight end of the spectrum. In most cases, regulating
Yang and promoting the function of the Kidney and Spleen
will help control and correct metabolic imbalances. An
adaptation of two classical prescriptions, Powder Of Five
Ingredients With Poria (Wu Ling San) and Pill For Regulating
The Center (Li Zhong Wan), Weight Manger supports and
regulates Yang, promotes optimal functioning of the Kidney
and Spleen, and aids in the elimination of accumulated and
May 2006
Basic Formula: Bug Beater
For additional symptoms, add:
Chills: Chill Chaser
Fever: Purge Heat
Headache/body ache: Purge External Wind
Sinus congestion: Head Clear
Sore throat/swollen glands: Phlogisticlean
Cough: Chest Relief
Basic Formula: Enviroshield
For additional symptoms, add:
Nasal/sinus congestion: Head Clear
Headache: Purge External Wind
Cough: Chest Relief
Wheezing: Open Air
Itching/rashes/hives/acne: Fire Fighter
Indigestion: Digest Aid
Constipation: Lax Lite or Max Lax
Urethritis: Purge Damp Heat
Basic Formula: Resilience
For additional symptoms, add:
Respiratory weakness: Strengthen Lung
Digestive weakness: Strengthen Spleen
Cold sensitive: Purge Cold
Heat sensitive: Purge Heat
Vulnerable to viral infection: Bug Beater
Vulnerable to bacterial infection: Fire Fighter
Chemo-Radio therapy support: Tonify Qi + Tonify Blood
Basic Formula: Digest Aid
For additional symptoms, add:
GERD: Disperse Qi
Fluid retention (puffiness): Disperse Moisture
Food accumulation/lack of peristalsis: Meal Mover
Constipation: Lax Lite or Max Lax
Diarrhea: Consolidate Qi
Weak digestion/lack of appetite: Strengthen Spleen
Slow metabolism/easy weight gain: Weight Manager
Basic Formula: Move Mountains
For additional symptoms, add:
Fatigue/lack of endurance: Basic Boost
Poor concentration/lack of focus: Feed Memory
Mental stress and strain: Tension Solution
Recovery from tendino musculo-skeletal injuries: Marrow
Recuperation from prolonged illness: Resilience
Cognitive decline/dysfunction: Feed Memory
Mood disorders/drug withdrawal: Ease Strain
Tense muscles and nerves: Tension Solution
Pain: Comfort Shen + Tension Solution +
Disperse Qi + Disperse Blood
Sequellae of brain injury: Feed Memory + Purge Internal Wind
ADD: Ease Strain + Feed Memory
ADHD: Ease Strain + Harmonize Lung-Liver +
Harmonize Heart-Lung
Menstrual Disorders
Basic Formula: Got Rhythm
For additional symptoms, add:
PMS: Harmonize Liver-Spleen
Headache/muscle tension: Tension Solution
Anxiety/insomnia: Comfort Shen
Infertility: Replenish Essence
Excessive bleeding: Consolidate Blood
Anemia: Tonify Blood
Ovarian cyst/uterine Fibroid: Cluster Dissolving
Menopausal/Peri-menopausal Complaints:
Basic Formula: Wise Woman’s Well
For additional symptoms, add:
Hot flashes: Purge Heat
Dryness: Tonify Moisture + Tonify Blood
Irritablity: Tension Solution
Insomnia: Comfort Shen
Melancholy: Ease Strain
Brain Fog: Feed Memory
Lack of libido: Passion Potion
Osteopenia/osteoporosis: Marrow Matter
Basic Formula: Unlocking the Gate
BPH: Unlocking the gate
Severe prostate enlargement: Unlocking the Gate +
Cluster Dissolving
Prostatitis/epididymitis/orchitis/urethritis: Unlocking the Gate +
Purge Damp Heat
Erectile Dysfunction: Unlocking the Gate + Strengthen Liver
Lack of libido: Unlocking the Gate + Passion Potion
Infertility: Unlocking the Gate + Replenish Essence
6001 Butler Lane, Scotts Valley, CA 95066
by Harriet Beinfield, L.Ac., and
Efrem Korngold, L.Ac., O.M.D
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